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A self-respecting home craftsman will always have a tool for all occasions. Over time, it changes to higher-quality samples, which are constantly on sale. With the help of a good tool you can make a fence and build a bath, sheathe the walls and lay a new flooring. Any work with wood will be performed much better and faster if you take a reliable and sufficiently powerful electric plane as an assistant (image number 1).

Work with electric planer

Image 1. The electric plane is easier to operate than a manual plane, and it perfectly processes a wooden surface.

Choosing an electric planer

When choosing this tool, you need to remember that this product is produced by many domestic and foreign companies.

Attention should be paid to the technical characteristics and functions that the instrument is capable of performing.

But the main thing is the technical side:

Electric plane company

Image 2. The Interskol electric planer is recommended by experts, as it is reliable and inexpensive.

  1. Engine power. The thickness of the chips that the plane can take off depends on this parameter. Almost all models of products have a handle for adjusting the depth of planing.
  2. Cutter width. The larger it is, the faster the wooden blank will be processed. You should not get a plane with knives 50 mm wide. Their optimum width is 80-100 mm.
  3. The set of a good planer includes a device for removing the quarter. It is adjustable in width and depth. As a result of this treatment, you can tightly join the boards with each other.
  4. The fixture for stationary fastening makes it possible to use an electric planer as a small-size woodworking machine, which allows planing boards.
  5. The rotation speed of the working shaft. The higher it is, the neater and cleaner the resulting surface is.
  6. Continuous working time. Professional tools can be used without time limits, household should rest every 20 minutes of work.

The choice should be made in favor of tools with:

  • smooth sole, adjustable in height;
  • additional handle to move the plane;
  • chip thickness regulator;
  • protection of cutting elements;
  • socket for discharge of chips;
  • device for installation in a fixed position.
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Tools from leading companies

"Interskol". The kit of this domestic planer includes:

  • soft start device;
  • very high-quality device for sharpening incisors;
  • parallel stops;
  • Fixture for fixed installation.

Makita. Tools of this company have:

  • high quality wood processing;
  • electronic motor speed controller;
  • regulation of chip discharge direction;
  • compact size.

Bosch. Excellent planers of this manufacturer are capable of:

Bosch electric planer

Image 3. The Bosch electric planer is capable of processing various types of wood, throwing chips in the necessary direction, and as a result gives an incredibly smooth surface.

  • process wood of various species;
  • get a perfectly smooth surface of the workpiece;
  • throw chips in the direction you want;
  • to accurately and accurately handle the corners of the workpieces.

Rebir. Electrical plane companies can:

  • be installed permanently;
  • regulate the depth of planing;
  • chamfer products;
  • Connect a vacuum cleaner to collect chips.

Hammer. Planers of this brand are equipped;

  • high quality aluminum outsole;
  • adjusting the thickness of the chips;
  • the additional handle with the rubberized handle.

"Bison". The tool has:

  • overload protection;
  • smooth start;
  • adjustable planing depth;
  • blocking from unauthorized activation;
  • quarter sampling function.

"Sturm". The device is equipped with:

  • soft start system;
  • high-quality protection against damage to the case;
  • wide planing width;
  • fixed installation function.

Metabo. The best planer model of this company - BUT 0882. Engine power - 800 watts. For each pass can remove chips up to 3 mm thick. The set includes knives for decorative wood processing.

Professionals recommend choosing a planer for the home is relatively cheap, but reliable and durable company "Interskol" (image number 2), or a more expensive product of the company "Bosch" (image number 3).

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What else should you pay attention to?

Electric planer device

The device is an electric planer.

  1. To perform large amounts of work you need to pay attention to the power tool. All wood species have different density and hardness. A motor that is too weak may simply not handle hard wood. For home use, it is better to choose a planer with a capacity of at least 600-900 watts.
  2. The speed of rotation of the working shaft affects the cleanliness of the wood. 10,000 rpm is quite enough to work at home.
  3. The presence of an electronic system that maintains a constant speed of rotation of the shaft when the load changes.
  4. The ability to adjust the depth and width of the sample quarter, so to carry out such work has often.
  5. The size of the sole and the number of handles. The wider and longer the sole, the more stable the tool. It is much more convenient to use two handles.
  6. The material from which the knives are made. Carbide knives work better and cleaner.
  7. The length of the power cord. The optimal size for household tools - 3-4 m.

At home, you have to do a lot of work related to wood. For the processing of this material is an electric plane.

Properly made choice of tools for many years will provide the home master a good helper.

It is useful for making many useful things for the house.

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