Gasoline blowtorch device

The device of a gasoline soldering lamp and the instructions for it must be studied very carefully, since this type of device is classified as fire hazardous. Often during the repair or installation of any design it is necessary to heat the surface for better assembly.

Device blowtorch

Device blowtorch.

The use of various portable gas burners or electric hair dryers does not find wide application in the household. These industrial devices are difficult to use, so a blowtorch is used for rapid heating. But numerous questions about the operation often come to specialists. This is due primarily to the fact that people are a bit lazy to read instructions to the end. The descriptions and instructions are pretty boring and complicated. Therefore, it is necessary to describe the operation of the lamp easier.

Blowtorch - what is it?

Soldering lamp ignition

Ignition of a blowtorch.

The lamp is a heating device. It is charged with any substance, passing into a gaseous state during combustion. The emerging jet begins to draw in oxygen from the nozzle, resulting in a fire.

The blowtorch lamp consists of two main parts: the tank and the burner. The installed burner is often called an ejector for the movement of air and decaying products formed in the combustion process. The principle of work is in the burden created by its design. The agent is poured into the tank as a fuel, and then it is closed with a tight lid equipped with a gasket. Above is attached the same burner, which consists of some parts, with which the whole process takes place. The work of the blowtorch begins with a manual impact on the pump, which leads to the achievement of excess pressure. Under its influence, the available fuel begins to come out and goes to the nozzle. During the transition through the tube, which is washed by the flame, the fuel begins to heat up and evaporate. So increases the completeness of combustion.

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What is charged with a blowtorch?

Temperature controllers for the soldering iron tip

Schemes of temperature controls of the soldering tip.

The blowtorch lamp can be refilled with alcohol, kerosene or gasoline. The soldering gasoline lamp has received wide application in everyday life. This means of combustion is much easier to find, and this type of fuel is cost effective.

As for the type of gasoline, there is still a lot of controversy and reasoning. Each specialist prefers his own kind, which are subdivided into low-octane and high-octane. For short work, you can use a special gasoline for a blowtorch. They are sold in any hardware stores. If during the repair you have to work with the lamp for a long time, then such a brand of gasoline will entail significant financial costs. Therefore, ordinary people and frequent users of gasoline lamps use simple gasoline for a car. The main thing is to acquire high-quality and refined gasoline without any impurities. Because the smallest sediment in a liquid can cause clogging of the tube and nozzles in the burner, and then the whole device will be out of working condition.

To prevent such problems, use low octane gasoline. It contains almost no impurities and is more suitable for working with a soldering lamp. While the octane number is not so important, it does not affect the ignition and the temperature of the resulting flame.

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Application of gasoline blowtorch

Refinement soldering tip

Refinement soldering tip.

A couple of decades ago, a soldering lamp was used everywhere if necessary to heat a surface or metal. She was often used in production, because she had no replacement. Now with modern technologies, alternatives have appeared, so the blowtorch has become a bit crowded. But it is not always convenient to use modern technology. There are cases when it is necessary to heat the material where there is no electricity, so you cannot use, for example, a previously prepared electric hairdryer.

If it is not possible to use the burner in the winter in the cold, a blowtorch comes to the rescue. Practically every man in the household has a blowtorch from Soviet times, which is used periodically in the following cases:

  • Often there is a need to use a soldering iron, and this device is perfect for heating the soldering iron and solder;
  • in case it is necessary to weld with each other metals with a heating temperature up to 1000 degrees;
  • melt the metal with a heating temperature up to 900 degrees;
  • when it is necessary to remove the old varnish from metal objects;
  • for heating and thawing of frozen water in pipes and sewage;
  • in cold weather with a blowtorch, automobile engines are warmed up;
  • sometimes it is necessary to disassemble the threaded connections, which are rusty from old age, the blowtorch is suitable for this work at an ideal way;
  • When breeding livestock, this device is used to tar the hides of slaughtered animals.
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Gasoline Blow Torch: Technical Specifications

Soldering Soldering Tip

Soldering soldering tip.

This useful household tool is produced in Russia by several manufacturers. All of them have different dimensions and fuel costs. After analyzing the characteristics, we can distinguish the following general parameters:

  • the capacity of the tank is one of the main components of the lamp's general concept, ranging from 0.5 l to 2 l;
  • in spite of the capacity, there is an established indicator of maximum filling of the tank from 0.4 l to 1.5 l;
  • almost all blowtorches have a limiting pressure during operation, not exceeding 0.3 MPa;
  • fuel consumption is also calculated, which does not exceed 1.2 l / h;
  • the diameter of the tank depends on its capacity: the minimum parameter is 100 mm, the maximum one is 145 mm;
  • the mass of a gasoline blowtorch without fuel is from 1 kg to 2 kg;
  • warranty from the manufacturer - 1 year;
  • the life of any blowtorch is 5 years.
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Blowtorch: instruction

Having dealt with all the features and types of blowtorches and opting for a gasoline blowtorch, get down to work.

Before starting work, it is worthwhile to stipulate one important rule in operation - work with this tool should occur only outdoors. If there is an urgent need, then short-term operation of the device in the room is allowed, but with good ventilation.

Then follow the instructions:

Gasoline Blow Torch

Three types of soldering lamps: kerosene, gasoline, alcohol.

  1. Before starting work, it is necessary to pour a substance into the tank in the form of low-octane gasoline in a volume that does not exceed ¾ of the entire tank. The empty part is necessary to obtain the pressure required for operation.
  2. Excessive pressure is obtained only after strokes manually in the amount of 6-10 pieces. They must be carried out with unsharp movements.
  3. Next in the bath burner pour fuel. It can be used the same as that poured into the tank - the same gasoline. Ideally, of course, use ethyl alcohol, which, when burned, will not leave soot. Refueled fuel is ignited to achieve initial evaporator warm-up. Here the condition is observed: at the time of ignition of the fuel in the bath the lamp is installed so that it does not fall drafts and wind.
  4. After the fuel in the bath has ceased to burn, it is necessary to open the locking needle. Then they look at the state: if there are streams of steam produced during heating, the torch is set on fire. If you observe a liquid after warming up, it should be repeated. Exact determination of the opening time of the locking needle comes with experience. After several applications, you will definitely open the needle, and reheating is not required, which will significantly shorten the time.
  5. If necessary, the fuel supply can be increased over time. Here are guided by heating the evaporator. To speed up the process of heating the fuel more, the tool can be placed next to a metal object by a nozzle to the surface at a distance of 2-3 cm.
  6. Getting started and on, adjust the size of the torch yourself. This is done by a locking needle. If the torch goes out, its irregularity and other defects in work are observed, it is necessary to stop working and carefully clean the nozzle with a special needle intended for cleaning.
  7. Shutting down is done by extinguishing the lamp Do this by closing the needle. Once the lamp has cooled, you can open the tank to relieve pressure.

But in work with this device is not so simple. Here it is necessary to take precautions that are often neglected.

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Precautionary measures

Installing a preheater blowtorch

Installing a blowtorch pre-heater.

Not all users of a gasoline blowtorch are careful when operating. But it can simply explode. The thing is that the lamp is considered to be a fire hazardous device. Its reservoir, which contains flammable liquid, is too close to the burning torch.

Therefore, when working with a soldering lamp, you must observe the following rules that prohibit:

  • continue to use the device if you find leaks of fuel or vapors formed at the time of combustion;
  • depart from the rules and fill in the forbidden fuel: any blowtorch involves the use of only the established and permitted fuel;
  • use a blowtorch for a long time, because the tank is heated to 50 degrees - the maximum rate set by the manufacturer;
  • operate the device if there is a fault in the safety valve;
  • open or fill the lamp while the torch is burning; here, close the stop needle and wait for the solder lamp to cool down completely; it is the opening of an unheated lamp that leads to an explosion that has dire consequences;
  • operate indoors or without proper ventilation.

These simple safety guidelines help to ensure efficient operation of the blowtorch.

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Blowtor reviews

On the Internet and other sources you can find numerous reviews about the convenient operation of this device.

But there are those people who, after purchasing the lamp, begin to complain about the discrepancies indicated in the instructions.

Often you can see two complaints that occupy the first position among all the negative reviews. These include:

  1. The mismatch of the service life specified by the manufacturer. Many users after a couple of months after starting to work with the device clogged tube and nozzle. A detailed examination of the issue and the intervention of specialists is an explanation of such complaints. It turns out that not everyone read the instructions for using this device. And of course, most do not follow the rules for selecting fuel for the lamp. That is, using automobile gasoline, users do not pay attention to the composition and quality of fuel. But the use of high-octane gasoline can lead to similar problems.
  2. The metal does not heat up; its heating temperature does not exceed 1000 degrees. There are two options for improper use. First, the user simply does not maintain the required amount of time for heating. Secondly, without understanding the characteristics of the metal being heated, it is trying to heat an object with a heating temperature of more than 1000 degrees.

According to experts, any person who does not have initial skills can use a blowtorch.

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