Correct setting chainsaws

Many men have a chainsaw at their disposal. This tool can greatly facilitate human life when carrying out various construction works, as well as when sawing wood. Sometimes chainsaws break, repair and adjustment are often reduced to adjusting the carburetor. This site is the main for chainsaws. Setting it up is not so difficult.

Parameters that need to be checked before starting the chainsaw

Parameters that need to be checked before starting the chainsaw.

The main thing - strictly follow the instructions that will be given below. It will definitely help to repair the equipment. Setting chainsaws should be carried out by special technical services, but it is quite expensive. Not everyone is able to pay a large sum for such work. In order to customize the chainsaw, you need to pick up the necessary tools.

Tools required for work

You will need:

  • technical passport for chainsaw;
  • tachometer;
  • screwdriver;
  • key.

This minimum set is quite enough for the full range of activities. So, if everything is ready, then you can safely start repairing the chainsaw and setting it up.

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Carburetor setting

Screws for adjusting carburetor chainsaws

Screws for adjusting the carburetor chainsaw.

So, adjust the chainsaw can be due to the repair of the carburetor. This is not really a repair, but just some preventive measures that should be carried out as soon as possible. It all comes down to adjusting the position of the jets, which are located in this node of the mechanism.

To adjust the chainsaw can be due to special screws, which are located on the jet. As a rule, there are only three of them here. One of them serves to adjust the low revs. The other two are used to adjust the high revs and idle, respectively. Only a comprehensive solution to the problem can help, since it is quite difficult to adjust one parameter.

The first two screws, more precisely, the high and low rpm regulators, are used to control the flow of the combustible mixture and air. Every person who is familiar with internal combustion engines must necessarily be aware of how this process occurs in them. This feed is characterized by the opening of the throttle flap. In that case, if the speed is too high, you must turn the screw clockwise, and if you need to reduce the amount of fuel supplied, then you need to turn it counterclockwise.

Disassembled chainsaw carburetor

Disassembled the chainsaw carburetor.

These measures will allow precise adjustment of the equipment. A chainsaw with correctly selected modes will certainly allow you to bring work to a whole new level.

Similarly, the screw works, which is responsible for setting the idle. When it is rotated counterclockwise, the number of revolutions increases, and when rotated counterclockwise, they decrease.

In general, through the use of only three screws, you can adjust the chainsaw for the optimal parameters and characteristics that are necessary to carry out a specific set of works.

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Tool setting: practical recommendations

Immediately it is worth noting that the new chainsaw is regulated at the factory according to maximum parameters. That is, it works at high and low rpm at maximum. It turns out that the most enriched mixture is formed. If we are talking about self-adjustment of speed, then you first need to start the equipment and let it work for several hours. Immediately climb and adjust the jet is not recommended. It is quite possible that initially something will be out of order, and self-regulation can lead to the fact that the guarantee will simply fly off. Only after a complete functional check can you start working with the carburetor.

It should be borne in mind that when it comes to adjusting high revolutions with a screw, this directly affects the power of the equipment and the frequency of rotation of the saw. If the combustible mixture is depleted, it will lead to the fact that the chainsaw starts to work at its maximum capacity. This may later lead to equipment failure. This is unacceptable, so you need to try to find a really optimal ratio of all revolutions. Depleted mixture leads to the fact that the carburetor starts to work at its maximum capacity. The chainsaw may then choke, and this is unacceptable. Attentiveness and competent approach is what a person needs when adjusting such equipment.

Type of chainsaw to install tires and chains, the experience of the first run and configuration

View chainsaws to install tires and chains, the experience of the first run and configuration.

To start the saw needs to warm up. The high speed adjustment screw is then turned counterclockwise. In this position, the device should work for approximately 10 seconds. Now you need to take a tachometer. Such a device must necessarily be present in the arsenal of any man. When the turnovers are measured, the resulting value should be compared with what is indicated in the equipment passport. Only full compliance with the specified characteristics will allow to bring the work to the correct level. Otherwise, you need to configure further.

Basically, the repair is completed. However, in the event that the chainsaw is still wrong, you must continue to adjust. If the saw is adjusted incorrectly, then it will immediately be evident. If the mixture is lean, the saw will start screaming. This can be heard when working at any speed. In a situation where the mixture is too saturated, unpleasant smoke from the muffler may appear. This also causes the adjustment to continue.

Optimally adjust the saw only with the help of special equipment, which is not always at hand. To do this, contact the specialized service centers.

It is important to be able to use the tachometer correctly.

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Sharpening and tuning chainsaw chains

Sharpening a chain of chainsaw with your own hands

Sharpening chainsaw chains with your own hands.

From that, how correctly the chain of a chainsaw will be sharpened, its subsequent work depends. In order to increase the working life of equipment, it is necessary to sharpen the chain in accordance with certain rules. Dull teeth lead to the fact that there is excessive wear on the equipment. Soon, you may have to throw it away.

When grinding, you should avoid mechanical methods, as this leads to the failure of the tool 2 times faster. Experts recommend using standard templates and files for chainsaws. With the acquisition of those now there are no problems. Using standard templates is extremely simple, as they do not require removal of the chain from the chainsaw.

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Chainsaw Filters

There is in this equipment and special filters. If they become clogged, the tool starts working incorrectly. It is imperative that after the completion of the work cycle, it is necessary to remove and wash the filter thoroughly. This will contribute to the long-term operation of the tool. A soap solution should be used for flushing. Rinse the filter can be in ordinary water. The device is dried by draft. These measures will prolong the life of the chainsaw for many years.

The scheme of interaction of fuel and air flow in the carburetor chainsaw

The scheme of interaction of fuel and air flow in the carburetor chainsaw.

So, now each reader knows exactly how to set up a chainsaw. It can be noted that the adjustment does not always end only on the carburetor. In some cases, professionals have to solve the problem more globally.

When it comes to complex breakdowns, you should definitely contact the service centers, of course, if the person himself is not an expert in internal combustion engines. You can try to find among the friends of such a specialist. This will allow in the shortest possible time to cope with any damage and make repairs.

A prerequisite for setting the carburetor is to use the accompanying documentation. The chainsaw passport is distributed with the tool itself, but not always everything happens that way.

Sometimes you have to search for documentation yourself. As for washing the filters and sharpening the teeth, these processes also directly affect the final performance of the tool.

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