Cordless screwdriver

The screwdriver is a special device that allows you to perform work on the twisting and unwinding of various fastening connections: screws, screws and bolts. Such a device will allow you to complete the tasks as quickly as possible without any special effort on the part of the performer.

Cordless screwdriver device

Device cordless screwdriver.

But before starting to work, it is worth choosing an optimal model screwdriver that will allow you to perform operations efficiently and quickly. First of all, you need to decide on the intended scope of such a tool. Will this professional use or household, involving the use of it for personal purposes.

Possibilities of the household screw gun

Possibilities of domestic screwdriver.

If the purchased tool will be used infrequently enough for standard operations for assembling furniture items, then one should pay attention to the household or, in other words, amateur screwdriver. But if the complexity of the construction tasks is great, and the tool will presumably work for a long time, it is necessary to acquire a professional model.

A distinctive feature of a professional screwdriver is its power, which can reach 130 Nm, and the rotational speed, presumably up to 1200-1300 revolutions per minute. A standard instrument with amateur characteristics, with a capacity of 10-15 Nm and 500 revolutions per minute, is significantly inferior to the previous analogue.

Rechargeable or network screwdriver?

To choose the right screwdriver, it is necessary to determine the nature of his power. Separate network and battery devices. Naturally, the most popular models today are of battery type. They are the most practical and do not depend on the electrical network. Cordless screwdrivers can be used in all conditions, regardless of the presence of sockets.

Battery circuit for screwdriver

Battery circuit for the screwdriver.

Next you need to choose a tool according to the type of its battery. There are screwdrivers with nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd), lithium-ion (Li-Ion) and nickel-metal hydride (Ni-Mh) batteries. Studies have shown that lithium-ion batteries are considered the safest and most environmentally friendly. But they have a small minus: such a unit is unstable to low temperature conditions. Although modern screwdrivers can simultaneously have several types of batteries for greater functionality.

Today, Li-Ion type batteries are very popular. The reason is that such a battery weighs a little and can be quickly charged. Although there are negative points in its acquisition: such a screwdriver will have a high cost and at the same time a small shelf life, which is approximately equal to three years.

In this case, you should pay attention to the fact that this type of battery is suitable only for permanent operation. Do not allow it to recharge. Since this will adversely affect the instrument and its shelf life. In order to achieve an increase in the time of using a screwdriver with this type of battery, you must constantly discharge it to the limit, and then fully charge it.

Additional functions of the screwdriver

Additional functions of the screwdriver.

It is very difficult to find Ni-Mh batteries, because they do not fully justify themselves, since they have a large mass, which prevents the use of such a screwdriver for a long time. Such batteries do not have memory to charge and are characterized by a small self-discharge. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that you can’t just put a screwdriver in the far box after use. It must first be completely discharged.

Any model of this type of tool is characterized by individual parameters for long-term work. Therefore, professional copies, which include expensive batteries, will perform the tasks of the construction plan longer than amateur models.

As for network models, they are not very popular, and therefore little is produced. They are most often used as household power tools for performing one-time manipulations, since such screwdrivers do not differ in their mobility and are completely dependent on the network.

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Operating time and power screwdriver

Varieties of ammunition for screwdrivers

Varieties of ammunition for screwdrivers.

To find out the estimated operating time of the battery tool, you just need to pay attention to the capacity of its battery. The more capacitive performance, the longer the screwdriver can work.

Among the characteristics of the screwdriver can be noted the so-called soft or hard torque, the measuring value of which is Newton-meter. This characteristic determines the power of the tool. With a soft torque, it is about the maximum twisting and unscrewing effort, and with a hard torque - about drilling.

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What else are screwdrivers capable of?

When choosing a cordless screwdriver, you must look not only at the basic parameters of the tool, but also at its additional functions.

They may be as follows:

Battery Charger Charger

Battery charger charging device.

  1. The backlight function will allow the contractor to work comfortably and conveniently with the device even in the most hard-to-reach and low-light areas.
  2. The presence of the three speeds of the screwdriver will allow you to use it instead of a power drill.
  3. If it is necessary to work with concrete surfaces, then it is best to have a percussion mechanism, which greatly simplifies the manipulation of drilling holes.

Before you choose a screwdriver, think carefully about what exactly of the additional features of the tool will come in handy, since their presence greatly increases the price of the device. Why pay more?

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How to choose amateur screwdriver?

In order to decide on the version of the screwdriver for use at home, do not need to spend a lot of time. After all, the presence of continuous access to the network allows you to use both the battery and the network tool. Therefore, to buy an expensive model of the battery type, which is more mobile and functional, is not worth it.

Comparative table of characteristics of screwdrivers from different manufacturers

Comparative table of characteristics of screwdrivers from different manufacturers.

In that case, if you decide to choose a screwdriver with a battery, then it should be Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh type. Such a tool with a rare use will be able to serve its owner for a very long time. And this will significantly save your cash savings and send them in the right direction.

If you expect frequent use of the tool, then you should choose a screwdriver with rechargeable battery type Li-Ion. Only in this way will it be possible to achieve continuous operation for a long time.

At the same time, such a device characteristic as a torque for a home appliance should be equal to 27-35 Nm. This is quite enough for carrying out simple work. If there is such an opportunity and desire, you can buy a tool with high parameters.

Capacitive properties of an amateur screwdriver do not play a significant role, and therefore 1.5-2 Ah is enough.

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How to choose a professional screwdriver?

Diagram of the device reducer cordless screwdriver

Diagram of the device reducer cordless screwdriver.

To perform construction work of increased complexity and in hard to reach places, it is necessary to choose the most compact and mobile models.

If it is necessary to work frequently and for a long time with a tool such as a screwdriver, then it is better to stop using a Li-Ion type battery tool. As for the torque, its performance should not be below 40 Nm.

Models screwdrivers with Li-Ion battery are very popular among professionals due to its compactness and the possibility of long-term use. Plus, such a device is very quickly charged in comparison with analogues.

Since the modern market of building tools has a large assortment of goods, it is easy to choose the appropriate model of screwdriver. It is only important to determine your criteria and carefully consider the options. It is necessary to approach the acquisition of the device from an individual point of view.

The model that is right for you can be bad for a neighbor. Therefore it is necessary to be guided purely by your wishes and functional need.

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