Convenient tools for power tools do it yourself

Today, a variety of power tools are used for home repairs and work on a country site. Special auxiliary devices and accessories are available for them, many of them can be made by hand. It is better to purchase ready-made technical devices, and you can make your own workbenches, tables for the router, attachments, and more. Self-made tools for power tools can be customized to the required conditions.

Types of drill nozzles

Types of nozzles for the drill.

Power Tool Classification

They are usually classified into the following groups:

  1. Tools and nozzles for processing. These are hand-held devices, including grinding tools and grinders and drills.
  2. Devices that are designed to change the position, installation of a specific angle of cutting, drilling and other things. These are support surfaces, patterns, guides, and more. They can take on a different look, often made of metal or wood.
  3. Devices for dust extraction. Such devices are used to remove sawdust, dust, chips from the working surface. It is not so difficult to make such devices with your own hands, usually existing ventilation openings on the equipment are used for fastening.
  4. Grinding nozzles, blocks or bars for surface treatment are assembled with their hands. For example, you can use a wooden plate with a handle on top to polish a wooden surface or to clean a metal. In its working side sandpaper of necessary grain is attached. The form of the platform can be any, it is only important to choose the right grinding material.
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Milling tables

Diagram of the milling table

Diagram of the milling table.

Tools for power tools are different, but sometimes they have overall dimensions, as is the case with milling machines and saws. It is recommended to assemble a solid table that will have everything you need for comfortable and safe work. The simplest option is a milling table, made in the form of a large board that has an opening for a router and a guide board.. The size of the worktop can be different, it all depends on what kind of work will be performed. A more perfect option is a table with legs of the required height. The working and guide boards are made of chipboard. Vises, clamps, etc. can be provided on the surface. The legs for the table is best done removable, provide a spare set.

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Power Tool Workbenches

To work with many tools requires the organization of the working space. For a home workshop or for a garage, a small, compact and multi-functional workbench can be indispensable. Making it yourself is not so difficult, you only need to clearly define which functions it is necessary for. It is best to make a workbench that can be used at any height, including on the table.

The main elements of the workbench

Figure 1. Basic elements of the workbench.

Then the power tool can be conveniently located, change its position if necessary. It is recommended to use any hard wood for work, maple is a popular material, which is easily processed, and has the necessary hardness and strength.

For fixing on the table, you can attach comfortable legs or clamps to the device.

For workbench need a vise, they are often used in the work. An example of the main elements of the workbench is shown in Fig.1.

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Drill bits

Drills may require a variety of attachments during operation. They make it easier to work, make it easier, more convenient and faster. For the drill, a large number of homemade products are used, which many manufacturers today have taken as the basis for the development of special kits. The list of devices that can be made with your own hands is big.

Power Tool Accessories:

  1. Nozzles limiters. During repair and construction work, it is required to prepare holes of the required diameter to a strictly specified depth. For this purpose, a rather simple attachment is used, which consists of 3 parts. It can be made with your own hands, and the parameters of the holes easily and quickly change if necessary. The first part of the fixture is a retaining strap, it is placed directly on the tool body. Such a collar has 2 holes, in them stops-guides are inserted in the form of metal rods 6 mm. The bars, if necessary, bend. During work, the required angle of inclination of the drill is set to prepare the holes with the specified parameters.
  2. Circular cutters are a special device that looks like a large compass. Nozzles from metal rods gather. The vertical part plays the role of an emphasis; a special thickening is made at its end. A horizontal handle is attached to the vertical part, on the one hand of which a comfortable handle is made, and on the other hand a ring is welded. For the device, it is necessary to provide for the diameter of the fastening ring so that the drill does not slip, it is tightly held in it during operation. Inside it is best to glue a rubber ring, which will help make the fixation more reliable.

Various do-it-yourself power tool accessories are needed to make work more comfortable and easy.

It is not always possible to buy such devices, and often they are needed just a couple of times. Therefore, it is much easier to make them yourself by spending not so much time.

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