Comparison of some models of chainsaws

For summer residents chainsaw has become an indispensable tool. It helps to cut large branches, to make firewood for the winter, to cut large logs. We can confidently say that such garden equipment will be useful for any farm. But for many gardeners it is difficult to compare chainsaws before purchasing them. Such equipment requires the right approach.

Chainsaw job

A chainsaw is a device that is designed to cut wood.

Today, the industry produces equipment of various classes. The stores have a wide range of chainsaws made abroad and in Russia. Among the many manufacturers most in demand chainsaws:

  • Husqvarna;
  • Stil;
  • Partner;
  • Makita;
  • Sturm;
  • Echo;
  • Champion.

Different models of Russian-made chainsaws are very popular. Among them, in the first place you can put:

  • "Taiga";
  • "Bison";
  • "Energomash".
Type diagram of chainsaws

Scheme of chainsaws.

With such abundance it is always difficult to make the right choice. It is necessary to compare all parameters and characteristics. All chainsaws can be divided into two groups:

  • household;
  • professional.

Each chainsaw has its own purpose. They are available for specific tasks. The choice of chainsaws largely depends on its purpose. When logging is done or large amounts of firewood are being made, it is best to purchase a professional chainsaw. This tool is reliably protected from vibration, equipped with a powerful electric motor. Tires reach 70 cm. To perform small-volume operations, when you need to cut branches or sometimes saw a tree, it is better to purchase a chainsaw with a small electric motor not exceeding 1.5 kW. The tire must have a length of less than 45 cm.

Domestic chiansaws

Household chainsaw

Household chainsaw is designed for small amounts of work.

This tool, unlike the professional one, has several characteristic parameters:

  • power less than 1.4 kW;
  • tire length;
  • engine and its volume;
  • working hours.

In most cases, the chainsaws include a crankcase made of high-strength plastic. The tool is equipped with a low-profile chain that works with low vibration. But I must say that the performance of such a tool is not very high. These devices have a small mass, so it is very convenient to work with them in the country.

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Professional chainsaws

This tool is considered elite. Its design includes a powerful engine with a full-profile chain. As a result, the work of such a tool provides high performance. Made from the latest materials that can withstand heavy loads, chainsaws can continuously work for more than 16 hours.

Professional chainsaw

A professional chainsaw has a powerful engine, thereby increasing productivity.

Some professional chainsaws have chains with special carbide tips. This tool makes it possible to saw frozen, dirty wood. And what size should reach power chainsaws? This indicator depends on the classiness of the instrument and on its purpose.

A small amount of work can make a chainsaw when the engine power is less than 1.4 kW. In order to perform daily regular work, the most suitable are models that are considered professional chainsaws that have an electric motor power above 2.0 kW and which are considered high-performance.

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What should be the step size of the chain

From this indicator depends largely on the performance of the chainsaw. Most non-professional chainsaws are basically equipped with a chain whose pitch is equal to 0.320 inches. Professional tools have a pitch of 0.400 inches. In the manufacture of manufacturers trying to choose the most suitable layout for all types of tools.

Comparative table of characteristics of chainsaws

Comparative table of characteristics of chain saws.

In this case, its class and engine power are taken into account. Making the choice of the device, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions. To select a suitable chainsaw, it is best to compare the tools of different brands in order to represent their distinctive parameters well. You can compare several chainsaws from different manufacturers, which have gained leading positions on the market. For this fit chainsaw brands:

  • Husqvarna;
  • Stihl MS180;
  • Oleo mac

These tools were specially made for use in everyday life. They can be used only 20 hours per month. In other words, these are non-professional tools, you cannot work with them for a long time. Such models are great for working in the garden, when harvesting firewood, for performing not very complicated operations when you need to cut wood.

Each device weighs no more than 5 kg, equipped with a fuel tank, a small capacity. All chainsaws are equipped with a two-stroke engine, the power of which allows for various operations with trees. Before buying, you need to carefully examine each model, make a comparison and only then make the appropriate choice. "Oleo-Mac 937". This model has a low vibration, which allows the worker to feel comfortable. Engine power is 1.60 kW. Husqvarna 137 has a similar capacity, but the mass of the Oleo-Mac 937 is much smaller.

When the engine idles, it develops 2800 rpm, with a load of the engine up to 12000 rpm.

The scheme of the chainsaw device

The scheme of the chainsaw device.

At the same time, the tire has a length of 35 cm. The negative side is the absence of a light start system. Such a disadvantage slightly compensates for the electronic control. The oil supply is carried out using an automatic pump, so there is no need to constantly monitor the level. The cost of the Oleo-Mac 937 is much less than the Husqvarna 137. Stihl MS180.

The most popular brand among light chainsaws. Its weight reaches 4 kg and corresponds with a capacity of 2.6. For a non-professional type saw, this is excellent. The power of the electric motor is 1.3 kW, the length of the tire is 35 cm. This chainsaw is distinguished by other positive qualities. To make the saw easy to start, a special system was created, which makes it possible to easily turn on the engine. This model has a device that allows you to quickly tension the chain. Similar to semi-professional saws, the Stihl MS180 model has electronic ignition. To reduce vibration, special shock absorbers are installed. The tool is made with all the modern requirements of ergonomics. "Husqvarna 137". The weight of this chainsaw is greater than that of any other model, and reaches 4.6 kg, and this figure lacks the weight of the tire and the weight of the fuel.

Of course, when the saws are ready to work, their weight is much greater. This disadvantage is compensated by a tire length exceeding 38 cm. This parameter helps to create deep cuts. Model "Husqvarna 137" has a capacity of more than 1.5 kW, but it causes a greater degree of vibration. The similar lack extinguishes the anti-vibration mechanism a little. When the engine idles, it develops 3,000 revolutions, for work the number of revolutions rises to 13,000. This model has a double-lever control, an inconvenient starter is installed. When maintenance is required, it is very difficult to get to the main hubs. The ergonomics of this model is not at a high level.

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"STIHL MS341": characteristics and features

Stihl chainsaw device diagram

Scheme device chainsaws Stihl.

The tool has high strength and was specially made for professional work. This chainsaw is able to work under heavy loads. Not very big weight, high power allow to use the tool for work with solid wood. STIHL MS 341 is designed for continuous operation.

It is made of high strength metal. The tool is equipped with the latest anti-vibration system. When the chain is tightened, injury from the chain teeth is avoided. To open the gas tank does not require any special tool. To stop the chain instantly, a QuickStop type brake is installed. Full control is carried out by one lever. STIHL MS 341 is equipped with a compensator, which ensures the required engine power, and saves fuel consumption during long-term operation.

Based on the description of these chainsaws, you can compare these models and choose the appropriate option. Japanese companies also produce chainsaws. A prominent representative is the chainsaw ECHO. Before purchasing it is necessary to compare this saw with other models. One of the competitors is a saw made in Germany. The conversation is about saws "Stihl".

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A little about chainsaws ECHO, manufacturer Japan

Chainsaw ECHO

Chainsaw ECHO scheme.

The company "ESNO" began its activities in the middle of the XX century. Today, the company produces many different products, ranging from drills and ending with a motor-drill.

In our country, “ECHO” appeared quite recently. But in such a short time, she was able to become popular with most Russians. This is quite natural, because the ECHO chainsaws are notable for their excellent balance of power relative to weight. To obtain such magnificent parameters, optimization of the work of the cylinder system was carried out, the newest fuel injection control system was introduced.

Today, the Japanese company ECHO is developing at a rapid pace. It introduces the latest technology, develops new models. Installation of a two-stroke engine that meets environmental requirements is being carried out; only durable, reliable materials are used. ECHO tools can develop power in a wide range, up to a maximum of 4.25 kW. This variation makes it possible to choose the desired model that meets individual requirements.

Chainsaw ECHO

The ECHO chainsaw is compact, easy to operate and practical.

It is easy to perform any work with such chainsaws, they are suitable for domestic work, for production associated with a large professional workload. One of the models of this firm for domestic needs is the "ECHO CS-270WES-12". This tool is easy to manage, it is very compact and has a small weight.

Products of a semi-professional class are the ECHO CS-350WES-14 models. These chainsaws can be used for one-time professional work. Having a power of 2 horsepower, a chainsaw easily brings down small trees. Professional is the chainsaw "ECHO CS-4200ES-16". It is also used in logging, as it is distinguished by excellent maneuverability and excellent balance.

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Main about chainsaws STIHL

STIHL was born in 1926. And three years later she made the first chainsaw, which reached a mass of 48 kg. At the end of the twentieth century, the company "STIHL" occupies a leading position in the implementation of such devices. Four years ago, in 2010, the company developed and manufactured a professional model that had a fuel supply system and an adjustable ignition system. The full range of models "STIHL" conditionally divided into several groups:

Chainsaw Stihl

Chainsaw Stihl in its technical characteristics is the most suitable option for Russia.

  1. The devices intended for performance of household works for giving and a garden site. With their help, you can carry out the preparation of firewood and cut the branches from the trees. Chainsaws work a limited amount of time without large loads. The engine develops a power of 2.6 kW. The weight of the chainsaw does not exceed 4.5 kg. The tire has a length of around 35 cm.
  2. To carry out agricultural work, specially developed semi-professional models. They can work much longer when compared with MS chainsaws and others.
  3. To bring down trees of large sizes, apply professional models.

They are able to work in conditions of increased complexity, withstand enormous loads. Chainsaws striking in their reliability, have high performance. The greatest power of such a tool reaches 65 kW. Maximum weight - 4.0 kg if there is no tire. The total tire length is 75 cm.

Experts recommend using sawmills from Stihl for a logging company. This is a great hardy worker. Small weight, maximum convenience and reliability make them indispensable in the most severe conditions. Chainsaws of this group are highly efficient when it is necessary to harvest small-sized wood, cut through wood and so on.

After comparing the characteristics of all models, it will be fairly easy to determine the desired model. Good luck with your purchase!

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