Which is better to choose a building level

Not a single building, not a single repair can do without such a tool as a building level. Thanks to him, all lines, structures and surfaces are created with the necessary flatness and accuracy.


Due to the level of construction, all lines, structures and surfaces are created with the necessary evenness and accuracy.

Currently there are several varieties of this tool. Which one to choose depends on various parameters.

Types of building levels

Before you start choosing a building level, you should consider its main types. The device is divided into three main types: rack, hydraulic and laser. Consider each view in more detail.

Rack level - one of the most popular. It is a container filled with colored liquid. Inside there is an air bubble, and a marking is applied to the body. The position of the device relative to the horizontal or vertical is determined by the location of the bubble relative to these marks.

Laser level measurement circuit

The scheme of measurement of the laser level.

Currently, the most commonly used device with three bubbles. On one, located in the center of the tool, the flatness of the horizontal is determined, on the second, located at the end of the rail, the evenness of the vertical lines, and on the third, located under the slope, the angled surfaces are checked. Rack building devices also differ in the shape of the rail section and in its length. Depending on the field of use and purpose, a tool with a slat length from 200 to 2500 mm is used.

The hydraulic level is a transparent tube with flasks installed at the ends. The inside of the tube is filled with water. You can work with such a tool only together. One person holds the flask at a fixed point, and the second - brings the second flask to the other. By moving up and down, an evenness is achieved when water reaches one position in both flasks. It is impossible to mark the vertical with the help of a hydraulic device. That is why such devices are used extremely rarely.

The most advanced tool is the laser level. With its help the highest quality and accurate measurements are carried out. The device projects rays onto the surface with a laser. Such a tool is divided into different types. In addition, they differ in accuracy and range of measurement. The selection of this tool should be given the closest attention, since it is quite expensive "pleasure."

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How to choose the level of construction rack?

Construction level

For the construction level to work properly, you need to choose it correctly. Pre-worth to determine the scope and frequency of its use.

For the building level to work properly, you need to choose it correctly. Pre-worth to determine the scope and frequency of its use. If the tool is needed to periodically carry out various works, then you can stop at a simpler form. If the device is used professionally, it is better to prefer a high-quality laser instrument.

So, what should you consider when choosing a building level? The very first thing you should pay attention to is how strong the construction level is and reliable. From the rail, it is best to choose a rail-type device with three eyes. It is more accurate and resistant to mechanical stress.

To choose a building level, it is necessary to determine the length of the slats. The smallest is 200 mm. It is necessary to choose it only if compactness is above all. The most popular is a tool with a length of 400 mm. It is convenient, it can be used in various situations, when performing construction and repair and finishing works. Long construction levels of 1500 mm in size should be used only when it is necessary to postpone segments of great length. They are used much less often, so you should think about whether you need to buy such a tool.

Before buying, you should check the accuracy of the readings of the rack level. To do this, put the tool on the plane, remember the result. After that, the device must be rotated 180 degrees and re-measure. If the data is the same, then the tool is working properly. At the same time, it is worth checking both the horizontal and vertical.

And you should pay attention to the manufacturer. Well-known brand guarantees the quality and reliability of the tool. And although they will cost more, however, the price is fully justified.

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Choosing the right laser construction level

Laser level is an expensive acquisition. Therefore, it is better to pay a little more money for a purchase than to regret a cheap choice. When choosing it is necessary to draw on the functionality of the device, it can be used to perform various operations. The most popular options are the vertical and horizontal projection of the beam, plumb and cross. If the device is needed for a variety of professional work, then you should pay attention to the presence of more options.

To enhance the capabilities of the device, it is recommended to purchase a telescopic tripod. With its help, you can set the device to different heights. It also needs to be chosen correctly: the tripod must be sufficiently rigid and have a minimum of plastic parts.

When buying a laser level, you also need to pay attention to the manufacturer. It is necessary to choose brands that are known in the market of construction tools not the first year and have proven themselves from the best side.

Given all these recommendations, you can choose the level of construction, which is most suitable for you.

And it will allow to build and repair correctly and accurately.

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