Using the plane builder

Who faced with repair or construction, they know how important the accuracy of the positioning of structural elements relative to each other and the vector of action of gravity. Sufficiently accurate, but often not very easy-to-use devices help to solve the problems associated with this. This is an optical level, plumb, water or bubble level. Relatively recently, progress spawned a new line of instruments using a laser beam as a pointer. They allow you to multiply the productivity and accuracy of markup.

Laser level

The position level differs in reasonable price, durability and lack of difficult mechanisms.

Many people unite the entire set of instruments of this kind under the general name laser level. Meanwhile, among professionals it is customary to distinguish between a laser level, a rotational laser level and a plane builder. In many respects, they substitute each other; they may have combined functions, but in general they provide different possibilities and different applications.

Laser level

This is the most common class of instruments for accurate positioning. It is characterized by use in local repair work indoors or for marking in a limited open space. You can set beacons on the floor, wall or ceiling, level racks or profiles, apply communications routes and so on..

Laser level

The main functions of the household laser level.

Typical functionality of such a device includes the ability to emit from one to three focused in the flat sector of the laser beam. Such levels necessarily produce a horizontal plane, as well as one or two mutually perpendicular vertical planes.

Cheap models have to expose manually, combining bubbles with labels. It is not very convenient. Much more interesting models with self-installation function. The installation can be performed under the action of gravity in a pendulum device or by servo drives according to the signal from the gyro sensor.

The first option has a narrower range, but does not waste battery power to tune. The second pleases more features. This level can be automatically set to previous settings after a random offset.

A level having a self-resetting function signals an incomplete tuning operation with a flashing beam or its absence. When the deviation from the horizontal is outside the required interval, the setting cannot be performed. The device must be helped manually.

Possibilities of use of a level

Possibilities of use of a level.

The display of certain planes is activated by pressing a separate button with visual marking. If several planes are displayed at once, they are mutually perpendicular.

Sometimes it is useful to have an indication of two lines perpendicular to each other in an arbitrary position relative to the horizon. There are devices that provide such an opportunity. It is enough to fix by pressing the button the indication of the exposed device. After that, it becomes possible to shift the device and display lines in the new position.

To set the level in space, you can use a tripod with a retractable rod, a magnetic plane or perforations for hanging on a screwed-in screw. Laser levels work either from a rechargeable battery or from replaceable batteries.

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Rotational level

The level of the rotational type is used for surveying the terrain and determining the relative elevations of structures.

In such a device, a point-focused laser beam is located parallel to the rotating spindle of the electric motor. He describes a horizontal plane around him.

Rotational level

Range of a laser beam of a rotational level to 500 m.

Using a single point means a good focus, which allows you to greatly increase the range. If for a laser beam focused on a line, the maximum range is 60 m, for a point indicator of a rotational level this value can reach 1000 m.

The use of the rotational level occurs mostly during the day, in large open spaces. To see the beam in such conditions with the eyes is not possible. Therefore, a mandatory addition to the use of the laser level during the day is the beam receiver. This device has a sound indication and display.

Getting into the zone of the beam, he begins to emit an intermittent beep. An arrow appears on the display indicating where the receiver should be moved up or down. When positioned correctly, the squeak becomes continuous, and the display instead of the arrows displays a horizontal line.

An optional addition to the level can be considered as special glasses that help to see the beam in the daytime. Such glasses are rarely truly effective. The level can have an option of remote control from the panel. This allows you to do without helpers and save battery power.

Most rotary levels are used with a tripod, but may have other methods of fixation. Like levels, they can be self-adjusting or with manual settings. An interesting feature is the function of removing a single beam exactly up or exactly down. This allows you to set the level under something or over something. Rotational level can be used in the room as a level, issuing a full, all 360 °, horizontal plane.

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Plane builder

The plane builder combines the advantages of a rotational level and a laser level. It represents two or even three rotational levels at once. In addition to the horizontal one, one or two full vertical planes are built.

This is a purely professional tool, suitable for both external and internal use. If the usual position laser level provides a maximum coverage of about 110 °, then there is a full 360 °. The main advantage of this device is the number of planes. This increases the versatility of the device and expands the scope of use.

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