Technical device theodolite 4т30п and the principle of its

The technological device of theodolite 4Т30П allows to determine linear measurements of distances with the use of thread tension of the telescope range finder with a high degree of accuracy. The optical theodolite 4Т30П is an optical instrument used in geodesy to measure horizontal and vertical angles on the ground.

Theodolite 4Т30П

Theodolite 4Т30П: 1 - kremalyalera, 2 - the fixing screw of the telescope, 3 - the eyepiece of the microscope, 4 - the telescope, 5 - the mirror for illuminating the scales of the reading microscope, 6 - the column, 7 - the stand, 8 - the permutation drum of the horizontal circle, 9 - Alidade fixing screw, 10 - cylindrical level adjustment screws, 11 - telescope eyepiece, 12 - filament net protection cap, 13 - cylindrical level, 14 - alidade guide screw, 15 - telescope guide screw, 16 - collimator viewfinder, 17 - optical plummet

The device allows leveling horizontal beam mounted on the pipe. The decoding marking is read as follows: 4Т30П - this geodetic device belongs to the 4th generation type, the accuracy class of the technical error is 30 minutes and is equipped with a telescope with direct optical vision. The optimum temperature of operation of the geodetic instrument is in the range from - 40ºС to + 50ºС.

Technical characteristics of theodolite 4Т30П

  • mean square error of angle measurement: horizontally - 20 ″, and vertically - 30 ″;
  • orientation error on the compass: systematic - 30 ′, random - 10 ′;
  • maximum deviations of measurement of vertical angles from + 60º to - 55º;
  • telescope viewfinder: straight;
  • multiple optical magnification: 20;
  • field of view angle is 2º;
  • limit of sight by the optical viewfinder: from 1.2 m to infinity;
  • range factor is 100 K;
  • outer diameter of the objective lens: 38 mm;
  • the price of dividing the dials on the scale of the reporting device: 1 ″.

The mass of theodolite 4Т30П with a complete set (with a case and a tripod) is 10.8 kg. The overall dimensions of the geodetic instrument are 140x130x230 mm.

The main technical features of theodolite and the principle of operation

The obvious advantage of this measuring device in its small dimensions and low mass. The report is measured using a microscope on which the measuring scale is installed. Theodolite is centered over the set point using a plumber on a pedestal.

Technical characteristics of theodolites

Technical characteristics of theodolites.

The technical leveling of the terrain plan is carried out according to the level of the viewfinder installed on the pipe. Zenith translates the telescope at both ends. Targeted focusing can be done using kremalyery. When the diopter ring is rotated, the optimal sharpness of the visibility of the grid threads is set.

Swivel mirror allows you to set the visibility and provides sufficient illumination of the field of view. For the convenience of observing objects located at an angle of more than 45 ° to the horizontal axis, ocular attachments are used. It is a prism freely rotating in the holder, which allows changing the direction of the sighting axis up to 80º.

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How to calibrate (check) theodolite

Before starting a geodetic optical instrument, it should be visually inspected. This is especially true after a long transportation. Inspection is to find the integrity of the main parts and components of the device. Particular attention should be paid to its optical part.

Grids of theodolite vision tubes

Grids of theodolite vision tubes.

In order to avoid accidental damage, it is recommended to cover all main components of the device during transportation. After the visual inspection has been carried out, it is possible to begin the calibration (verification) of the instrument. This is done as follows:

  1. The perpendicularity of the axis of the cylindrical level of the alidade to the vertical axis of the theodolite is established.
  2. The sight line of the viewfinder tube must be strictly perpendicular to the horizontal axis of the theodolite.
  3. The horizontal axis of a theodolite should have a perpendicular arrangement to the vertical.
  4. The vertical wire thread is set perpendicular to the horizontal axis of the device.
  5. The reference zero point of the measurement must remain constant.

After all the correctly established technological requirements for the operation of the device, you can proceed to measuring the works of the landscape terrain.

With careful handling, the geodetic theodolite 4Т30П is a reliable and flawless assistant in the work of a surveyor.

It is worth adding that this equipment is produced at the Ural Optical-Mechanical Plant (UOMZ) in Yekaterinburg.

Theodolite 4T30P - is a reliable surveying instrument from a domestic manufacturer!

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