Self-repair laser level

Laser construction level, or, as it is also called, the level, is used in the field of construction and repair work. It allows you to accurately measure out the horizontal and vertical of the room.

Laying tiles with a laser level

A laser level is a device that is designed to build various planes using laser beams.

This is a must-have tool in every professional arsenal. But, alas, there is a need to repair the laser level. And this is already a problem, since such a device has a rather complicated structure, and not any damage can be resolved on its own.

What is a laser level for?

The scope of such a high-tech device is quite wide. It is used by:

The scheme of creating laser planes using a level

The scheme of creating laser planes using a leveling device.

  • with alignment and installation activities associated with the control and installation of all kinds of equipment;
  • for marking and specifying directions;
  • for leveling ceiling surfaces and floors;
  • when pouring cement screed and installing adjustable floors;
  • for the installation of communication links, wiring and even furniture sets;
  • in organizing partitions, walls and suspended ceiling structures;
  • when laying tile;
  • for the construction of stairs, steps and spans.

This device is also used in households.

This popularity of the laser level can be explained by the following reasons:

Advantages of a laser level

The advantages of the laser level is high accuracy and ease of use.

  1. It gives high accuracy readings. If you use a professional-class tool, then its error in the designations of the vertical and horizontal is not more than 0.2 mm.
  2. Convenience of operation. Unlike the ordinary building level, models with self-leveling systems can start working immediately as they are turned on. In addition, the operator always sees the working beam, and not just its end point, as is the case with optical levels. This convenience contributes to the fact that it is possible to immediately determine the working horizon at all points of the working platform.
  3. There are no restrictions in measurements. Ordinary tools are limited in their size, while the laser level can set the beam at any distance until it encounters an obstacle.
  4. Does not depend on interference. If the works, for example, are performed outside, then even a strong wind will not knock the direction of the beam.
  5. If we compare a laser device and an optical device, then in the first case one person will cope with it, but for another analogue two workers are always needed.
  6. More advanced models have detectors. They help to quickly determine the location of vertical and horizontal lines.

Such positive moments and all sorts of equipment with additional options of laser levels led to the fact that modern construction began to be performed much better and faster. But it also plays a negative role. Now the repair of such equipment with their own hands has become much more difficult. And so if there is a need for repair intervention, then you have to turn to professionals.

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The main types of defects

Repair of a laser level is required in such cases:

Typical laser level device

The device is a typical laser level.

  1. If during work, measuring the horizontal position of a room, a “smile” or “sad grimace” is found. In this case, the laser line will have the shape of an arc with the ends up or down.
  2. There may be a failure in the testimony of the vertical beam, which shows a significant difference with the true vertical.
  3. Sometimes there is a "wedge" in the suspension system of emitters. This defect is indicated by the moment when the rays, while determining the position, get stuck.
  4. The control board failed. In a laser-level device there is a board with complex microcircuits, which also has many elements. It has a large number of connectors. If any part loses its integrity, it already leads to a malfunction of the device, which will require repair.
  5. Buttons or switches fail or do not work. Such a malfunction may occur due to frequent use of the laser level, or if they are subjected to excessive pressure.
  6. The laser level can stop working if there are cracks or dents on its case, if there are mechanical damages on the glasses. Also, the tool will not be able to fully function in case of malfunction of controls.
  7. Faulty emitter. In this case, the laser level simply will not give a beam or its color will be very weak.

Usually the laser level is subject to repair after a fall. In such situations, the bearings of the suspension system most often fail, and then the laser begins to show inaccurate data.

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What you need to do for self-calibration of the laser level?

In order to find out if the device is “lying” or is still showing correctly, a number of actions are necessary. To begin with the laser level is installed in one of the corners of the room. Further, it is necessary that the horizontal beam look diagonally at the opposite angle. With the help of a pencil, 6 marks are made on the beam path, after which the device is moved to the opposite corner of the room.

The beam is directed to the nearest angle according to marks.

Then the height is adjusted to match the marks and the beam. And now the laser level should be rotated exactly 180 degrees and direct the beam to the opposite angle. If the edges of the beam and the previously marked marking coincide, then the device is operational. But if there is a gap, then there is already a need to contact a specialist in repair.

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Is it possible to repair the laser level with your own hands?

Repair of a laser level in a workshop

Due to the fact that the laser level device is complicated, it is better to contact the optical-mechanical workshops for repair.

Alas, this technique is so complex on microchips that it is extremely difficult to make independent repairs. It is necessary to contact the optical-mechanical workshops.

The only thing you can try to fix with your own hands, to correct the sight. To do this, the body is disassembled and the antenna is located on the movable head. On the metal platform there is a hole designed for it. It simply needs to be replaced, as it is responsible for the accuracy of the position of the head. In all other cases, repairs can only be carried out by a professional.

In addition, in order to make breakdowns less frequent, such equipment should be properly operated. First of all, regardless of the model chosen, you should always familiarize yourself with the user manual.

You must also be aware that such a device requires power, which may be from batteries or batteries. They must be fully charged, otherwise the beam will disappear at the most crucial moment. Some levels have a beam setting feature. This helps save battery or battery power.

Moreover, the conditions of its operation also largely affect the safety of the instrument. Before choosing the required model, you should immediately clarify how the tool withstands weather conditions, because not all construction sites are of a closed type. The same foundation is usually laid in the open air.

Not everyone knows that the laser working beam is far from useful to the eyes. Therefore, if the protective glasses were not originally provided, then they should be taken care of separately.

The laser level is a rather “gentle” technique, therefore, it should be treated properly. It should not be overloaded, used for other purposes, and in any case not to drop.

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