Recommendations for choosing a laser level

Before choosing a measuring tool in order to mark the house, you will need to clearly define the purpose of its application. In some cases, the construction is used for home repairs, in others - for work at the construction site. Therefore, to make the choice of the laser level, first of all you need to familiarize yourself with the classification of this tool.

Schematic diagram of the laser device

Schematic diagram of the laser device.

  1. A point level is an ordinary level of a laser type that projects a single beam. This beam defines a point at the base of the wall. If the tool has a flat surface, it can be applied to the wall and direct the beam, for example, along the wall to get a straight line. Such devices are used in everyday life when it is necessary to perform even markup. This marking is necessary for pasting wallpaper, mounting paintings or shelves. For more complex installation and construction works, the point level cannot be used.
  2. Linear level. Ordinary laser devices can apply to the wall or other surface a single line, which is most often horizontal. Constructions with intersecting direction of the rays and intermediate points have more functions. Such devices are also called plane builders, as with their help it is possible to apply lines not only on the wall, but also on the ceiling or floor construction. They can be used in the process of performing work associated with the repair, decoration and installation. In this case, the rays will be projected exclusively on the part of the object to which the tool is directed. This may be, for example, one wall or part of the ceiling structure, which falls into the territory of the instrument. To perform markings on the opposite wall level will need to be turned.
  3. Rotary tool. The advantage of the device is that the laser radiation does not come from the side of the case, but from the rotation head, which is located in the upper part of the product. Consequently, the laser is not directed in one direction, but when scrolling, a territory within a radius of 360 ° is covered. Some varieties of such tools can project both horizontal and vertical rays. With their help, it is possible to make markup on the territory of a room or a large construction object. Most often, the rotational laser level is chosen for professional use by builders, fitters and landscape designers. It should be noted that the cost of such a device is much more than a point or linear one.
Laser level measurement circuit

Measurement circuit laser level.

Dot and linear laser-type levels can easily cope with markings in several planes. Rotational device is calculated on the use of large-scale construction sites. The range of its radiation can be 20-80 m. The rays of this instrument can be seen in the daytime. In order to improve the visibility of the beam, you should use glasses or install plates for reflection.

In the process of selecting the device should pay attention to:

  • type of construction;
  • specifications;
  • the presence of additional functions and devices.

Characteristics to consider when choosing a level for your home

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the range of measurements. Different devices can apply laser beams at a distance of 5-10 m to 100-400 m. If you plan to purchase a structure for use in domestic conditions, and the distance to the wall, which will need to be marked, is small, then the design will be enough whose measurement range is 2-20 m.

Laser level

The advantage of the laser level is the wide scope of its application both in open areas and indoors.

Such a device will be much cheaper than a professional. In addition, a smaller amount of battery energy will be used to apply the beam. In the process of choosing a professional-level laser level to be used at large-scale construction sites or open areas, it is necessary to give preference to devices that can apply rays at a distance of 50 m or more.

Many devices can work with a receiver, with which you can notice a beam at a distance that exceeds the measurement range several times. If the parameters indicate a value, for example, 50/100 m, this means that the measurement distance will be 50 m. However, in case of acquisition of the receiver, it will be possible to apply the beam to a distance of 100 m. If the “- / 5 m” symbol is indicated, It should be borne in mind that this device is not designed to work with the receiver, and the radiation range cannot be increased.

Laser-type constructions are capable of projecting a different number of rays, and their direction will also be different. Simple devices can lay 1-2 lines. Most often this is enough, for example, in the process of finishing work, assembling furniture elements or locating any elements on the wall.

In the process of choosing a design with cross-beams, it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of using the beams both simultaneously and separately.

In this way, you can save battery power and also reduce the possibility of a laser beam falling into the eyes of a builder who is in the projection area. The use of several rays at the same time may be necessary in the case when the marking is performed in a large room or when not one but several people work.

Laser level application

Due to the high speed of measurements, the marking time for ceilings and other surfaces is halved.

The more directions a laser type can create at the same time, the more work you can do in a room. For example, one builder can make a hole in the wall, and another - in the ceiling structure.

In the process of choosing a laser level for a house, it is imperative to remember that this instrument, like other constructions for measurement, is characterized by a possible error. This can not be avoided, because the manufacturer is obliged to indicate its value in the technical parameters. The value of the error is indicated in mm per 1 m of the passage of the laser beam. The smaller the indicator, the more accurate the device will be marking the walls or other bases.

Laser levels of high accuracy are often used by professional builders, as the structures they produce must comply with the SNiP. If you plan to purchase a device for home use or at your summer cottage, you can buy a device with a little accuracy to save on its cost. It is not necessary that the tile laid or manufactured arbor complies with any regulations. The main thing that the design had a neat appearance.

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The nuances when choosing a building level for the house

Surface Measurement with a Grade Level

A huge advantage of the laser level is the high accuracy of measurements and constructions.

Devices that have a self-leveling function are called self-leveling devices. They are equipped with a built-in compensator, which is able to respond to deviations from the initial location.

If the structure is installed crookedly on a tripod or other horizontal base, the device will give a specific signal. This may be a flickering beam or an alert. The same will occur in the event of an unintentional displacement of the laser level body due to wind or accidental grazing. The signal will stop if the user returns the device to its original position.

When compared with an ordinary bubble device, the self-leveling function is more perfect, since the level is set with an accuracy of 1-2 °. However, there are times when you need to set the level of the house at a specific angle.

Choosing a laser level

When choosing a laser level in the first place you need to pay attention to its design.

The compensator will not allow marking, as the tool will flash. In this case, you need to disable the self-leveling function. Therefore, in the process of choosing a laser-type device, which is planned to be used to perform marking at an angle, it is necessary to think about the presence of this function, since it is not available in all devices.

Multiple levels have a self-shutdown feature. It will work if the device is not used for a specific period of time. Even if the user forgot to turn off the device, it will turn off on its own. This saves battery power. It should be noted that some structures provide for notification of the need to disable the structure.

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What laser level is suitable for work on the street?

Pendulum level

Using the pendulum level, you can make up to five measurements simultaneously in different planes.

If you plan to purchase a level to work in an open area, then first of all you need to pay attention to the temperature range in which you can use it. For example, if you specify a range of 5-40 ° C, then you can use the device only during the warm period or in buildings that are heated. If a construction is required for operation both in winter and summer, the working temperature range should be wider, for example, from -10 ° C to + 40 ° C.

In the acquisition process, it is important to take into account what class of electrical protection the case has. Devices that are intended for professional construction are IP54 or higher. In this case, water droplets and dust particles will not fall on the installed working components. Such a device is not afraid of rain and snow.

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Choice of type of mounting laser level

Electronic laser level

The electronic laser level is used for measuring work without the slightest error and at large distances.

For use in an open area you will need to purchase devices that can be fixed on a tripod. For use in closed buildings, a small tripod is suitable or a device for fixing the structure on the wall. Such products are not so big, because they are convenient to transport and store. It is recommended to purchase a similar tool with a tripod. If these items are purchased separately, then you should pay attention to the fact that they must fit the diameter of the thread.

For each instrument, manufacturers provide a guarantee, the term of which may be from 1 to 3 years. It is recommended to buy the product from those manufacturers that provide the best service.

All functions do not have to be in the same device, as this can significantly increase its cost. It is necessary to decide what functions will not be able to manage in construction. Everything will depend on the specifics of the activity.

To choose a laser level for the house you need on the basis of personal needs.

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