Laser level do it yourself

Making a do-it-yourself level is simple enough, and using a laser device will be even easier. Practical laser levels can be set on the floor or mounted on the wall and turned on. The required level will be recaptured in seconds.

Diagram of the laser level device

The scheme of the laser level device.

Such a device is not cheap. If it is necessary for professional use, then such large expenses justify themselves. However, if the level is needed for a one-time repair in the apartment, then you can do it more rationally and make it yourself. The parts that will be needed for this will be much cheaper and can be purchased in many stores.

Design features

The main active element of the device is a laser emitter. In a homemade design, you can use an inexpensive laser pointer as an emitter. In addition, you will need:

  • bubble level building;
  • board or thick plywood;
  • a peg with a length of 1-1.3 m with a cross-section of a square or large form 5x5 cm or with a diameter of 5-6 cm;
  • a piece of rubber with a porous structure.

Manufacturing process

Types of laser levels

Types of laser levels.

By simple transformations, the laser pointer turns into a radiator, from which there will be a clear point on the wall. To do this, use the usual nozzle without a pattern. It is required to glue the hole with cardboard and make a neat little hole in it. After that, the pointer with the nozzle will leave a clear point of small size on the wall.

Next, the laser is attached to the body of the building level. Clamps are used for this. Between the body of the pointer and the level is necessary to lay a piece of rubber. This will provide the cushioning needed to adjust the angle of the laser in the future.

Then the device is mounted on a stand. To make it, you will need a stake, one side of which needs to be sharpened, and the other side should be leveled so as to form a flat platform. A piece of plywood or a board is screwed to the flat side with a screw. It is not necessary to tighten the fasteners to the end, so that you can unfold the plate, if such a need arises in the measurement process.

Peg-stand driven into the ground, if the work is performed indoors, then instead of a peg, you should use a tripod. Parallel horizontally aligned rotating stand. The level is set on it and the laser is turned on.

To mark the walls using a similar level, mark the luminous point on the wall, and then turn the laser in the direction to which you want to draw a marking line.

On the wall get a second point. If you connect them, you get a horizontal line.

Thus, the laser level greatly simplifies construction and repair work. It is simpler to use it, than usual construction, the desirable result will be received much faster. Independent production of a laser level is an opportunity to significantly save money, since the cost of the necessary elements of a similar design is much lower than the price for an instrument for industrial production.

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