Instructions for using the level

When carrying out various construction works such tool as a level is often used. But not everyone knows how to properly use it and how to install the level.

Leveling the walls with a level

Construction level is used when installing interior partitions and windows, installation of suspended ceilings, to align openings and fill the floor.

The level can be laser or optical. They are also divided into accurate and high-precision models. If one person can work with a laser device, then in order to carry out work using an optical level, you will need two people: one will take readings, and the second will keep the rail at the points where the survey is being carried out.

Ways to use the level can be very different. At the construction site, it is used to measure elevations. It is applied as when performing land and concrete work, and finishing.

Features of use of a laser level

This equipment was invented about 200 years ago, but this tool has been constantly improved, and now laser models are most often used.

The principle of operation of the laser level

The principle of the laser level.

In the instructions for the level, the manufacturers describe in a rather detailed and accessible way the stage of its preparation for work, therefore it should be carefully studied. Speaking in general terms, you first need to insert the batteries, because without them the laser equipment will not work. Some models have a battery, and it should be charged before starting work. After the power is connected, the device must be turned on, and if you see laser beams, then you can begin installing the level.

The instruction indicates that this equipment can be installed on the floor, wall, ceiling or on a tripod. All this is determined on the spot, sometimes, in order to get the beam at the required angle, but there is no tripod, you can put objects of the required thickness under the equipment. If you have a need to use this equipment outdoors, you first need to read the manual for its use and make sure that the device is designed to perform such work, and also find out at what temperatures it can work and whether it has dust protection and moisture.

To level the walls, floor or ceiling equipment must be installed in a horizontal position. This can be controlled using a bubble level built into the device or a separate building level.

In some models, the setting may be slightly different, and this can be found in more detail from the instructions, but basically the order of settings is the same.

In any device there is a choice of a beam. It can be horizontal or vertical, or both can be used at once. In many models there is a function of laser points and plumb points.

Laser Level Device

The device is a laser level.

The use of a rotational level may require additional configuration and selection of the scan angle. If you need to check only verticality, it is recommended to leave only one axis, and disconnect other levels. Thus, you will reduce energy consumption and extend the life of the device on a single charge.

In order to facilitate the work with the specified device, you can use a detector. It is a small device, it can distinguish laser beams that are invisible to humans. Often this happens when the level is set at a considerable distance. In order for the level to work in tandem with the detector, it has a special pulse mode, in which you need to switch the device.

In order to be safe to use a laser device, you must wear special glasses. They can be supplied with the device. If not, they can be purchased separately, you should not neglect the use of goggles.

In order to adjust the laser level, a target is used. Its purpose is the same as the targets used in the dash. If the distance between objects is large, then you can use an optical sight to accurately hit the target.

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Different types of laser levels

Rotational level has a special engine, which, after installing the device in a horizontal position, begins to rotate the head, while the laser beam is applied within a radius of 360 degrees.

Types of laser levels

Types of laser levels.

Such devices are most often used on construction sites where work is required over long distances.

The builder of the laser planes can be linear or point. In the first case, a line is displayed on the object, and in the second - points. In conventional devices, a horizontal and vertical plane is created, and in multiprismatic models of planes it can be larger. These devices have a small capacity, so they are mainly used for construction or installation work indoors.

Testing laser equipment is often not necessary, but sometimes it still needs to be done. If there was a malfunction of the device, then its adjustment is carried out in the service center.

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Features of work with an optical level

The classic option is the optical level. It is a simple, reliable and accurate device, time-tested. It works in all conditions and does not need batteries or a battery.

It is quite simple to work with such a device, but you will need two people to do this, whereas using a laser level you can cope with it yourself. To install the optical device using a tripod, the device is placed in a horizontal position. After that, one person looks into the eyepiece at the measuring rail, fixes the mark, then the rail is transferred to another place and again fix the mark. The difference between the readings and will indicate the difference in heights.

During the work with the specified device elementary knowledge from geometry, and also attentiveness and normal sight will be necessary.

Adjusting the optical level:

The optical scheme of a level with the compensator

The optical scheme of a level with the compensator.

  1. Install the device on a tripod.
  2. With the help of screws we install it in a horizontal position. For this, it is necessary that the air bubble at the bubble level on each instrument be in the middle.
  3. Direct the sharpness in the telescope, for this there is a special screw. It is necessary to direct the pipe to the measuring line and to achieve the most accurate image.
  4. The device is ready for use, in older models you can see an inverted image, which makes work a little more difficult.

Since the quality of performance of all subsequent works will depend on the result of the work of the level, periodically it is necessary to check the correctness of its work.

If malfunctions or inaccuracies in the work of the level are detected, it is necessary to carry out its adjustment, that is, to return to it its initial characteristics. For each device, the adjustment is performed according to the method described in the instructions.

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Use of a level when performing various works

Wall leveling

Laying tiles using a laser level

When laying tiles on the floor, you should project the cross rays on the surfaces where the plates are joined.

If you compare the laser level with a bubble level that was used to align the walls, then you will see how much easier it is to do this work using the specified equipment.

In order to check the flatness of the wall, ceiling or floor, simply enough to send a laser beam along them. Before this you need to put check marks. You will immediately see all the flaws of the wall, and it will be clear what amount of material and in which place it is necessary to impose in order to align it.

Laying tile

For these purposes, it is best to take a level in which there is a function to create cross-rays vertically and horizontally. This crosshair should be sent to the center of the future tile joints, and you will see how it is necessary to perform tile laying. In this way, it is possible to lay tiles both on the floor and on the walls.


Although for many it may seem that this is a simple process and using a leveling device is useless here, but it is not. With the help of the specified device you can mark vertical lines, and you can correctly glue the wallpaper. The horizontal beam is used to properly label the borders.

Furniture placement

If the walls in the room are even, and the cabinet is hung on them incorrectly, this will negate all your efforts that you spent during the repair.

For installation of furniture, you can use the usual bubble level, but it is much easier to do this work with the help of a level. This device can also be used to control the fastening of curtains, while doing other work.

Perform room redevelopment

Often there is a need to redevelop the room, while you need to install new partitions. Using the level will allow you to set the walls or walls exactly, just enough to direct the rays in the right direction - and you can start to work.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to create inclined planes, and then it is very difficult to do without a level. To mark an inclined line, there may be a function in the equipment that allows you to change the angle of the beam. If it is not there, then do not worry, it is enough to block the automatic leveling system and fix the device in a tripod at the right angle.

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Taking measurements

Of course, it is impossible to measure with the help of only this device, but it can greatly help in this process. If the equipment has a plumb function, then measuring the height from the ceiling to the floor with uneven walls will be easy.

The use of a laser or optical level greatly simplifies and accelerates the execution of many construction works, significantly increases the accuracy of measurements, and accordingly, the quality of work performance.

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