How to use construction laser level

The self-leveling laser level has several advantages. It is used in the performance of various construction works. It can be used by professionals and amateurs. Construction laser level - a multifunctional and complex tool. With it, builders quickly and accurately make the markup, controlling the finished structure. The construction levels with the projection of horizontal, vertical, point and cross are in great demand among professionals.

The principle of operation of the laser level

The principle of operation of the laser level.

Configure and manage the device

Most of these tools are equipped with a simple control system:

  • leveling system lock;
  • buttons;
  • bubble levels for pre-assembly.

How the laser level works, professionals know. One button performs the function of turning on the tool, and the other - sequentially switches the main modes. The fixer of a level is used at storage and carrying of a laser level. The unit in question has thin wires that can quickly become damaged during operation. In this case, you need the help of a professional. Experts recommend the use of a lock.

Laser level measurement circuit

Measurement circuit laser level.

Setting up the device is quite simple. The laser level must be installed on a tripod, pre-performing leveling using bubble levels. Then the latch is released, and the tool is ready for inclusion and use. If necessary, you need to adjust the height of the beam. To do this, a tripod is provided with a retractable rail, which is controlled by a manual crank.

This unit is used by professionals to perform repairs and in the process of building various objects. It allows you to make accurate markings and control any structures on the ceiling and walls of the room. The function is used when installing household items in a renovated room and during the floor screed.

The application of this projection does not require much time and effort. The laser beam, if the marking height permits, must be pointed at the label. Focusing on it, it will be possible to construct the necessary structures or to control the finished structures. Modern equipment allows you to project a beam, the scan of which reaches 180-360 °. The insufficient height of the beam projection requires the use of a tape measure to transfer it to the required level. On each plane set 2 points, which are further connected by a straight line.

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Horizontal and vertical projections

Laser level on the floor

The laser level with the self-tuning function will greatly simplify the work, as well as shorten the time for it.

If it is necessary to build parallel lines, the laser level is irreplaceable. Experts recommend working on two principles. In the first case, it is required to build parallels using a roulette. The projection of the beam is transferred, equal segments are marked at several points. In the second case, it is required to immediately mark the distance between the lines using a tape measure, alternately projecting a ray onto them.

The principle of vertical projection practically does not differ from the horizontal device. The difference can be called the absence of the need to use roulette. A 360˚ scan helps to mount partitions without the use of additional devices. If the level is set correctly, then the beam will display the plane of the planned partition.

Not all devices in question are equipped with the point projection function. She has a fairly narrow specialization, it is used as a plumb. A point is projected onto the ceiling and the floor with the help of equipment. Location marks can be transferred from one surface to another. The function is indispensable for people who cannot imagine using the imagination of a room upside down by performing markings on the ceiling.

Building symmetrical structures can be easier and faster if you use the projection of the cross.

The rays intersect at an angle of 90 °, forming the coordinate axes. Such a projection allows installers not to draw the contours of the structures.

It is possible to build and control planes that do not intersect at an angle of 90 ° or are asymmetrical using a laser level equipped with a graduated scale. It is located at the bottom of the laser level, closer to the base. They produce models in which the scale is applied on a tripod, but the usability of such a device is reduced. The leveling device during operation in this mode is fixed with a latch.

The disadvantage of the device can be called the impossibility of its use in bright light. This problem can be solved with the help of special signaling devices that tell the switching-on LEDs about the position of the beam.

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