How to make a laser level do it yourself

Laser level do it yourself is easy. For its manufacture does not need to purchase expensive materials, and the manufacturing process is quite quick and simple. The end result will be a small home-made laser level with a small error.

Laser level

The industrial laser level is equipped with a beam that helps to measure out the exact horizontal.

The laser level of the industrial design is equipped with a special beam, with the help of which the horizontal is bounced. As for the homemade device, it will be enough to purchase a laser line that will fully satisfy all requirements. So, to design the necessary details:

  • laser pointer;
  • bubble level building;
  • wooden bar, square or round section (holder from a shovel);
  • tripod;
  • board or plywood;
  • awl;
  • pencil;
  • porous rubber.

Almost all these parts are at home for everyone, but even if they have to buy something, all the same, the cost of a homemade laser level is much lower than the industrial design.

Stages of the manufacturing process

Laser pointer device

Laser pointer device.

There are 2 options how to make a laser level with your own hands, and in both cases the main component of the design is the laser pointer.

The result is a device that will beat off one point on a plane, and not project a horizontal or vertical line onto the wall, like industrial laser levels. Special lenses are used for such beam projection.

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Homemade laser level on tripod

Initially, you need to convert a laser pointer. A nozzle is taken without a pattern and sealed with a piece of cardboard sheet. A small round hole is made as accurately as possible in the center of the cardboard. It can be done with a needle or sewing. If everything is correct, then with a laser beam on the wall should be visible a clear point.

The next stage of manufacturing a laser level is mounting a laser pointer. It must be secured with clamps to the porous rubber, which, in turn, is attached to the bubble construction level. Rubber will serve as a shock absorber and regulator of the angle of the laser.

As a tripod, you can use a tripod (if available) or make it from a wooden bar.

The principle of the homemade laser level

The principle of the homemade laser level.

They take a timber and on one edge of it with the help of a bolt they fasten the plywood in order to make a stand. It should rotate. The second edge of the beam sharpened and hammered into the ground. Using a tripod allows you to apply this level indoors.

Hammer a stake or install a tripod according to the horizon line of a bubble construction level. When the tripod is at zero, you can turn on the laser. The point of beam light on the wall is marked with a construction pencil, and then we turn the stand a little and make another mark on the wall. Having made several such marks and connecting them in one line, we get the horizon line.

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Laser level on polyfoam

This is an easier way to make a laser level in a hurry. You will need a piece of foam, a water tank and a laser pointer. As in the first case, the pointer must be converted. As a water tank, you can use a basin or bucket.

A transformed pointer is attached to a piece of foam. This can be done with a clamp or rubber band. The foam will float and turn on the beam. As soon as the swaying of water in the tank calms down, make a mark on the wall and turn the foam on, around its axis and repeat the procedure. All marks will be in the same horizontal plane.

Of course, it should be noted that modern industrial devices greatly simplify the work, since, besides the horizontal one, they are capable of designing a vertical line. To fill the missing vertical line, it is enough to make a plumb. For its manufacture you will need an average thickness of the thread and the load to which it is tied. Instead of a thread, you can use a fishing line, and a large bolt or nut as the plumb line itself.

The free end of the thread is applied to the very top of the wall, near the ceiling, and the second end, the one with the load, is lowered down. The load should not touch the floor, it is in limbo.

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