How to make a homemade sawmill

The self-made power-saw bench should provide for adjustment of the thickness of the log cut and comply with safety standards.

Scheme homemade circular sawmill

Scheme homemade circular sawmill.

Tape design

Making a homemade sawmill requires:

  • extensive welding and turning;
  • availability of necessary components;
  • special sharpening and wiring tool;
  • ensure the efficiency of the sawmill, the stability of movement and loading of logs up to 300 kg.

Between the 2 coils of thread, a thin ribbon is stretched, during forced rotation of which a log is cut. The distance between the ribbons should correspond to the largest size of the logs. The self-made power-saw bench is used for convenient cutting of boards.

The size of the room in which the work on the creation of such a structure will take place is at least 3x6 m. Metal wheels for the product and the carriage will need to be purchased in finished form. Independent production of such elements requires precise tooling and professional skills.

Sawmill scheme

The scheme of the band saw.

Guides of self-made power-saw benches are made of pieces of an equal strong metal - a channel, the I-beam or a corner. After installation, anchors or supports are installed under the guides after 0.5 m to impart stability. The step between the guides should correspond to the diameter of the largest log with a margin of up to 0.7 m. The parts must be welded together with the observance of the geometry of the structure. It is required to attach the frame of the belt mechanism, the wheels and the electric motor through the pulley to the cart.

Experts advise to consider the process of changing the horizontal movement of the unit relative to the treated wood. The finished tool can produce boards by moving the cart relative to the fixed beam and cutting off the horizontal layer from it.

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Disc construction

In the artisanal production using disc power-saw benches. Such designs are easy to manufacture and versatile in use. For the manufacture of the unit requires a saw with a disc of more than 500 mm. The tool will be set in motion by an electric motor through a pulley.

It is necessary to make a welded frame, install on it a metal plate with a slot for the disk. The gaps between the plate and the disc should be negligible. It is necessary to attach a pulley and a shaft of a saw on bearings to the lower part of a plate. The pulleys of the saw and the electric motor must be connected with straps in order to avoid jamming of the tool.

Scheme homemade sawmill sawmill

The scheme of a self-made sawmill.

Experts recommend using engine weight and weighting for more belt tension. The disk power-saw bench is equipped with a support for the electric motor. The support must be made movable according to the shaft, with a deviation in the opposite direction. The mover may be the wheel of a working tractor with a drive to the saw pulley without using belts.

A bar with a disk unit is processed in the same way as a tape construction - logs are fed to a disk that cuts them. Surface treated on a disc design of wood of higher quality due to the speed of processing. Disk complexes are vertical and horizontal and are suitable for use in mobile installations.

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Busbar construction

To make homemade tire sawmills is necessary after determining the number and size of the treated wood. Homemade design made of chainsaw. The work will require the following tools and materials:

  • welding machine;
  • smooth metal profile;
  • Bulgarian.

The maximum length of the log for the tire structure is 4 m. The profile is made of an I-beam, channel or welded from pieces of metal with reinforcement to achieve evenness. A chainsaw fixed in a cart will move along the profile. Parallel to the main profile, it is required to install (on the support frame) a log. A working device will move the chainsaw along the log, cutting boards.

The profile provides geometrically correct sizes of the processed wood. Therefore, it must be tough and durable. The profile will be supported on supports that are connected to the frame. High-quality chain sawmill can be manufactured by analogy with products from well-established manufacturers.

The study of the drawings will make a solid, durable construction.

Scheme of the tire sawmill

Scheme tire sawmill.

Errors when sawing can occur due to oscillations of a cart with a fixed chainsaw. It is recommended to provide a manual drive in the device. The presence of slopes will allow you to install and handle heavy logs.

The greatest effort requires the manufacture of a mechanism for adjusting the thickness of the processed timber. It is recommended to install the jacks on the edges of the support frame for rigid fixation. By adjusting the jacks, it will be possible to adjust the thickness of the material.

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Practical advice

The basis for a power-saw bench is made of wood or metal. In the first case, massive boards are used, and in the second - corners. Using a sawmill in the open air will help the wood to rot, so the foundation is made of metal.

The self-made power-saw bench is equipped with 4 main units:

  • saw driven;
  • a mechanism for regulating the thickness of products;
  • mechanism for moving the saw;
  • device for fixing lumber.

The saw with the drive can be made of the reground cloth from a hacksaw for metal up to 450 mm long and not less than 40 mm wide. The teeth are performed using a cutting disc grinding machine. Sharpen them with spot heating with a torch. Sharpened product give the desired shape.

The movement of the saw occurs horizontally in 4 rollers of hardened steel, which are mounted on racks. A detailed study of the design and allow it to repeat the scheme saw. The length of racks depends on the thickness of the material being processed. By mounting the plates between the rods, the unit is stiffened.

After turning on the device, rotation from the engine is transmitted to the flywheel shaft pulley. Flywheel diameter - 200 mm, weight - 7 kg. A stroke of 100 mm is ensured by fastening with a 50 mm offset from the center of the flywheel with a connecting rod attached, the second end of which is attached to the saw blade. The offset from the saw axis of the longitudinal axis of the flywheel is 25 mm.

Sawmill Adjustment Scheme

The scheme of adjustment of the sawmill.

The required thickness of the boards is achieved by raising or lowering the base, which is fixed with 4 screws M14x2 and held by welded to the plates with the edges bent with nuts. Lock nuts are installed on the base surface.

The counting of revolutions is simplified by the arrangement of screws with a step of 2 mm. Chain-mounted sprockets are installed on the screws. The mechanism is regulated by taking the chain in both hands and moving it in the required direction with the rotation of the base screws and counting the revolutions of the tag on one of the sprockets.

The saw part moves on the guides located with a step of 550 mm. The upper roller of the rack rests on the guide profile, and the lower one does not allow the structure to rise.

A chain is attached along the front guide profile. A sleeve is welded to the front pillar, through which the axis of the sprocket, which enters the chain, passes. At the opposite end of the axis is mounted the steering wheel. With its rotation, the saw moves through the frame. The presence of the steering wheel is optional.

Logs are fixed with 2 combs. The first element is movable (moves with the help of a screw), the 2nd is fixed. The movable comb must be fixed with screws after fixing the wood. At the beginning of cutting 4 slabs are cut off. The resulting log is sawn into bars or planks. The lack of design legs allows you to make loading larger logs more convenient.

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