How to independently adjust the laser level

If you start building a house without measuring instruments, the result will be sad. The house will be tilted and not very long. This was well known in ancient times, so the builders always checked the planes, their horizontal position, verified the verticality, achieving a zero error. They had instruments that were relevant to that time. Of course, these were very primitive devices.

Laser level

The laser level can also be used indoors.

Today, builders can use a special laser level, or level. This device works with a laser beam, measurements are fast with great accuracy. But, like all devices, it needs to be configured, so every builder should know how to adjust the laser level. But before you touch on the issues of customization, you need to know the types of these devices and their device.

How does the laser level work

For operation the device uses the thinnest laser beam. In order for it to appear, a special diode structure is created. Such laser radiation was initially used only for military purposes. Gradually, the equipment began to be used in medicine, and subsequently the laser level was created for construction companies.

Laser level work

Laser level work.

The instrument case is made mostly of plastic. It is equipped with special rubber inserts that prevent moisture from entering the device. This may affect the accuracy of the instrument. The laser level is a very expensive device, so it needs to be protected from the ingress of any materials that are very numerous at the construction site, for example, cement and sand. This device needs reliable housing protection.

It is possible to use a laser level in life, on a building site and in the apartment. These devices are available today for a variety of purposes, so you can find the desired laser level, based on the tasks that it will help to solve.

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Features laser level when properly configured

Laser level device

The device is a laser level.

  1. The device shows very accurate measurement data. The error is no more than 1 mm.
  2. The point that the laser beam shows is perfectly visible. It is much more convenient than the labels that are used in levels. With this point or line, work can be carried out immediately without additional marking. Construction equipment can immediately begin to work.
  3. The device takes measurements with great speed, it does not require preliminary preparation, you just need to get it out of the case.
  4. The device, after being placed in a horizontal position, does not require further maintenance. He will carry out all measurements independently and with great speed.
  5. To work with the device does not require special training. Anyone can work with him.
  6. For the measurement is enough one person. The device does not need a brigade of service personnel.

Basically, the laser level is an improved descendant of previously used instruments, such as a theodolite, tape measure, and so on. With this device you can check any surface where special accuracy is required. To choose the most suitable device, it is necessary to know their classification and names.

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The main types of laser levels to adjust

Several prisms and diodes are used in these devices, so manufacturers gave them the name multiprism. There are more simple devices where only one beam lights up. Its direction can be vertical or tend to the horizontal. This is not enough. Usually there are two such rays in the device:

Vertical Laser Level

A classic laser level has a sweep angle of 120 °.

  1. Vertical.
  2. Horizontal.

The result is a laser cross. Devices of complex construction have several crosshairs at once. There are even devices that can turn into a plumb line. These devices can be configured in such a way that the beam goes down or is directed upwards.

The classic laser level has a sweep angle of 120 °. More powerful devices form an angle of 160 °. Depending on the angle value, an increased number of additional crosses is achieved. Sometimes the rays join in one plane, then the angle is 360 °.

The kit laser level includes:

  • level;
  • case;
  • glasses that make it possible to see the laser beam;
  • remote control;
  • flat targets;
  • tripod;
  • Charger;
  • magnets for fixing the device;
  • geodetic rake;
  • receiver, intercepting rays.

Using highly accurate instruments with zero error, you can calibrate the laser level and adjust it so as to reduce the error to zero. When an apartment is being renovated, there will not be any particularly large distances, so the laser beam is quite sufficient.

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Practical recommendations

The overall setting is related to adjusting the vertical direction of the laser beam, which is carried along a plumb line. When the arc-like line is detected, it is necessary to open the beamformers, then use a screw to obtain a straight beam of light. After obtaining the ideal laser line on the plumb line, all the details regarding the adjustment made are marked.

Then you need to check the horizon.

If the rope plumb to stretch along the edges of the line, you can see the arc-like glow.

It is corrected first. Of course, if the previous settings allowed us to get the perfect horizon, then all the work was done perfectly. If the horizon has turned out with a deviation, additional settings are required, however, it is forbidden to use the adjusting screws of the pendulum, as the adjusted vertical can be lost.

Horizontalness can be adjusted only by small movements of the block containing the laser. First you need to slightly remove the fixing screws and move the block with a thin object, using it in the form of a lever. After achieving the desired result, all the rotating parts must be put on the glue. In this case, the locking screws do not need to be used, since during the tightening, there will be a sliding pressure on the unit. As a result, the setup can be knocked down. However, in any case, the fixing screws must be tightly tightened.

The next step is to adjust the horizon into the distance. Set counter measurements. They should be visible simultaneously in two corners. There must be a distance between them that does not exceed 5 m. To obtain such marks, you can use a hydro level.

When there are no such corners in the building, any things at hand can be used for adjustment, such as stepladders, which usually stand near the wall. For adjustment use the screw of a pendulum. When it rotates, a shift of the axis of the pendulum occurs, respectively, the angle of inclination of the laser beam into the distance begins to shift.

Of course, you can create tags using the hydro level. However, the device, firstly, you need to have, and secondly, it must be filled with water. It needs to be calibrated and checked how well the labels are located, and for this you will need an assistant. Such work requires a lot of time, it is much easier to make ordinary counter measurements, which will immediately show the available error.

After all operations, the screw of the pendulum is fixed with glue. This allows you to save the adjustment made when the device is transported or large mechanical effects occur.

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