How to choose the right level of laser self-leveling

To carry out quality work, not only highly qualified specialists are needed, but also the appropriate equipment. The same goes for construction. In order to build structures had a smooth base, at the initial stages, and especially when laying the foundation, use construction levels.

Laser level

The laser level helps with the construction and repair work to carry out the markup.

For firms that are engaged in construction professionally, the self-leveling laser level is simply indispensable. But in this case, the question arises how to choose the correct laser self-leveling.

The main characterizing factors

Laser self-leveling work

The work of the laser self-leveling level.

The main advantage of such a device is that it is not tied to a horizontal plane, it measures the difference in height. In this way, he significantly wins before the optical level, since he can most accurately measure the slope. Without it, it is quite difficult to build walls, openings for doors, various kinds of partitions, to install batteries and window sills. More modernized models are equipped with an additional marker that helps during pasting wallpaper and contributes to the correct vertical marking.

Laser levels are divided by scope: household and professional models. But the principle of their work is the same for all: powerful diodes emit light, which is flowing in a certain stream.

The design of the household laser level has a built-in high-quality LED, with which such a device works in sectors up to 10 m, while with an accuracy of readings of 0.5 mm / m. In order to carry out the necessary calculations, it lasts 4 seconds, with a measuring range of 4 °. For domestic needs, such a device is very convenient and effective, there will be no particular difficulties in working with it. And for greater convenience, some laser levels have additional LEDs that glow in the dark. Both vertical and horizontal can be measured.

The principle of operation of the laser level

The principle of operation of the laser level.

The professional self-leveling laser level is more refined. He admits the error is much smaller than the household counterpart, since in this design the pendulum is based. Its error is 0.3 mm / m. At the same time, the scope of work is wider - up to 30 meters. In addition to all, such a device is perfectly protected from external influences in the form of moisture and dust. Some professional models have a battery power of 1.5 V. Although you can pay attention to battery devices, but in this case, you should constantly monitor the discharge of the battery. Also, such a laser level can recreate perpendicular and diagonal lines, in addition to vertical and horizontal ones.

Even the most elementary device can mark points at any distance. The laser plotter is able to create vertical lines with the ability to rotate 360 ​​°. If necessary, you can pick up a device that can simultaneously build lines in several directions.

But experts believe that the best option is a laser level. He is able to build even slanted lines, but it is worth enough. But if financial means allow, it is better to choose it.

Of course, there are models that can work for hundreds of meters, but such a function is not always needed, because in most cases the laser level is still used indoors.

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Some features

Typical laser level device

The device is a typical laser level.

Externally, such a device has a plastic case that is protected from debris in the form of water, dirt or dust. In order for it to work properly, it needs a flat surface or a special tripod.

To date, due to its popularity, such devices have improved enough, but there are still two main types:

  1. Prism laser levels. This name they received because of the presence of prisms, through which the diode light passes. Depending on the number of prisms, the level gives and the number of lines. For example, the prism 2, then there will be a separate horizontal and vertical lines that cross the cross. Often, each of the lines is autonomous and can be controlled separately. Such models are more commonly used in household use, as they have a not very long beam distance.
  2. Rotary laser levels. This is already more professional equipment and it is used in large-scale construction. The range of the measuring beams is achieved by a rapidly rotating LED, which projects the light.

If we compare the rotational and positional levels, the former are significantly ahead of the latter in their characteristics. With the help of a rotational laser level, you can align doorways or draw circular sectors. But, of course, such functionality significantly affects the cost of such a device.

There is one more type which is not so popular in the construction sphere, a point level. He designs the mark as a point, and the beam itself remains invisible. But this is not always convenient.

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Alignment options

There are several possible laser level alignments. This moment is very important, because the quality of construction will directly depend on this.

Self-leveling level

The self-leveling level is not tied to a horizontal plane, so it can measure the slope more accurately.

  1. Manual alignment. This requires another level, but only an ordinary bubble. It is necessary, of course, with this some time to suffer.
  2. There are self-leveling levels that are equipped with a pendulum. During power up, it automatically adjusts all the LEDs to the desired position due to its own weight. They are also convenient because they turn off automatically after 20 minutes of work. The convenience of such measurements lies in the fact that they can produce 5 beams at once, which minimizes the measurement error.
  3. The most complex design is an electronic self-leveling laser level.

Even when working at significant distances due to the presence of electronic mechanisms with slope sensors, they are switched on instantly, and, most importantly, they give the most accurate measurement results.

But there is a mixed type where all the above types of alignment can be present. Therefore, they should be chosen only according to individual needs. Depending on the type of projection, the level can build a direction or a plane. The first models “beat off” the points, and the second models are equipped with a special system that converts the beam into a plane.

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Positive and negative sides of the laser level

The improvement of the usual construction level has provided a number of positive qualities that laser levels have today.

Wide scope of use.

Simpler instruments give only a vertical and horizontal measuring beam.

More professional models give out several rays simultaneously and in several directions. Therefore, such a device can be used not only in home amateur repairs, but also on serious construction sites, since one device can have from 2 to 10 rays, which will help to carry out work with higher quality.

Save time. Automatic measurements contribute to faster construction work. And if necessary, using a laser level, you can make markup on materials.

Reliability testimony. All measuring points are carried out by means of technology, the probability of error is near zero. In this case, human intervention is minimal. This is especially important if the level is new.

Convenience mount. Depending on where the measurements will be taken and by whom, it is possible to individually select fasteners for the laser level. For example, it can be tripods, magnets or belts with which the device can be mounted on any surface. But for each mount, the laser level case should be equipped with the appropriate elements, which must be checked before purchase.

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A few words as a conclusion

Of course, for the sake of justice, it is worth noting that the price of the modern level of self-leveling laser is quite high. It can be considered that this is the disadvantage of such a tool. In many ways, this indicator will be influenced not only by the model, but also by the manufacturer. After all, brands always take half the price just for their name. More on the price will affect the color of the beam. Green rays are higher because the device that reproduces them is more expensive.

By the way, experts recommend, if possible, to choose beginners those levels that have a function with a signal of an erroneous installation. If the worker installs the device incorrectly, the rays will begin to flash, which will give a warning about the need to level the laser level.

Such a technique as a laser level, appeared on the domestic market relatively recently. That is why every day manufacturers are trying more and more to develop their model range. Therefore, today there should be no problems with the choice of laser level.

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