How to choose the laser rangefinder

If you plan to buy a laser range finder, how to choose this tool? This question interests many people engaged in construction and repair work. How to choose the device correctly in order not to overpay money for unnecessary functions? Each manufacturer of laser rangefinders is trying to improve their products, significantly increasing its functionality. But is it always necessary? Before buying a laser range finder, it is important to decide which device you need and how you are going to use it.

Laser Range Finder

Laser rangefinder device.

What to choose when choosing?

Before you go to the store for a new laser tape, you need to determine whether you are going to use this tool - in a room or on the street. If you need a universal device that can be used both in the house and in open space, then you should opt for models designed to measure the length of the street. The best option to perform measurements in rooms and other rooms is a common household range finder. The measurement range of this laser tape measure, as a rule, is no more than 60 m. But for rooms this will be more than enough. The cost of a conventional laser rangefinder is not too high and is quite accessible to anyone.

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What criteria to choose?

Laser rangefinder from webcam

Laser rangefinder from webcam.

The most popular manufacturers of laser rangefinders, whose products are of high quality and reliability are Makita, Bosch, ADA Instrument and Condtrol.

If you are interested in the question of how to choose a laser rangefinder, then it is important to remember that when buying this device, it is necessary to pay attention to the set of its functions. Usually household laser tape measures are equipped with approximately the same functions.

To work in the room, you only need the inclination and basic functions, such as calculating the area of ​​the room and its volume, as well as a simple Pythagoras. An excellent option for this would be the Condtrol X2. This laser tape measure is capable of measuring a distance of up to 40 m and has all the minimum functions necessary to work in a home or office. Its only drawback is that the model is not equipped with a folding bracket. However, such a clip is provided in the ADA Robot 40 laser rangefinder device. This tool can also be successfully used to perform measurements in rooms of various sizes. Its folding bracket provides the ability to take measurements from various hard-to-reach places, such as the corners of a room or from the edge of furniture. Moreover, when opening the bracket, the range finder automatically rebuilds its work and starts counting from it. You do not even need to press any additional buttons.

The scheme of the laser rangefinder

The scheme of the laser rangefinder.

More expensive laser rangefinders, which fall into the category of professional, have more complex functions: inclinometer operating in the range from 45 to 360 °, maximum and minimum measurements, timer, complex Pythagoras, allowing to measure from 3 points, bluetooth, sight (optical and digital ), which helps to see the target at a considerable distance, the function of dividing the distance into specified segments and much more.

The second equally important criterion for the correct choice of a laser rangefinder is the measurement accuracy. When using most modern devices, the error in measurement does not exceed 1.5-2 mm. Such accuracy is high and allows for correct measurements both outdoors and indoors. However, regardless of the accuracy of the laser tape measure declared by the manufacturer, other factors may also affect the accuracy of the data, such as hand shake or a dark and too porous wall surface, on which the laser beam fell.

When working with this device, it is very important to install it on a special photo stand so that hand shake does not become a serious problem for you. To this end, choosing a new rangefinder, you must make sure that in its case there is a corresponding thread, and not made of plastic, but metal. In addition, so that the laser beam is always successfully reflected even from a very dark or porous surface, special reflective plates are produced.

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additional characteristics

Phase Laser Rangefinder

Phase laser range finder.

The laser range finder must necessarily be reliably protected from the negative effects of moisture and dust. It is good if this tool will have a degree of protection not lower than IP 54. Here the number “5” indicates that this laser tape measure is protected from dust (the smallest dust particles can get inside the device, but will not affect its operation), but "4" is a guarantee that raindrops do not disable it.

There are laser rangefinders that are impermeable to neither dust nor water. They can be immersed in a stream of water, and they will continue to work properly. These are tools such as Leica with a degree of protection equal to IP 65. In addition, speaking of the security of a laser tape measure, it is necessary to note such an important indicator as high quality lenses. In the production of expensive professional devices, the lenses are made of high-quality glass, which is not afraid of high temperatures or the alternation of heat and cold. Therefore, the accuracy of such rangefinders always remains unchanged even during operation in difficult temperature conditions. Cheap models have lenses always made of plastic. However, they are able to work without interference at standard temperature conditions, the boundaries of which are specified in the instructions.

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Work in open space

Block diagram of a pulse laser range finder

Block diagram of a pulse laser rangefinder.

It is very important to know how to choose a range finder to perform measurements on the street. The range of such a device should be 60 m or more. The most powerful modern rangefinders are able to determine the distance to the object, which is located 250 m from this unit. However, it is necessary to understand that this indicator will be true only under certain conditions.

When working with a range finder in open space, it is imperative to use a special reflective plate. Today, some steel manufacturers include this mandatory part as standard. However, most often it has to be purchased separately, but it is inexpensive. The reflecting plate has the form of a rectangle, the sides of which are painted in different colors. During the measurement of a small distance of no more than 40 m, it is necessary to use the side of the plate that is painted in a light color. If the distance is more than 40 m, then the plate should be turned with red or orange side. The use of a reflective plate is especially necessary when the surface on which the laser beam is incident has either a porous surface or a very dark color. Beam laser rangefinder should be directed to the plate at an angle of 90 °.

But sometimes it is difficult to hit the reflective plate with a laser beam. In order to facilitate this task, in the measurement process one should use such a convenient device as special laser glasses. With their help, you can easily see the laser range finder beam even at a great distance and in clear weather in bright sun. However, when measuring a very large distance, some points may not be enough.

In such a situation, you should use either a digital or optical sight. For this reason, the correct choice of a laser rangefinder suitable for measurements on the street is impossible without a mandatory check of the presence of the sight. Optical sighting device can be located outside the laser tape measure and attached to it like an optical sight or be built into the rangefinder device itself. If the laser roulette is equipped with a digital viewfinder, then an enlarged image of the object is displayed on a small screen. Such devices are usually very expensive and not everyone can afford it.

When choosing a laser rangefinder for the street, it is important to ensure that the device is equipped with such a useful function as tracking (continuous measurement) and a timer.

A timer will help eliminate possible instrument shake on the photo stand and perform more accurate and correct measurements. In addition, each model of laser roulette has its own range of delay. Trekking has much in common with the timer, but when it is used, measurements are performed every 5 or 10 seconds.

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