How to choose laser levels

It is impossible to build a house without its approximate plan, and it is also impossible to do without measuring devices. Our ancestors knew about it and used such tools as the rack level and hydro-weight. This method was checked vertical and horizontal planes.

Laser level

The laser level is a measuring device when building a house.

The choice of a laser level depends on its capabilities, the plane that it can build. But about everything in order.

The choice of laser levels is simply enormous: a large number of companies produce a large variety of levels. All of them have a different design, price segment and purpose from other models. Laser levels can be divided into 3 main types:

  • linear;
  • rotary;
  • point.

Practical recommendations

Before choosing a laser level (or just a laser), you need to ask yourself what kind of work you need to do, what will be the volume of this work?

Judging by the reviews, if the work will be carried out at home or in the country, then the simplest level, the rack, is quite suitable. This device is beneficial because of its low price. Of course, it cannot boast of its innovative functions, but it is quite suitable for unpretentious work.

Laser level device

The device is a laser level.

Huge functionality possesses professional levels. Especially for professional models there are tripods, which give the possibility of circular projection. Professional laser levels can create different projections: cross, point, beam (vertical and horizontal), as well as lines at different angles, straight and oblique.

As for the most expensive equipment, it is rotational levels. Their functionality allows you to project several lines at once at any height. Such opportunities are perfect for professional installation, but if your goal is not such, then it is not recommended to waste money and choose this option.

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We decide on the choice of laser level

It is necessary to repel the number of planes, which is able to build a laser level. Practical experience suggests that many planes are not needed, most often two planes are perpendicular.

A good criterion for selection is the function to turn off the unnecessary line. In addition to the fact that such a function will help save energy, it will also reduce the risk of the beam hitting the retina of the eye.

Laser levels

When choosing a laser level, be guided by the accuracy and range of measurements.

The next aspect is the alignment tool. The self-leveling level is convenient in operation, the greater the angle of self-leveling, the easier it is to use the tool. Laser levels that need to be leveled manually have a bubble level on the side of the case.

You need to know: electronic self-leveling level has the highest accuracy in operation. Such a tool can be used in work immediately after switching on; moreover, there is practically no error.

If desired, self-alignment can be turned off if you need to put the tool at an angle. In many models, if the self-leveling function is turned off, a program that alerts you about this is triggered. This alert can be a beep or a flashing line.

This function was created in order to notify you that the device is shifted by atmospheric or mechanical effects.

A good choice is the laser level with a tripod or with a case. These accessories will help in the work.

Laser level measurement circuit

Measurement circuit laser level.

The bulk of laser levels runs on batteries. In order for the work of the level to be longer, therefore, productive, you can take a level with a self-shutdown function, this function will turn off the level if it is not used for a certain time.

As for the color of the beam itself, it all depends on the individual choice. The laser level with a green beam is more expensive because it looks more contrast than red. But by the light of the bright sun the beam will be practically invisible. To solve this problem, there are special glasses.

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Why is it profitable to have a level?

The accuracy of the measurement can not fail to please: one meter error will not be more than a few tenths of 1 mm. In order to make all the necessary measurements, does not require any training. The tool just comes out of the case and is ready to go.

The use of a laser level for leveling the surface

Check the flatness on a large area of ​​the wall.

You can note the excellent visibility of passable rays or any shape (dot or cross), which is more convenient than manual marking. This makes it possible to save valuable time: without making any markup, immediately begin work on the beams conducted.

All that is needed is to position the tool in a horizontal position, and he will do all the work in a couple of seconds. Ease of use - this is the main plus level. A person who has no experience in handling a laser level can handle it. Everything is quickly understood on an intuitive level. No explanations and instructions are required - everything is simple and clear.

In order to make measurements, no more than a pair of hands are required.

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Whether such a tool is useful for home?

You may be asked if it makes sense to purchase a laser level for home use. Definitely yes.

Such a tool can serve well not only among construction workers who design and build something, but also in everyday needs. Since the tool is extremely easy to use, there will be no questions with it, you simply acquire and use.

Buying a laser level, you can be sure of the full payback of your money.

Installation of a laser level

To make all the calculations, you need to turn on the level, make the adjustment, and the laser beams will project everything themselves.

You do not need to do the markup to glue the tiles. You just need to set the laser level, adjust it, and the markup is ready - it will take you no more than a minute to complete. You can get to work.

If there is a need to stick tiles in the kitchen or in the bathroom, then you have to count for a long time, take measurements and project everything in your head. Particularly painstaking work becomes when the selected tile is shallow.

But with a laser level everything is different. To do all the calculations, you need to turn on the level, make adjustments and the laser beams will project everything for you.

When acquiring a level, all scrupulous work is swept away, and this greatly saves time and effort. Therefore, such a tool is worth the money. Of course, you do not need a sophisticated and expensive laser level, the standard is quite suitable.

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More information about the laser level

In the passport of each level, its technical parameters are indicated: instrument power, wavelength, class, and so on. Most often in operation is a level with a wavelength of 635 nanometers. Its beam is red and yellowish.

The green beam is more powerful - the distance of its wave is 532 nanometers. The green beam is much brighter, and for the eye its color is more pleasant.

The work of the laser level

The work of the laser level.

There is to acquire a laser level with self-leveling, it is best if the limit angle is 5 °. Not a very good option to buy is the angle of 3 °.

It is necessary to pay attention to how long the compensator is adjusted. This information is available in the passport.

Do not be lazy to read in the passport the ambient temperature at which the laser level can work and be stored. When storing the device, the temperature range is higher than during operation. It is important not to confuse these two indicators.

Professional levels can work in frost at sub-zero temperatures of 20 ° C. As for the heat, the mark reaches a temperature of + 50 ° C.

The IP54 housing allows you to operate a laser level in the rain and in dust. The security of the case varies depending on the model, how good the model case is, you can recognize it by marking. Some companies produce models with which nothing will happen when falling from a meter height, this is indicated in the passport.

If there is a need to protect the tool from unwanted damage, you can equip it with damper plates. It is recommended to mount the level on a tripod.

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Which brand is more practical today?

Manufacturers rating:

  1. Bosch. This brand is popular with both professional builders and home craftsmen, these people have a wealth of experience and know how to work well. Prices, of course, vary by model. But if the potential for buying a model is the cheapest of the entire series, then even it can boast excellent quality.
  2. Condtrol. The products of this company are also good, slightly inferior to the winner of the rating, but they can please with their low prices.
  3. Matrix. Professional levels of this company, judging by the estimates of experts, leave much to be desired, but household models can please.
  4. Kapro. The levels of this company are best to be operated only indoors, since on the street this brand has shown itself not from the best side.

Of course, the level is an expensive item, but those people who purchased this tool have never regretted their investment. It saves a lot of time, effort and nerves, and it is worth a lot. This product has some advantages: it is easy to use and easy to use.

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