How to choose a laser roulette

In the old days it was believed that you need to measure 7 times before cutting. Nowadays, it is a pity for these rechecks of time and effort. All those with arms growing from the shoulders, and not from the “fifth point”, prefer to take measurements quickly and accurately with the help of a tape measure. And for greater convenience in use, as well as to avoid errors, choose an improved version - laser tape measure.

Laser Roulette

Laser Roulette facilitates the work on the measurement of certain parameters of the room.

This device has become indispensable for both professionals and amateurs. Therefore, every consumer who needs to purchase it, cares about how to choose a laser tape measure so that it doesn’t bite at the price, and doesn’t break, and copes with all the tasks.

The choice of brands and brands is wide and varied. Whether it is a specialist (architect, designer, surveyor, foreman, engineer) or just a home craftsman who wants to do-it-yourself hands-on, make repairs in an apartment, ennoble backyard territory, for everyone in the construction market there is a laser tape measure that meets all its requirements. The main thing is to deal with its structure and features of work, to make sure that the necessary functions are present and to “weed out” models with unnecessary frills.

Measuring device

Typical Laser Roulette Device

Typical device of a laser tape measure.

Laser Roulette is a small-sized device designed to quickly and accurately measure distances, sizes, calculate the area and volume of an object, and other quantities. It does not look like a classic tape measure, so called by analogy of action. It has other, more appropriate names: laser range finder, laser ruler, laser meter. It can be used both indoors during repairs, and in open areas during construction, for measurements in tunnels, mines, and wells.

Depending on the range of measurements and the availability of additional functions, roulettes are divided into household and professional models. The measuring distance of household appliances is up to 60 m, while professional roulettes are capable of measuring from 60 m to 260 m with a minimum error of 1 mm. Depending on the task, various measurements are made in the appropriate units: millimeters, meters, cubic meters, percentages, degrees.

The principle of the laser roulette

The principle of laser roulette.

The standard roulette device consists of the following parts:

  1. Housing It is made of plastic having rubber or latex inserts. Due to its durability, the laser tape measure is not deformed by impacts, it is not afraid of pollution and dust.
  2. On-off unit - off / on button.
  3. Hole for the release of the light beam, equipped with anti-fogging optics - emitter.
  4. Optical filter, not subject to fogging, designed to accept a beam already reflected from an object - a reflector.
  5. The converter of a light signal in digital - the microprocessor.
  6. The window for outputting electronic data read from a light signal is a liquid crystal display.
  7. Various software. For a household appliance, distance measurement, folding and subtraction, calculation of the volume and area of ​​a room, calculation of the height of the ceiling are usually included.
  8. Fixing the roulette, which is carried out by the tripod, both for photo and video. Thus, the accuracy of measurements is guaranteed, because the device in trembling hands gives more errors.
  9. Optical sight, visually reducing the distance to the object - sight. They equip only professional equipment.
  10. Bubble level, checking the accuracy of the location of the device - the spirit level.
  11. A set of batteries to power the device (2, or 4).
Additional features of modern laser roulettes

Additional features of modern laser roulette.

Thanks to the laser metering device, there is no need for assistants who are required when using a conventional tape measure, no errors occur, it is possible to measure distant objects, and all measurements do not take much time.

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Laser Meter Functions

Laser Roulette Installation Locations for Measurements

Installation sites of a laser tape measure for measurement.

Using a laser tape measure, you can:

  • calculate volume;
  • count area;
  • produce subtraction and addition;
  • use the function of the device to memorize the last measurements;
  • make measurements of inaccessible segments using the Pythagorean theorem;
  • determine the diagonal;
  • calculate the area of ​​the walls at the roof or ceiling that have a slope;
  • determine the angle and length of the slope of this roof or wall.

Modern laser roulettes of a high price segment differ from ordinary household models in the number of additional functions.

These include:

  • backlight;
  • display with color screen;
  • viewfinder;
  • sensor for measuring tilt within 45 degrees;
  • air temperature meter;
  • indicator showing battery charge level;
  • wireless data transfer from the roulette to the computer via Bluetooth;
  • various mathematical functions for the work of surveyors, engineers, foremen;
  • continuous second measurement of distances when the device is moving - tracking.

It is the presence of such additional functions that increases the price of the roulette, but for professionals who need jewelery measurement accuracy, they greatly facilitate the work. And for everyday tasks you should buy more economical options.

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The specifics of working with a tape measure

General structural diagram of the simplest laser roulette

General structural diagram of the simplest laser roulette: 1-laser, 2-object, 3-unit receiver, 4-optical system, 5-POI, 7-unit processing and analysis, 7-unit information output, 8-laser control unit.

It takes only a few seconds to measure, to set the device on a flat place, turn it on, aim the red beam at the target and read the received data from the display screen. Optimal conditions - a room with a temperate climate, not dusty and without bright lighting. The bright sun on a bad reflector (for example, gray concrete) is a more difficult task, but also surmountable. It will take a little more time, because you will have to look closely at the direction of the beam (with such lighting, the beam is not very visible). In this case, goggles should be used.

To obtain a quality result you need:

  1. Install the device on a tripod, retractable bracket or attach to the wall. Do not hold it in hand, in order to avoid errors due to muscle tremor.
  2. Press the "on" button.
  3. Use the "func" button to select a point of reference.
  4. Set the unit of measurement.
  5. Press the measurement button.
  6. Read the result from the display.
  7. Do not direct the beam into the face, as it burns the eye retina.

For a long and reliable operation of the roulette you need to follow simple rules:

  1. Use laser roulette for its intended purpose as recommended by the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Keep the device clean and dry, do not allow overheating or overcooling of the meter.
  3. Avoid scratches, falls from a height, bumps and other damage.
  4. Store in a shrouded condition.
  5. Repair should be done in workshops using branded components.

If you precisely follow the instructions for using the device and its storage rules, measurements using a laser tape measure will always be accurate and fast, and there will never be any problems in the process.

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Roulette selection criteria

To choose a laser roulette correctly, you need to think in advance for what purposes it will be used.

If the meter will be used not only indoors, the criterion will be the maximum measurement range. It should be borne in mind that all manufacturers declare a greater range of their devices than it is in reality. That is, you need to buy roulette "with a reserve" of the measurement range.

Stages of determining the area of ​​the room

The stages of determining the area of ​​the room: 1 - length; 2 - width; 3 - height.

The next important criterion is a set of built-in functions. It is not always the abundance of tasks performed by an expensive model is in demand at home. Why pay more if it is possible to get by with the budget version of roulette?

When choosing a tool, you need to check the availability of instructions in an understandable language and its complete set. It is very important to make sure that the warranty period and service centers are available.

And, of course, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. In a professional environment, Bosch and Leica are deservedly considered the best brands - they are very accurate and reliable, but their price is “biting.” For domestic purposes, you can search for cheaper brands, for example, the brands “Hilti”, “Skil” and “Makita”. Recently, the Chinese "UNI-T", "DOBIY", "MiLESEEY", "SOUTH", "SNDWAY" have reached a decent level in their work, but with their repair there are still problems.

After reviewing the instructions, examining the prices and a set of functions of roulettes, you can make the right choice that meets the necessary criteria.

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