How to choose a laser or ultrasonic rangefinder

Range finders, modern appliances, are used for measuring distances and are used in various branches of construction and in the manufacture of furniture. Their popularity is due to the highest accuracy and range of measurements. Replacing the primitive roulette, the range finder copes with the measurements perfectly and gives more accurate results. When measuring large distances, its error is millimeters.

Ultrasonic range finder circuit

The scheme of the ultrasonic rangefinder.

There are 2 types of this measuring device, but how to choose a rangefinder (laser or ultrasonic) can be determined after studying the technical characteristics and qualities of each of the devices.

The simplest and cheapest device developed by modern designers is the ultrasonic range finder. A similar design is otherwise called an echo sounder. They are quite often used in many domestic and industrial fields.

The design of the ultrasonic rangefinder includes a receiving and transmitting unit, as well as a microprocessor, which has a memory function and subsequently processes and displays the received information.

The principle of operation of the ultrasonic rangefinder

The principle of operation of the ultrasonic rangefinder

The principle of operation of the ultrasonic rangefinder.

The ultrasonic rangefinder works by directing the emitted sound to an object, which, in turn, reflects it. The range finder catches the receiving unit. This ultrasound can not be heard by others. The speed of sound depends on the density of the air, which contributes to a more accurate calculation of the distance.

In the process of introducing new technologies and production capabilities, the designer achieved improvements in the design of the device. This allowed us to create a new device, more accurately directed by the sound beam. An ultrasonic rangefinder with a laser pointer was created. Such a device significantly increased the accuracy of measurements and facilitated the work.

You can buy an ultrasonic rangefinder today at any outlets involved in measuring devices.

Such a device has significant drawbacks. The main disadvantage is the accuracy of the measurement, as it is determined according to the environment in which the sound will propagate. Parameters and values ​​(the main of which is density) cannot be constant and have the ability to change during the work period. An important disadvantage is the limitation of the length of the measurements, since the distance limits are from 30 cm to 20 m.

In this regard, it is possible to use ultrasonic devices in the case when exact measurements and measurements of no more than permissible limits are not required. In other cases, it is better to purchase a laser range finder, although it costs a bit more expensive, but it has the best technical characteristics.

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Laser range finder: features

Laser Range Finder

Laser rangefinder device.

Today, a laser rangefinder, or as they call it differently - laser tape measure, is a necessary device for construction and decoration. It is used for both internal and external work.

This type of rangefinder is a small optical-electronic device for measuring the distance. Today's manufacturers are pleased to offer a wide range of models with advanced functions that allow to calculate the area, volume of the room, to measure objects located in inaccessible places, which are made according to the Pythagorean theorem. In addition, during the work, you can transfer data for processing to a PC and, depending on the modification of the device, perform other additional functions.

Many models are equipped with shockproof, dustproof, and moisture-proof housings, and therefore they can be used under any working conditions.

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The principle of operation with a laser rangefinder

When working with such a modification, the device is installed on a flat plane and turned on.

The scheme of the laser rangefinder

The scheme of the laser rangefinder.

After that, the device must be configured and generate a laser beam that is red in color and is directed to the desired point. This point is reflected in the receiving unit, and the distance of the device to the object is recorded on a special display located in the rangefinder housing.

The laser rangefinder works according to the following principle: the device sends pulses to the target, which, in turn, reflects them, and the built-in microprocessor element determines the length, taking into account the time from the moment the pulse was sent, until reception of the reflection.

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The advantages of a range finder in contrast to a simple roulette

Ultrasonic Range Finder Projects

Projects with an ultrasonic range finder.

The laser range finder is characterized by the following features:

  1. When measuring you can do without assistance.
  2. Using a laser rangefinder, it is possible to measure objects with obstacles that can not be measured using conventional roulette.
  3. The use of such rangefinders significantly reduces the time of work and conducts measurements most accurately.
  4. The visible laser beam is a guideline, and therefore it is easier and more convenient to work.
  5. With the help of a laser device, other work can be carried out without problems, for example, installing window frames, window sills, pouring cement floor.
  6. Such devices are capable of measuring not only length, but area and volume.
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How to choose a range finder: recommendations

Electro-optical range finder

Electro-optical rangefinder.

Before purchasing a rangefinder device, it is necessary to determine the upcoming work, that is, for what purpose it is needed. The more functions the device has, the more expensive it will be.

Items to consider before choosing:

  1. Classification.

Similar devices are:

  • household;
  • professional.

If the device is purchased for interior decoration of apartments, then a simple home appliance is suitable for this purpose. If you have to work under more severe conditions and on complex construction sites, then you need to think about professional equipment. But the price of professional devices is much higher. It also happens that some household range finders can be equipped with additional features.

  1. Measurement range.
Block diagram of a pulse laser range finder

Block diagram of a pulse laser rangefinder.

Modern laser measuring devices can have a range of the beam up to 200 m. When purchasing devices with a maximum range of measurement, it is necessary to pay attention to the device for mounting a tripod, since taking measurements over long distances, you need to have a tripod. In the case of using the device for the construction of a country house or on small construction sites, it is sufficient to use a range finder with a range of up to 50 m.

  1. Range finder accuracy.

Basically, all laser rangefinders have measurement accuracy with an accuracy of 1.5 to 2 mm, which solves problems in residential and professional buildings.

  1. Manufacturer.

The quality of range finders also directly depends on the manufacturer. The best companies for the production of rangefinders are BOSH, Stabila. As a rule, European manufacturers' devices are much more expensive than Chinese-made products, but the quality of Chinese ones is much inferior.

  1. Warranty service.

Any well-known company for its equipment provides a warranty card granting the right to service. In normal cases, the warranty is given for 1-2 years for household laser devices and up to 3 years for professional equipment. When purchasing a range finder, you need to find out if there is a center for servicing the equipment of a particular company.

  1. Design and usability.

When selecting a laser device, you need to hold it in your hands. It should be comfortable, lightweight and not out of the hands. The smaller the dimensions of the device, the more convenient it is to use it, since it can even be placed in a pocket. For ease of use range finder, many manufacturers equip his body with rubber parts.

  1. Functionality.
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Extra points

Block diagram of the ultrasonic rangefinder

Block diagram of the ultrasonic rangefinder.

The price of range finders increases with additional features. Instruments in their design may include the following functions:

  1. Memory. It can be used to store values ​​that are often used during operation.
  2. Folding bracket. With its help, the measurement of internal angles is made
  3. Bluetooth This is a wireless data transmission system that allows you to instantly transfer measurements to a PC.
  4. The determinant of the area and volume.
  5. Optical sight Required for visualizing the laser point and targeting. It is very comfortable in sunny weather.

Following all the recommendations, you can easily make the right choice. Good luck!

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