How to choose a laser level

To date, the master makes very high demands on construction equipment, devices. That is why manufacturers are trying to produce such products that would meet the requirements of customers.

Laying tiles with a laser level

A laser level is a device designed to build smooth lines in a plane.

To mark the line on the wall, on the floor it is not at all necessary to use various levels, rulers, and so on. Instead of taking endless measurements with a tape measure, you can use a device called a laser level. How to choose a laser level? To study the differences of devices of different types is not difficult.

What is the level for?

The principle of operation of the laser level

The principle of the laser level.

With the help of the level you can determine the difference in height between different points of the surfaces. Even once this tool was used in geodesy to measure the height of places. At the moment, this is the most popular device in construction, thanks to which laser beams are projected onto objects in the form of points or lines.

It is important to note that the laser level works on the principle of beam rotation. This device can align the plane, make markings, measure the distance, perform work from different angles or use it as a plumb. It is possible to buy a level prismatic or rotational. What kind of equipment to prefer?

Today it is safer to work with a prism instrument. In such a level there are no moving parts, the light fluxes can be transformed by a prism into several perpendicular intersecting planes, the sweep angle is no more than 120 °. This device can easily perform a variety of work in construction.

What about the rotational level, it has great potential. For example, the equipment has a long range - sometimes around 1 km, and the sweep angle is 360 °. With the help of a rotational level it is possible to align window and door openings, narrow surfaces, as well as other places.

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Tool functions matter ...

Immediately before picking up the laser level, pay attention to its functions.

Laser Level Device

The device is a laser level.

What exactly buy a laser device depends on where you will perform the work and what will be their volume. Pre-familiarize yourself with the planes that can build equipment. It is best to have 3 planes - vertical and horizontal. Most often there is only 2 perpendicular lines.

In addition, you should not forget about the type of alignment of the device. At the moment, there are 2 main types: manual method and self-leveling. So which laser level to give preference? During manual alignment, a special bubble level is applied, but self-alignment is still a bit more convenient. Yes, and the range of self-leveling is almost 4 °, the device is able to independently achieve a completely flat position.

Consider that if the self-leveling angle is large, then it will be more convenient to use the level. The good thing is that the self-leveling function is turned off if you want to put the level at a certain angle.

It is also necessary to understand that the signals about violations of self-leveling can be anything: some devices are able to turn off, others blink, there are models that make sounds, and so on.

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Choosing a laser level: features of purchase

Functions of a laser level

Functions of a laser level.

It is also important to have warnings about failures. When performing work, the device may be slightly shifted. If this happens, the level will give a signal - using flashing lines or sound. When buying a model, look at the self-shutdown function. Most often, the tools are battery powered, and this feature is required to keep them charged.

Pay attention to whether there is a receiver in the device. After all, he will be able to increase the range of the construction of planes. Not bad, if there is a function to disable lines. For example, if you need one line, then you can not use others. Thus, it is possible to significantly save the charge, and it is much more convenient to do work when other lines are disconnected.

What you should not forget when choosing a tool? Before you make a purchase, look not at the thread with which the level is attached to the tripod. The most common is the one that is 1/8 inch, but there is a thread and a different size, for example - 5/8. Now in hardware stores you can see tools with different types of threads that are mounted on any tripods. The standard question for sellers sounds exactly like this: “Which level can you recommend?” However, you should at least understand a little about the terms that the consultant will tell you about.

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Look at the accuracy of the instrument

An important parameter of the level is the accuracy of construction. After all, this is how you can find out how much the beam deviates from the horizon. If the accuracy is high, then the quality of work will be better.

The instruction must specify the class of radiation. A class not higher than 2nd is considered safe. In a different situation, you will need to buy glasses to protect your eyes from burns. As for the color gamut of the laser beam, it is not so important. As a rule, the rays are presented in red or green, green is very pleasant, but such a device is more expensive.

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