How to check horizontally and vertically building level for

When buying at a building store level, you need to be sure that it is accurate in its performance. Many are concerned about how to check the construction level. This is a fairly simple process. With the help of simple devices you can be sure of the accuracy of the instrument indices both in the horizontal position and in the vertical.

Building level

Due to the level of construction, all lines, structures and surfaces are created with the necessary evenness and accuracy.

Check when buying in the store

The level of construction is useful to you and when pouring screed, and when plastering the walls. This tool is a very necessary thing for every home. It is indispensable in construction. If you decide to start overhaul, the first thing you will do is go to the hardware store and purchase the level among the most important items. If you can not make a choice, it is best to consult a specialist. After all, the evenness of all surfaces in the house will depend on the indicators of the construction level. With erroneous results, you risk getting a curved floor or wall.

When buying a building level you should not make a choice towards cheaper options. The probability of inaccuracy of indicators for budget instruments is somewhat higher than that of more expensive ones.

Even with the acquisition of high-quality fixtures, it should be carefully checked at home.

Building level device

The device is a building level.

With the safety of the check you will have the opportunity to make an exchange within two weeks.

In addition, there will not be a superfluous check on the accuracy of the shop. For this there are special stands. In their absence, you can simply put the construction level on a flat surface and remember the readings well. Then turn it over 180 °. The marks must match exactly. The same method can be used for checking accuracy and vertically. More thorough research you can make only at home.

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Level check in horizontal position

This method implies the presence of a water level and two sheets of paper in the usual format for the procedure. The water device consists of two vessels, which are connected by a transparent tube with marks affixed to it. It is very easy to use and cheap tool for construction work.

Scheme for determining the level of the floor building level

The scheme for determining the level of the floor building level.

Before you check, you need to create a perfect horizontal. To do this, fill the water level with water to the average mark in each of the vessels. Two sheets of paper must be attached to the wall surface with adhesive tape so that the distance between them is less than the length of the device. Using scotch tape or help from the outside, we fix the first flask on paper, immediately noting the level of water in it. Then repeat the same steps with the second sheet. After marking, the need for the water level disappears. Our device will be checked by check marks on paper. When applying a building level to our points, the bubble in the window should be right in the middle. This is the only evidence of a good construction device. Any deviations indicate a malfunction, which in practice will lead to errors in the calculations.

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Verification of building level vertically

To create the perfect vertical line you will need to tie a thread with a suspended load to a screw that was previously twisted into the wall surface. The recommended thread length should exceed the dimensions of the building level itself. After obtaining the ideal vertical, you should make a control mark. We twist two screws into the wall along the thread. This should be done in such a way that the caps are slightly in contact with the plumb, not deviating to either side. This is a very important point for future measurements.

After setting the screws that will serve as control points, you can remove the thread from the wall. We apply the building level to the caps, paying attention to the movement of the bubble in the window. It should be located in the middle of the marks that were put in its manufacture. When the bubble is located exactly in the center, we have a properly configured device. When shifting to either side will have to raise the question of the suitability of the tool. In the presence of the check such goods are subject to exchange in the hardware store.

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