What mill need to choose for home

The choice of equipment for the home is a crucial task. Not only the quality of work, but also the usability of the device will depend on its quality and well-chosen unit. The situation is similar with the question: how to choose a router for the house.

Milling machine

The milling machine is designed for processing flat surfaces of wood.

Technical parameters of the unit

The head part of the device is represented by a motor having handles and a collet clamp. From what parameter the given part has, and working process will depend. The overall performance is indicated by the power consumed when performing certain actions. The larger the parameter, the larger the cutter can be installed. In turn, this leads to an increase in the passage, during which the windings will not overheat. This detail allows for faster delivery.

Nevertheless, there is a downside. The increase in power leads to an increase in the weight of the structure, its size. In addition, a high value of torque does not always allow the use of certain accessories designed for more delicate work.

Mill device

Diagram of the router.

By power, there are several classes of equipment. The first type is represented by light mills that have a power consumption of 700 watts. The following classes are represented by medium and heavy vehicles, having a power of 700-1500 W and exceeding the last value. However, some manufacturers may present models with a capacity of 2300 W and a weight of 6.1 kg. They are Makita RP 2300FC and DeWalt DW626, having a 12 mm collet size, a speed of 22 thousand revolutions per minute and a cutting depth of up to 70 mm. For comparison - Makita RP 0910 has a weight of 3.3 kg at a power of 900 W, but the cutting depth is reduced by 57 mm.

The spindle speed is in the range of 20-30 thousand revolutions, although the so-called edge drills increase this value to 35 thousand revolutions per minute. At the same time, it should be noted that the small diameter of the equipment allows it to develop a high speed, while for a large cutter, a lower speed is required.

However, in fact, it turns out that high speed helps to work with solid products and make processing more clean, but if the material is viscous or great importance is paid to accuracy, it is necessary to move to a lower value. Therefore, a large number of such devices has the ability to make the necessary installation of rotational speed.

It will be useful to pay attention to the products equipped with constant electronics to adjust the power of the motor. This feature allows you to stabilize the speed originally set. As a result, this innovation helps to prevent a decrease in speed when changing the manner of supplying the apparatus or while changing the density of the material, if you need to work with non-uniform blanks. Similar quality has the tool brand Hitachi M12V2.

The device of the mill router

The device of the mill router.

The most powerful installations have a system of smooth descent, which eliminates network overload due to the influence of currents having a high value of force. In addition, in the presence of a system, a smooth acceleration of the unit occurs, sharp jerks are excluded. In addition, such a device will work longer, which is explained by the protection of nodes from the shock pace of work. This system, for example, has the brand Bosch GOF 2000 CE.

It is necessary to pay attention to the presence of overload protection, which is especially important when the temperature of the motor windings reaches a critical value. This system is presented in different ways. The simplest option is the LED indicators, the most complex systems have a temporary power outage.

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The structure of the device: what to look for?

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Sole - the main element

For the manufacture of the support site is used aluminum alloy or stamped metal. A sign of high-end device is a cast sole. Its shape has a good geometry, a high degree of fit, which has a positive effect on the quality of work. In addition, it is on this basis that there are lugs that allow you to attach various devices to it. An example is the AEG OF2050E model.

It should be noted that the bottom plane of the support must have an overlay and be closed by it. This part is made from materials such as plastic or hard lacquered wood. An important component is the opening in the sole, which is the limiter of the allowable cutter value.

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Rod tool

Parallel focus on the manual router

The scheme of parallel emphasis on the manual router.

The performance and functionality of the router is largely determined by the peculiarities of the movement of the head part vertically. The movement of the head occurs in two rods. The fact that this tool can be smoothly lowered without using additional force can tell about the correctness of the work of this part. The disadvantages of this part include the presence of excess resistance, distortions and backlash. Therefore, when you need to choose a router for use in the house, you need to pay great attention to this aspect in order to prevent the presence of these problems in the device.

To fix the immersion depth of the working part, levers or special screw mechanisms can be used. The installation of the departure of the snap-in occurs due to the vertically stop, the installation of which is carried out with different accuracy. The most developed tools in this regard are equipped with installation along a vertical scale. In some cases, use the wheel, which takes into account even small values ​​equal to several millimeters. It should be noted that stable and precise adjustment, carried out in a wide range, speaks of a high-quality and functional apparatus. Among these devices, the brand Metabo OFE 1229 stands out.


Using a compass, the board is milled around the circumference.

If you need to make a number of passes at the same time, while changing the value of the depth of treatment, you can use a turret stop, equipped with several steps. This element is located on the head of the device and is the counterpart of the vertical stop, which can be changed in height. The revolving head helps in case of need to quickly reconfigure the depth of the dive. If it is represented by several bolts with a thread, then the steps will be adjusted according to the height value, simply twisting or twisting these elements of the router.

There are models that have the ability to detach the upper part of the platform, which allows you to fix the device in a fixed installation. With this moment, the unit can be used instead of a powerful drill or a straight grinder. Milling cutters with holes in the sole, can be fastened snap-up. This makes it permissible to machine parts that have small dimensions, as can be done, for example, with the Hitachi M12SA2 device.

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Snap-in and its attachment


A simple emphasis can be made from the bar.

The fastening of the snap-in occurs on the spindle with a collet clamp. The last element is a nut, which is screwed on a sleeve having slots. It clamps the shank inserted into the specified location. It should be noted that the diameter of the collet corresponds to the diameter of the cutter, as a result of which it is important to immediately select the type of cutters to be used and their diameter.

For light mills there are shanks with a diameter of 6 mm, for medium ones - 8 mm. The most powerful units use 12 mm collet. On this basis, it can be stated that a large router is equipped with a large tail, which requires certain parameters necessary to rotate this part.

However, it is possible to install a cutter with a thin shank into the mounting socket, which is feasible when using a replaceable collet. This process should be treated with caution, since the feed rate of the router should coincide with the recommended rotational speed. In a different situation, the shank will break due to the high load.

The collet of good quality produces a reliable fixation of the shank, while avoiding the occurrence of vibrations that can lead to damage to the bearings and the edge of the main part. The best are clips equipped with multiple slots. This is due to the fact that when using such elements, the centering of the cutter is better. In this regard, the model stands out Bosch GMF 1600 CE.

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Auxiliary parts

Bosch GMF 1600 CE

The Bosch GMF 1600 CE model is equipped with multi-slot clips.

To choose a tool for the home and ensure the best quality of work, you need to pay attention to additional details when choosing. A considerable place in the work is occupied by a horizontal stop, which allows for an exact fit and reliability of fastening. For straight feed of the router, a guide bus is used. Its difference from the previous element is that it is mounted at any angle and at any distance from the workpiece.

An important part is the copy ring located in the opening of the sole. The element is equipped with a quick-release mechanism, which allows you to do without centering and quickly fix the workpiece. A similar mechanism is available for the brand Bosch POF 1200 AE.

It is recommended to purchase a Fraser for the home, equipped with an angle stop and a compass ruler. The advantage of the first device is the ability to make an exact copy of the part. The second element will allow to process the workpiece, moving in the right direction, observing the required radius.

If there is a support bearing on the cutter, it is possible to stabilize the device, which is especially important for some works with edges. As a result, this design has a clear advantage - the positioning of the tool will be reliable. However, the minus design is the inability of the unit to align the desired element.

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Tool Tips

Buttonhole Template

Using a special template, you can make a tie-in of loops.

When choosing it is important not to be guided by only one parameter - power - this applies to manual versions of products. But as for stationary devices, in this case the opposite is true - power plays the main role. The tool must be equipped with a speed controller, which also needs attention. But it should be said that the important point is its location, so that it is not possible to accidentally move the regulator.

You need to check the depth of the dive, so much attention is paid to the collet clamp. A good device is considered to be the one in which the collet reaches the sole, its bottom, and if it goes out of the structure, this is even better.

It is important to determine the diameter of the cutter used, so when choosing a home inventory, the diameter of the opening of the bearing part is necessarily compared with the geometry of the cutter. This also applies to the compass ruler with holes of the copying ring. The seat size of the collet must also be recognized.

If the work occurs without guides and stops, then preference is given to good visibility of the working area. Attention is drawn to the lighting, transparent casing, the design of the dust extraction system and the size of the opening of the sole. Similar can be seen on the model Makita RP1800FX. Thus, the choice of such a tool for the house depends entirely on the requirements of the buyer.

It is only important to familiarize yourself with the design of the purchased product by selecting the type you want.

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