What is a circular drill?

In the home workshop often there is a situation when you need to cut a wooden piece along into individual bars. For this you need a circular, which not every master has. You can perform this operation with a hand saw, but this is very hard work. It is especially difficult to accomplish this task when there should be several cuts, and the material is very durable. To acquire for these purposes a circular factory-made installation does not make sense. But you can make a small machine for cutting such strips. Especially he will need those whose hobby is related to modeling.

General view of the circular saw from the drill

Image 1. For the manufacture of a circular saw from a drill, you will need dense plywood or chipboard.

It is possible to make a small circular on the basis of a conventional drill, which will serve as a drive. At a time when the machine is not used for its intended purpose, its base is retracted on the shelf, and the drill is used in the usual way.

Circular design

The design of the product consists of:

  • grounds;
  • working surface of the table;
  • racks;
  • electric drive;
  • shaft for saw blade attachment.
Layout diagram of drill- & quot; circulars & quot;

Image 2. The layout of the drill "circular".

For the manufacture of the base, you can use veneered particleboard. Its dimensions are 300x250 mm. Thickness can be 20-30 mm. The desktop is better to make from duralumin billet thickness of 4 mm. In its middle part it is necessary to cut a groove for a saw blade with dimensions of 160x10 mm. Instead of duralumin blanks, you can use a piece of sheet steel. In this case, the weight of the finished product will be somewhat larger. In the extreme case, multilayer plywood or particle board is used, but this material has much lower strength and allows processing of material of lesser thickness (image 1). In more detail all the details can be viewed on the layout of the machine (image 2).

The drive functions are performed by an electric drill, which must be firmly fixed. Drill holders can be made of wood and metal. They can be similar to legs with clips, on the brackets clasping the body of a reducer of a drill. Similarly, the holder for the shaft can be made. All parts are connected to the base and work table by means of rivets, fixing nuts and countersunk bolts (image 3).

The drill and the drive shaft can be fixed in a holder made of board, chipboard. It has a side, make a recess on the size of the drill and clamp the tool with additional clamping rail and bolts.

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Revision of circulars

Connection diagram of homemade circular saw parts from a drill

Image 3. Connection diagram of a homemade circular saw from a drill.

For more accurate and proper work of a homemade machine, many owners modify it. On the desktop machine, you can install a metal guide from the corner. Holes are drilled in it through which the corner is screwed to the table and limits the width of the sawed-off part of the workpiece. Thanks to this device, it is possible to cut a lot of racks which are exactly the same in size.

You can adjust the protective cover for the saw blade, draw auxiliary lines on the table for an approximate determination of the size of the material being processed.

When working on a homemade mini-machine, you must follow certain rules and safety requirements:

The device is a compact circular saw-based electric drill

The device is a compact circular saw on the base of an electric drill.

  1. Free the workplace from unnecessary materials, things and tools.
  2. To prepare the workpiece to the saw blade smoothly, trying to avoid its distortions, so as not to jam the drive.
  3. Before stopping the machine, the workpiece must be taken out of contact with the disk.
  4. Keep a mini circular compass clean and tidy.
  5. Remove the drive (drill) in case of useless circular.

This machine allows you to cut not only wood. Instead of the saw blade, you can put different cutters. It gives the chance to process preparations from brass, aluminum, other soft metals, plastic, polypropylene. For aircraft and ship modelers this is a valuable acquisition. Before work, it is good to check all the components and mechanisms for a beat. To do this, you need to briefly turn on the drill several times and observe the behavior of the disc. If there are beats, you need to eliminate them with the help of washers, if there is no beating, you can start working.

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Tips for making and operating a tool

In order for the circular to work properly, follow the recommendations:

Electric drill based power tool options

Variants of power tools based on electric drills.

  1. On the basis of the drill, you can build a multifunctional home machine-circular, which can perform the functions of turning, cutting, grinding machines, sharpening and circular.
  2. On the machine, you can select the grooves in the blanks, if the saw blade is replaced with a flat cutter.
  3. Mini - circular can be used as a cutting machine in the manufacture of frames.
  4. The desktop is preferably made of metal. If it is wooden, you need to cover it with a sheet of metal.
  5. The saw blade should rise above the table to a maximum of one third of its diameter.
  6. For the manufacture of the side fence is better to use pieces of steel angle 60x80 mm.
  7. It is recommended to use self-aligning ball bearings.

A very simple and practical machine can be made using an electric drill as a drive.

He is able to handle wooden, plastic, orgalitovy blanks, cutting them into thin plates and strips. On it you can polish small products, sharpen drills and cutting tools, mill grooves. It can be used with great success in the workshops of schools and houses of creativity. For manufacturing need a few pieces of chipboard, a piece of sheet metal, bolts and nuts.

In the future, if there is a special need, you can modify the machine to a more serious option. But as a drive you need to prepare a more powerful electric motor and install it on a special platform. Such a unit can be made from pieces of steel angle, pipes of rectangular cross-section.

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