What can be cut ceramic tiles

Choosing a suitable device for cutting tile, the first thing you need to decide on the existing scope of work and their type.

Tips for cutting tiles

Work techniques when cutting tiles.

A fixture that can easily cope with cutting tiles for walls is not suitable for ceramic floor tiles. The figured cut can be made exclusively by using special tools that are not needed for ordinary cutting.

How to cut ceramic tiles?

Characteristics of ceramic tiles

Table of characteristics of ceramic tiles.

The elements that will be necessary for cutting tile:

  • glass cutter, grinder or tile cutter;
  • sandpaper;
  • glasses;
  • protective clothing;
  • files;
  • marker;
  • water;
  • clippers;
  • electric drill stand;
  • drill ballerinka;
  • match or nail;
  • diamond disc.

Ceramic tile, which in most cases is used for wall cladding, is relatively soft. Therefore, cutting it is quite simple, which cannot be said about other types of similar material for decoration.

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The use of ordinary or oil glass cutter

Cutting Tile Glass Cutter

The scheme of cutting tile glass cutter.

If you need to quickly cut ceramic tiles in a small volume, it is recommended to use a roller glass cutter. This device is very easy to use. It will be necessary to lay the tile on a firm and level base, after which mark the place of the cut with a marker or a pencil. Next, a glass cutter should be rolled along the line, gently pressing, towards itself. On the basis there should be a noticeable strip. After that, you need to break the material along the notch line. To do this, you will need to put a small object under it: in this case, a match or a nail will do. After that, you need to gently push the material on both sides.

It is much more convenient to cut the tile with an oil glass cutter. On the handle of such a device a container is installed into which a mixture of kerosene and engine oil can be poured. This mixture will flow through a special tube, after which it will fall on the roller. As a result, the cutting process will be significantly simplified.

The advantages of this device include work speed, low cost and ease of use. However, you should know that using a glass cutter to cut a large amount of material in one approach is quite difficult.

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Using a manual tile cutter for cutting ceramics

Tile processing

Tile processing scheme.

If there is a large amount of work, it is recommended to use a special device for cutting tiles - a manual tile cutter. The structure consists of a base, special tubes and a device for cutting.

For the work you will need to arrange the tile inside the fixture. The roller for cutting must be moved away from you; in doing so, you must try so that the pressure is the same. When the cut is complete, you will need to press down on the handle to break the tile.

The main advantages of the manual tile cutter are:

  • convenience of work;
  • the ability to reduce effort through the use of a special handle;
  • the possibility of making a more accurate cutting of ceramic or tile.

However, you should know that this device is not universal, because with its help it will not be possible to cut off strips with a width of less than 5 mm. In some cases, the edge of the fault may be uneven, and therefore need to grind.

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How to cut ceramic tiles for the floor?

Ceramic floor tile has a high level of hardness, and therefore higher requirements are placed on the tool.

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Use of electric tile cutter

Electric tile cutting machine

The scheme of cutting tiles by electric tile cutter.

To cut such material quickly and efficiently, you need to use an electric tile cutter. Such an electrical device consists of an engine, a container with a liquid and a structure on which the cutting device is attached. In most cases, a diamond disc is used as a cutting element. In some embodiments of such devices, the disk is almost completely immersed in water, but there are also models in which only the cutting place on the tile will be wetted. Thanks to the use of this technology, it is possible to reduce the amount of dust, as well as prevent ceramic tiles from cracking and extend the service life of the cutting disk.

Electric tile cutter is a versatile fixture. It can be used for cutting material of any hardness. With it, it is possible to get straight cuts. In this case, the extreme parts of the tile will be smooth, and therefore you will not need to carefully process them. Using this tool, you can easily cut off strips with a width of less than 5 mm.

An additional advantage is the fact that an electric plitkorezom can do cut at an angle of 45 °, various holes and recesses.

The disadvantage is that a good quality electric tile cutter is expensive. It is recommended to purchase such a structure only if you plan to use it constantly.

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How can I cut a tile grinder?

The cutting pattern of the tile grinder

Diagram of tile cutting grinder.

The main advantage of using this method is that cutting tiles with a grinder does not require any special skills, and therefore it can be done even by a beginner who started repairs in his own apartment or private house. You will need to do the following: connect the tool to the power supply, press the “Start” button, and then wait until the disk has reached the required speed. When this happens, we cut along pre-marked lines. You need to cut in the direction of yourself.

It is recommended to cut the material with a grinder, which provides the function of adjustment of revolutions. All work is best done at a speed of less than 3500 rev / min. If cutting at high speed, the ceramic tile may begin to crack, with the result that heated chips and other debris will fly in all directions at high speed.

It is not allowed to use discs that are intended for cutting metal products. It is recommended to stop the choice on adaptations for concrete. Diamond wheels can also be used.

Bulgarian is an inexpensive tool, which is quite simple to use. However, this device has several significant drawbacks. You should be aware that during the cutting process a lot of dust and debris will be generated. Extreme parts of a tile or ceramic tile will turn out to be inaccurate, in connection with which they need to be further processed: clean the edges with teeth with nippers, clean the cut point with files, etc.

This device is easy to use, but it is very important to be careful. In order not to cause harm in the process of doing the work, you will need to know how to cut the tile correctly with a grinder. You should always hold the device tightly in your hands so that the space in front of the disc is free. In the process of doing the work you need to use glasses and protective clothing.

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What can cut curly tiles?

Manual Tile Cutter Application

The scheme of the manual tile cutter.

In some cases, it may be necessary to make holes for pipes in porcelain stoneware. It also happens that you need to trim the tile to fit around the toilet or other elements. In such cases, you will need to use special tools.

To make a hole of a specific diameter, you need to use a ballerina drill. The distance to the tool must be adjusted manually. In this case, you can set a specific diameter, which is a significant advantage.

To be able to get a neat hole in the process, you should use a special tripod for an electric drill. Using one device of this type, you can make up to 20 holes in the tile.

Figured cutting of porcelain stoneware can be made with the help of pliers. This tool allows you to get cuts of various shapes. Need to bite off the extreme part of the material. If the tile is covered with glaze, then the size of the pieces should be as small as possible. The disadvantage of all these methods is that the edges of the material are uneven.

Some tasks that may arise in the process of performing repair work are rather difficult to solve without the use of professional devices.

To perform high-quality figure cutting, you need to be proficient in tools and have experience working with this material.

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