Simple homemade band saw

The band sawmill is in great demand in modern production. The thin saw of the construction rotates on the pulleys with a closed tape and is capable of sawing across a fixed log horizontally. A homemade band saw helps to cut smaller objects.

Band saw tooth profile and its designation

Band saw tooth profile and its designation

Design features

Production of sleepers, lumber, boards and other materials for the construction industry is not complete without the use of such a saw. The tool processes a large amount of timber that does not exceed 900 mm in diameter. Band saws easily process almost any wood, increasing productivity. This is due to the nature of the design, providing for cutting 2 or more carriages with a total width of up to 600 mm at a time.

Drawing homemade band saw

Drawing homemade band saw.

The tape saw differs from disk analogs in the increased productivity and the reduced level of consumption of energy. Experts recommend to take into account such features when selecting units for work in areas in which the supply of electricity is limited.

With this tool you can produce products with a flat surface and the correct cross-section, corresponding to European quality standards. A small thickness of the cut, up to 1.9 mm, will provide (when using a band cut) up to 87% of the finished product at the exit.

Such saws do not require reconfiguration of cutting logs. The unit is able to cope with the parameters of the material, saving time and effort of the master. Experts appreciate these saws for their mobility. Simple wiring diagrams facilitate rapid disassembly and movement of the device. The blade can be replaced in a couple of minutes and continue, without interruption to reconfigure, the processing of material up to 8 m.

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Manufacturing equipment

Drawing of a bar of a band saw

Drawing of a carrying bar of a band saw.

A table with dimensions of 420x720 mm can be made from a piece of plywood 20 mm thick. From above, the material is required to be pasted over with textolite, and the perimeter is trimmed with hardwood battens. In the table it is necessary to make small grooves for wiring sawing tape. Sawdust will be collected from the plywood base 420x720x500 from plywood.

The section of the channel 680 mm, with the shelves cut to 22 mm in height, is called the carrier bar. The device is attached to the working surface with a bracket, which is made of 4x m8 bolts and a 40x40 angle.

Pulleys for driving tape equipment are made of 20 mm pieces of plywood. Their surface is required to be pasted over (polyurethane glue is used) docked on sheet metal with dense rubber. Then the tree is covered with a layer of epoxy resin, polished and painted.

Homemade band saw blade

Homemade band saw blade.

The working surface of homemade products must be barrel-shaped in order to firmly hold the running tape of the saw. In the upper pulley it is necessary to glue the dural bushing, and in it to carve the socket (under the ball bearings). The sleeve is glued to epoxy. The lower pulley must be mounted on a steel, type 30HGSA, axis, locking it with 3 5x20 screws. The axis is placed in the axle box installed at the bottom of the bearing rod with 2 ball bearings. The driven belt drive pulley is mounted on the opposite side of the axle via a spacer bushing.

Balancing pulleys are done after the completion of installation work. A detailed understanding of the principles of operation and the size of parts can be done by studying the diagrams and drawings. Both pulleys (master, slave) are the same. The landing hole can be called an exception. It depends on the motor shaft. The material used for pulleys, duralumin. In the selected unit used belt V-710. You can use another unit.

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Extra points

Eliminate vibrations of the saw blade allows the damper, which is assembled from parts on bolts M6 from PCB. The fixed part of the damper is fixed at the bottom of the desktop. The required clearance is selected with the aid of a moving rail.

Such units can be equipped with an additional damper on top, if the upper pulley hits the diameter. In other cases, the installation on top of such a device will enhance the friction of the tape.

The design of the upper device for damping oscillations is similar to the device of the main one and is fastened with bolts M5 to the rod with a bracket that is 105 mm longer than the plane of the working table.

The mechanism of tension sawing tape

The mechanism of tension sawing tape.

The guide, which will feed the material for cutting, is made from a steel angle of 100x100. Perpendicular to the plane of the structure require grinding. Along the edges of one of the shelves make 2 slots. With their help, the gap between the tape and the guide is adjusted. In the center of the shelf make a cut, allowing to increase the progress of the strap.

To ensure safety in the process of cutting will allow the protective cover. It closes the knot in the area of ​​the upper belt pulley. The last element extends from its cavity exclusively on the working surface. Sawing tape must be both durable and quite elastic. Experts recommend using cold-rolled steel grades U10, U8 and 65G for its manufacture. The required thickness of steel for cutting logs of soft rocks - 0.2-0.4, and for solid - 0.4-0.8 mm. You can use roulettes of high quality steel (required width - 10 mm, and thickness - 0.2 mm).

The characteristics of the equipment corresponds to the billet 1600-1700 mm. On its strip, teeth are cut out with the help of a file, a step - 3 mm. The tape is soldered in the form of a ring, on the length of 3-6 mm the ends are sharpened in thickness on a mustache. The place of adhesions must be sprinkled with a brown one, warming up with a gas torch. PSS-40 solder is applied to the joint, the seam is compressed with pliers, on which there should be asbestos linings (so that the junction cannot cool down quickly and the metal remains strong). The junction, if necessary, can be sanded. Using the sharpening of the front and rear surface of the teeth is similar to a hacksaw for woodworking and their easy breeding can improve the quality of the cut.

The process is simplified if you buy a ready-made canvas for branded tape design, but the table sizes will have to be customized for it. Such homemade products are suitable for cutting soft woods. Cutting hardwood allows installation of a tape of 0.8 mm. As a basis for the manufacture of such a design can take a chainsaw. The disadvantages of a homemade device - a small departure of the canvas. This can be corrected by complicating the design with the location of the bearing rod. To do this, use a pulley with a larger diameter.

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