Self adjusting knives

To plan the boards with an ordinary plane is a very laborious task. When you need to process a large number of bars, long boards, then the work done with a hand tool gives a very low effect. To speed up this technological operation it is much more profitable and more expedient to use a power tool.

Device electroplane

Device electroplane.

The newest electric planers were specially created to work with large volumes and low labor intensity.

Electrical plane is designed to perform various technological operations. They can carry out roughing and finishing processing of wood products. The quality of the surface is so high that sometimes it is not even necessary to carry out grinding work. In order for the tool to always work the wooden surface perfectly, the correct adjustment of the electroplaning knives is necessary. From the depth of planing depends on the cleanliness of the surface.

The depth of planing on such a power tool is set with a special pen. The adjustment step sometimes reaches 0.1 mm. When buying an electroplane it is necessary to pay attention to this indicator, it can be considered the most important. The selection of the tool depends on future work, so it must be selected so that the setting of the knives is easy and does not cause any special problems.

Characteristics of electroplane knives

Work electroplane

In order to get the desired result when working with a plane without unnecessary problems, it is necessary to sharpen it correctly.

The use of electroplane allows you to handle a wooden surface with the highest frequency and the preservation of certain sizes. When choosing this tool is very important to choose the right knives, so that the work does not cause complications.

From practice it is known that if the electric planer has straight knives, the surface treatment is not of high quality. The surface after planing looks wavy. The reason is a slight difference in height when successive passes are made. In this case, there is an incorrect height adjustment of the knives. This problem disappears if you use a spiral knife tool.

The design of the electroplaner includes two knives. They have two cutting surfaces and are easy to remove. They are made of tungsten, but more often knives made of steel are used with high strength and quenching. Sharpening of knives is carried out in a special holding device, where the required angle of grinding is set. This tool allows planing with high quality for a limited period.

When buying you need to pay special attention to the protection of knives. Usually each tool is supplied with two types of protection:

  • finger protection;
  • protection of the treated surface.
Electroplaning knives

In the device electroplane includes two knives that have two cutting surfaces and are simply removed.

Most of these devices have a special protective plate. With the help of a spring, it closes the end of the drum and makes it possible to process a wooden surface to the desired depth and distance.

The adjustment of the electroplane knives should be done using a special adjustment mechanism. It is located on the front handle of the instrument. Rotating the handle, an exhibition of knives to the desired value is performed, the release is regulated within 2 mm.

The blades of the electroplane are sharpened in the same way as the mechanical planer. The only difference is the number of knives. The electrical plane is equipped with two blades.

Change knives must take place in pairs. You need to use only one set. This will eliminate the occurrence of imbalance. This phenomenon can lead to tool breakage and very low surface quality after planing.

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The planing process: the nuances

To planing was absolutely safe, the main condition is a rigid attachment of the workpiece. Planing can begin only after a clear fixation of the workpiece. First, a rough treatment is carried out. Scheherbel is used for this purpose. The movements of the tool on which the Scherabel is mounted must be directed across the fibers. Otherwise, planing will take a large amount of wood.

After processing the small blanks with the Sherhebel, the surface should be cleaned with a double planer.

When processing particularly long parts, it is better to use a jointer for stripping.

Planer sharpening angle

Scheme angle sharpening plane.

Movement must be performed along the fibers. The result is a smooth surface, without roughness.

The electric plane is often used to obtain a chamfer on the part. Depending on the width of the desired chamfer, the edge of the workpiece is machined with a plane. Movement of the tool at an angle allows to obtain the desired angle of chamfer

If a special side stop is attached to the electric planer, usually supplied in the kit, it becomes possible to perform folding. In this case, the stop must touch the workpiece.

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How to properly adjust the knives?

In this operation, after processing, a so-called “ladder” is formed. To correct the situation, you must perform several successive operations:

Scheme options sharpening plane

Scheme of options for sharpening a knife: a - on the axle, b - on a grinding stone, c - the position of the chamfer of the cutter blade when sharpening on the axle, d - sharpening on the grinding stone disk using a thrusting device.

  1. First, de-energize the power tool. If this is not done, very sharp blades, rotating at tremendous speed, can cause serious injury.
  2. On the edge of the sole put a ruler. Thus, it immediately becomes clear whether the ends of the knives are touched to the ruler or not. If this does not happen, you must perform several adjustment actions.
  3. It is necessary to slightly loosen the bolts that press the blades mounted in the holder to the drum. For this work, a key is supplied.
  4. Knives are shifted slightly to the side, so that they are established on one line with the ruler. No gaps allowed. You can leave a miniature "spade".
  5. After adjustment, tighten the bolts. Be sure to check how well the bolts are tightened.
  6. After that, you need to rotate the drum slightly with your hands to make sure that the knives do not touch the tool body.
  7. Similar operations are performed with other knives.

All performed operations help to cope with the "steps". They disappear, the surface is smooth and smooth.

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Required safety

If you ignore certain safety rules, the electric plane can cause a very serious injury.

First of all, before starting work, it is necessary to secure the workpiece securely. Otherwise, it may break down and cause serious damage to the worker himself and the people around him.

When a visual inspection of the cutting surfaces, setting knives, it is necessary to disconnect the tool from the supply voltage. Accidental switching can cut off fingers.

Surface treatment should begin only after the blade has reached maximum speed before touching the board.

The electrical plane, which is laid aside to check the surface to be treated, must necessarily lie on its side.

During work, the electrical cord must be free of kinks, it must lie straight without knots and confusion. There should be no damage to electrical insulation.

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