Reliable tile cutter from the bulgarians with their own

Working with tiles always means having a certain tool. If there is no professional technique at hand, then this issue can be solved with the help of one’s own sharpness. For example, to make a tile cutter from the Bulgarians with their own hands is quite simple.

The scheme of tile cutter from the grinder

The scheme of tile cutter from the grinder.

But first you need to understand what kind of tool it is. As the name implies, such a device is designed for cutting all types of tiles. It helps to make a high-quality cut, with more advanced models having the ability to cut up to a 45 ° angle.

The standard tile cutter has a cutting element, a protractor, a guide and a floating base. It is quite possible to replace such a construction with a grinder, adding it a little. This tool is able to work with ceramics and flooring.

Creating a tile cutter from the grinder

The need for such a technique arises when you have to perform work on cladding. For this purpose, you can use the grinder, after taking care of corundum or diamond cutting disc. But the main problem will be a secure mount.

Scheme of vertical mounting grinders

Scheme of vertical mounting grinders.

You can create a tile cutter by using a special Bulgarian grinder. It is fitted on the table or on the workbench. So the work is much more convenient, because there is no need to guide the grinder. In addition, holding the tile is much more comfortable than the tool. This design will contribute to a more even line of cut, and the probability of breaking the tile is much lower.

The grinder may be attached to the surface by a horizontal or vertical method, but taking into account that the cutting part spun on the tile.

  1. Horizontal mount. In this case, the grinder is installed in such a way that the working disk is located strictly vertically. During cutting, it is necessary to control that the working tile has a perpendicular direction relative to the plane of the cutting disc of the grinder. At the same time, the cutting element should not be caught on the surface of the table. If you install the tile cutter in this position, you immediately need to be prepared for the whole process to take place with outstretched arms, that is, you will constantly have to keep the cut elements on weight, which is extremely difficult physically. Especially if you have to perform large volumes of cutting.
  2. Vertical mount. To use this method, you must observe two points:
Tile cutting machine

The cutting disk of the grinder should be located strictly perpendicular to the surface of the table.

  • the upper part of the gearbox of the grinder must be placed on a par with the surface of the table or below a maximum of 1-2 mm;
  • the location of the cutting element (disk) and the surface of the table together should be equal to 90 °.

In order to create a tile cutter with your own hands, you need to choose the right tools and components:

  • Bulgarian;
  • metal sheet 0.4-5 cm;
  • hose clamps with a diameter of 0.8-1 cm;
  • nuts and locknuts.
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Practical recommendations

First of all, a metal sheet is attached to the working surface. But before that, it is necessary to cut a slot in it, which will include a tile cutter. The size of the sheet, more precisely, its width, should be chosen so that even the largest tile can fit under the disc. The entire cutting process is controlled by the hands, that is, the tile is moved along the table forward under the cutting element itself.

The Bulgarian is attached to the table (both in the first and in the second case) with the help of clamps due to nuts and locking nuts. To ensure that the case of the grinder remains intact, it is recommended to place the clamps in rubber or PVC tubes. Clamps in advance are adjusted to the shape of the future tile cutter.

Diagram of correct tile cutting

Diagram of correct tile cutting.

It should be remembered that with vertical installation, the Bulgarian remains without a protective casing, since it cannot be put on, which means that working with such a device is extremely dangerous. Therefore, it is better for the operator to be on the right or left side during the whole process, and in addition to use protective equipment - goggles, a respirator and gloves.

If the home workshop will be located in one of the rooms of the apartment, then it is recommended to connect such a tile cutter to a vacuum cleaner. To do this, the socket of the suction hose is fixed under the place where the cutting disc is located. And then during the cutting process, the grinder and the vacuum cleaner turn on simultaneously, which will help to get rid of the waste materials of the whole process.

The grinder for the base of the tile cutter is quite advisable, since it uses a minimum of additional components. Moreover, thanks to this tool, it is possible to achieve the required number of revolutions of the cutting edge in one minute. In the opposite case, you will need to look for an additional gearbox, which can give a figure of 4000-5500 rpm.

To cut had a more perfect indicator, on the surface of the table, adhering to the parallelism of the disk, set the metal corner. Thus, adhering to it, it is possible to achieve a high evenness of the cut.

Scheme device grinders

Scheme device grinders.

Why do I need a Bulgarian? With the help of the grinder, an automated tile cutter is made. Manual models, including glass cutters with jigsaws, can form microcracks. This often causes tile to crack when tapping. While the use of the tile cutter on the basis of the grinder helps to avoid such defects.

To hedge yourself, you can draw a future line of the cut in advance with a pencil. Further, a shallow cut is made on it by a glass cutter, and only then a full cut is made.

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Correct selection of the working surface

An important point is the selection of the right table. The sizes of tiles with which it will be possible to work depend on its sizes.

If necessary, the working surface can be increased if you use folding tables, retractable supports, etc.

If possible, you can purchase such a desktop in a specialty store. But in this case, you should pay attention to a few points:

Tabletop assembly scheme for tile-cutting machine

The scheme of the assembly of the table top for the tile cutter from the eyeglass.

  1. Depending on the purpose, each model of the table may have its own indicator of functional load. Manufacturers specify this value in documents for their products. If the table cannot withstand heavy loads, it will significantly affect functionality and performance.
  2. It is very important to pay attention to the strength of the structure. If the support is not stable, then the cutting process may be unsafe. Also on the working surface are marking and fastening tools. It is best if the table is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloys.
  3. There are additional elastic nozzles that come with tables. They prevent the tool from slipping.
  4. Not least in terms of convenience and ease of cleaning the table. This parameter is influenced by the perforation of the material and features of the outer base.

Of course, in most cases, you should choose a work surface for individual requirements, since the quality of the result depends in large measure on the convenience of the operator and his environment.

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Proper work: features

Even a tile cutter with your own hands requires compliance with the rules of safe operation:

  1. During the work, the cutting is done on its own, while moderate pressure must be applied to the tile.
  2. Cutting is best done from the smooth side, which is external to the tile.
  3. Tweezers can be used to fix the tile. In this case, they are placed exactly in the center of the incision. In the opposite case, this can significantly affect the quality of work.
  4. You should not begin to work in a state of alcoholic, drug intoxication. If strong medicines are taken, there is a chance of losing consciousness right behind the machine.
  5. Basically, working with a tile cutter has nothing difficult, but it is recommended to practice it before starting the main cutting. For this, old tile trimming may be suitable.

Such a tool should be kept protected from children, and do not forget to disconnect the grinder from the power supply. It is best if the unit is located in a separate room, for example, a garage or storage room.

Already mentioned and remedies. In addition to dust, sawdust is also formed, which can harm organs of vision, so care must be taken not only during the creation of the instrument itself, but also when working with it.

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