Quality sawmill with their own hands

In the subsidiary farm are not rare work with wood. Each time, buying the necessary material, the owner overpays not only for him, but also for the work spent by experts. Usually the price of professionals is quite high. This can be avoided if you purchase or make your own machine in the house (a power saw with your own hands). With it, you can not only save the family budget, but also to replenish it well.

Circular sawmill scheme

Circuit sawmill.

However, even if such a unit is needed only for a couple of actions, sawed up or down, then its presence will instill in the host the confidence that you will not have to call anyone, he can do everything himself. But the owner of such a sawmill should know that such designs are not suitable for shaped elements. For this there are other machines and devices.

Some features

In order not to feed the rainbow illusions, one should consider all the disadvantages of handicraft production in order to present the whole picture of the use of such a machine as a mobile power-saw bench. So:

Scheme homemade sawing installation

Scheme homemade sawing installation.

  1. Installation is very time consuming. It will be necessary to use a welding machine for assembly and physical strength will be required. After all, you have to install significant components. Besides, pieces of corners and scrap not found on the street will be required, but purposefully purchased at the hardware store.
  2. Installation of the frame will require great responsibility. For the vibration from the saw and the required safety must meet the highest requirements. A place for this must be strictly calibrated. For this, formwork is built and the space is poured with concrete of the highest grade. Then the construction is kept for quite a long time.
  3. If you choose a complex option for wood processing for houses, then its cost will increase and, possibly, will be more than the factory version. Is the game worth the candle? You should always think about the feasibility of the acquisition - if you want to cut a few cubic meters of wood, then you do not need to buy expensive equipment or make it yourself. Perhaps you just need to choose a gasoline or electric version.
  4. The saw and its components must be constantly in working condition, that is, sharpened and divorced, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the material, and the structure as a whole. In addition, the unit will have to constantly adjust for lack of modes, assumed in the factory versions.
  5. Time will be spent much more than when working with factory machines. Yes, and the skill is acquired immediately.
  6. As for the material itself, due to the limited possibilities of assembly, the width of the cut will become larger, which means a certain percentage of wood will go to waste - sawdust and so on.
  7. The whole structure is unsafe.
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Options for the manufacture of the machine: band saw, tire, disk and frame

Sawmill scheme

The scheme of the band saw.

In order for the manufactured unit (sawmill) to serve with its hands for a long time and reliably, it is necessary to correctly determine the structure.

  1. Ribbon options are most suitable for cutting boards from solid logs. They are massive, require more space. But at the same time they have such an advantage over tire options, by installing limiters on the machine, it is possible to achieve a large return in the form of small production waste. By the way, zealous owners will always find use and waste.
  2. Tires are good because they are popular among homemade craftsmen. They are convenient to do any little thing, the same sawing wood. Yes, and assembling them will not cause difficulties.
  3. Circular saws are mobile, but at the same time require high-quality cutting elements. As a rule, in the subsidiary farm any kind of wood is used, hard or soft, because of the illegibility of the application it becomes useless. The owner should learn that there are no eternal elements, you still have to buy as needed.
  4. Frame construction. It involves the treatment of wild whips and little used in the farmsteads. Such work is rare, and a machine of this type costs between half a million rubles. If you want to do something massive, then for such a service turn to professionals. And the installation on the house adjoining site requires a separate room, dry and warm, because the design of any saw, and the frame especially, is subject to temperature extremes and, as a result, corrosion.

Making options saws expedient use in the household. There are three such options:

  1. Tire power-saw bench.
  2. Power-saw bench.
  3. Band sawmill.
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Busbar construction

Scheme of the tire sawmill

Scheme tire sawmill.

  1. Welded frame. For its manufacture will require steel corners and anchor bolts for fastening. It is necessary to take care of the installation site in the territory of the house. This area should be perfectly flat for security. In addition, it is advisable to make a place with a power-saw bench under a shed and every time after work it will be necessary to carefully cover it, for the effect of precipitation is inevitable.
  2. Brackets to support the material. They, like the frame, must be steel and reinforced if it is intended to work with whips.
  3. The carriage that allows you to move the material to the saw. Its design consists of a welded steel sheet, inside which the driving elements are installed - rollers.
  4. Electric motor with all accessories, cable, junction box and so on. By the way, the appropriate input to the house should be taken care of in advance, although variants are now available that work well from 220W.

First install the motor on the frame. Fastening should be given increased attention. Further, the frame with the engine is attached to the pre-installed frame, and a carriage and a saw are mounted on the frame. It is imperative to make a steady distance between the material and the disc. To do this, each of them is mounted on reliable bolts in a couple of places. Thus, the tire power-saw bench is ready.

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How to make a circular saw?

  1. The bed.
  2. Two electric motors.
  3. Two discs.
  4. Rails and carriage.
Scheme homemade sawmill sawmill

The scheme of a self-made sawmill.

The principle of attachment is different only in that instead of a saw blade, special-strength discs are used.

How to make a power saw with your own hands of this type? First set the frame. On a vertical frame attached to it are motors with disks. Then set the movable carriage on the rails. Immediately it is worth making a reservation that any type of sawmill with your own hands should be located near the source of electricity in the house.

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Bandsaw: practical recommendations

It got its name from the fact that the full log moves to the saw, as if on a conveyor belt. For its manufacture will need a version of gasoline or electric saws. It is installed horizontally behind the bed and the frame with carriages, that is, nothing prevents the progress of the log or board. So, the procedure:

  1. First, prepare the frame. It is welded from steel corners so that the movements of the carriage do not interfere. Here the skill of the welder should be manifested - such a structure does not tolerate inaccurate seams and other substandard.
  2. Brackets are attached to the frame to hold the material. Such structures should be very strong, because they have to keep the weight of the log.
  3. Then set the carriage with rollers. Particular attention should be paid to them. Of course, they must be made of a material no less durable than brackets, because the functions they have are the same.
  4. At one end of the frame, behind its contour is mounted an electric motor with a saw blade.

Here, in fact, is the theoretical part of making various versions of saws that are popular with home craftsmen. Drawings and more information can be found. It is possible that, surrounded by several courtyards of the village, there will be craftsmen already having such a necessary installation, who will be happy to share knowledge and detailed tips.

It is worth considering that for any option you need a room, because these are stationary systems that do not tolerate movement, therefore, you will need a solid mount.

Therefore, the owner is required ten times to think about making a positive decision about self-mastery. Perhaps it makes sense to simply buy a mobile manual version.

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