Proper metal cutting grinder

The grinder, or angle grinder (LBM), is a tool used for cutting and processing any material. It facilitates the work of finishing the room. Metal cutting with a grinder is an integral part of such a device. To cut the surface, you should use special mechanisms, and it is not always easy to do this. With this construction tool you can cut and clean the concrete, metal, wood.


For high-quality work of the grinder and its long service, it is necessary to monitor its general condition and the condition of its attachments.

Features of the Bulgarian

The process of sawing surfaces involves several points:

  1. During the work it is necessary to monitor the degree of wear of the cutting wheel. These indicators affect the depth of entry into the base of the material. Therefore, this part requires periodic replacement.
  2. At high speeds of rotation of the circle, its axis is strongly heated. To improve the efficiency of work, periodically water this part. The cooling of the disk is best reflected in its performance.
  3. Do not turn on the device at maximum power. So he quickly wears out and fails.
  4. The recommended speed is the third part of the maximum figures set by the manufacturer.

Recommendations for working with the tool:

Appointment of the grinder

The grinder can cut and grind different materials: wood, stone, metal.

  • it is not allowed to grind metal or other material with the side part of the cutting sphere;
  • disk curvature is not allowed;
  • at the time of movement of the circle in the field of view should not be located any objects, including body parts;
  • It is not necessary to make unnecessarily deep immersions into the surface of the material, this can lead to the deformation of the main part of the device and its further splitting into small parts;
  • it is not recommended to test the cutting disc for strength immediately after purchase; first, you should check the idle speed of the grinder;
  • prerequisite is the use of personal protective equipment.
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Distinctive characteristics of the tool

The Bulgarian first appeared in Russia in the 40s of the XX century thanks to German manufacturers. Its name is associated with the further spread of this device in the Soviet era by export from Bulgaria. Such an adaptation of a building orientation, equipped with circles and discs, helps cut through metal structures, ceramics, bricks.

Bulgarian device

The device is Bulgarian.

Choosing a model of such a device, it is worth considering that high power will affect its weight, making it heavier.

As interchangeable nozzles are used:

  • discs;
  • brushes;
  • grinding wheels;
  • disc nozzles.

Details of the latter type are made of plastic or rubber. They are used for fine grinding. Wire brushes are used to clean metal from corrosion, and also allow you to remove paint from other surfaces. Cutting discs with a thickness of 2-3 mm can be flint or corundum. Diamond options are suitable for grinding stone or tile.

Any Bulgarian is equipped with discs whose diameter corresponds to 230 mm, 150 mm, 125 mm, 115 mm. Small circles are very comfortable to use. Regardless of the size of the disc, you must use a protective cover in the form of a casing. When turning on the device should be held with two hands.

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Rules for working with metal

The device anchors grinders

The device anchors grinders.

The cutting of a metal by a grinder is associated with the installation of special discs on the device. The protective cover is adjusted in such a way as to protect the eyes from the smallest particles accidentally falling into them. To ensure high quality cutting of metal objects, the tool moves slightly towards itself. So the sparks will fly apart from the human side. Cutting movements should be carried out perpendicularly, without unnecessary pressure on the body.

Cutting metal requires particularly careful handling of this raw material. Here you need to take care of your own safety. The main cause of injury may be the departure of fragments at the time of work. These include particles of the material being cut, sparks, fragments of disk teeth. For this reason, safety goggles must be worn before work is carried out. Hands are protected by gloves. To avoid breakage of the saw, you need to determine the path of movement of the cutting mechanism before switching on the device.

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Recommendations of specialists

Grinding nozzles for grinders

Grinding nozzles for grinders have different degrees of roughness from the largest to the smallest.

It is known that the grinder can cut any metal, including pipes. Saw them best from the hanging edges. Processing of iron products in the middle part often leads to deflection and jamming of the disks. When working with metal, the applied efforts are directed to the lower part of the working disk, which is responsible for cutting efficiency. Every 20 minutes of work, the saw should cool down; for this it is necessary to take breaks. This is especially true for devices with low power, which overheat very quickly.

Starting to cut aluminum, it should be understood that due to the viscosity of this metal may appear certain difficulties.

The sheet or dense detail requires the seam to be treated with kerosene.

However, in the process, it is necessary to ensure that no ignition occurs.

Badly worn discs should not be immediately thrown away; they can be useful for cutting tin elements and moldings. Cutting corners has a distinctive character: they should be processed in 2 steps, first one strip is cut, and then the other. There is no need to press unnecessarily on the handle of the grinder, its slow rotation indicates the need to replace the disc.

Before carrying out work, remove all objects from the zone of operation of the device: red-hot metal elements, if they hit any surface, cause them to stick. Get rid of it later will be almost impossible.

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Safety rules when cutting metal

Wiring diagram grinders

Wiring diagram grinders.

The process of cutting metal parts is inextricably linked with the observance of the basic rules that guarantee the personal safety of the master. Despite the efforts of many manufacturers to minimize the risk of injury, the device belongs to the objects of increased danger. This may be the departure of the grinder from the hands, and the appearance of the smallest particles of materials. During a disk breakage, the tool can fly out of the hands and hit hard. For this reason, possible consequences should be foreseen before carrying out the work. Even when completing small tasks, it is important to be very careful, strictly observing safety rules.

Before carrying out the work, do the following:

  1. Provide timely protection for eyes, hands, face and other important parts of the body.
  2. Remove from the radius of the device all items, primarily combustible materials.
  3. The workpiece is firmly fixed in a vice. Holding such an object with your hands is prohibited.
  4. New disk should be scrolled grinder at high revs. You need to place it as far as possible, so you can protect yourself from accidentally splintered fragments.
  5. Put, adjust and strengthen the protective cover.

In the process of work:

Causes malfunctions grinders

The reasons for the malfunction of the grinder.

  1. At the time of replacement of disks the device should be disconnected from the network.
  2. To protect your face from accidental hitting of cutting particles, it is recommended to wear a protective shield and goggles.
  3. At the time of sawing the surface of the grinder should be firmly held in his hands.
  4. Disc replacement should begin as soon as the saw has completely stopped.
  5. For work use special mittens. Cotton options are immediately excluded because of their uselessness. In addition, when sparks hit, they quickly light up. Threads from such gloves can wrap the disc device.
  6. When conducting metal cutting it is important to monitor the correct location of the body of his body. It should not be located near the rotating circle.
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Final steps

Upon completion of the work it is important to do the following:

  1. Wait for the disc to stop completely, then put the device on the floor with the rotating part upwards. So you can extend the life of this product, while maintaining its integrity.
  2. De-energize the grinder.
  3. Check if there is a short circuit in the circuit and if a fire has occurred.

It is known that the casing is designed to protect against accidental splitting of a circle or metal particles. Therefore, when sawing metal to remove it is not recommended, even if it may seem that it interferes with the work. In place of a rotating circle can not install other devices such as saws, cutters.

All of the above tips and recommendations will allow you to properly interact with the grinder in the process of cutting metal objects, help to organize the workflow and protect yourself as much as possible from possible injuries.

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