Proper disassembly of chainsaw

Chainsaw disassembly is a very crucial moment, which comes sooner or later with the owners of such a tool. The owners of chainsaws have to independently carry out maintenance. How to disassemble a chainsaw quickly and accurately?

Maintain chainsaws in working condition

Regular maintenance of the chainsaw will make working with it comfortable and safe.

In order for a chainsaw to work flawlessly, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance consisting of several operations:

  • Change of oil;
  • fuel replenishment;
  • chain tension setting;
  • cleaning of dirt under the cover;
  • inspection and repair of the chain brake;
  • cleaning the oil supply system;
  • tire cleaning;
  • cleaning or replacing the filter.
Chainsaw scheme & quot; Calm & quot;

Scheme chainsaw "Calm".

The time is coming, and all these operations need to be performed. Therefore, you need to learn how to quickly and correctly disassemble chainsaws.

Chainsaw Calm long fell in love with woodcutters due to its low cost. It can be seen in the hands of summer residents, do not refuse such a chainsaw and city services.

However, among the many positive qualities of this model, there is one serious drawback. The chainsaw breaks down very often. And not every malfunction will be resolved in accordance with the warranty. You have to repair yourself.

For such work, you must have:

  • spanners;
  • screwdriver;
  • the needle.

Technological process of repair of chainsaw "Shtil"

When disassembling and repairing a chainsaw, it is necessary to observe a certain sequence.

First, the cause of the fault is determined. Most often occurs:

  • open circuit;
  • no launch;
  • the saw turns itself off;
  • oil is leaking;
  • not developing full power.
Removing the gas cap

In the event of a malfunction, it is necessary to remove the fuel tank cap and make sure that the fuel supply is uninterrupted.

If the chain is broken, it just needs to be replaced with a new one. Special problems in such work should arise. Repair of other faults will require several hours.

If the saw does not start, make sure you have fuel. To do this, remove the gas cap. If there is enough fuel, a breather may be clogged, which equalizes pressure when fuel is consumed. The breather can be cleaned with a needle. Special wrench ever candles. They need to be cleaned with emery cloth. The combustion chamber must be vented. Chainsaw should start.

Automatic power off the chainsaw indicates a malfunction of the trigger mechanism. However, this is not always the case. It can work normally. We'll have to turn out all the candles and conduct a thorough inspection. If the fuel gets on the candle, then the carburetor is clogged. It must be removed and cleaned. The soot arising on the candle indicates improper carburetor adjustment or poor fuel. The twisted candle is checked for efficiency, the clearance is measured. Best of all, poorly working candles are immediately replaced with new ones. In addition, the air filter must be clean and not pass air.

In the next step, disassembly of the cylinder-piston group of the chainsaw motor is necessary. The design of the engine of the chainsaw "Shtil" is similar to the engine of the scooter. He understands very simply. It is necessary to unscrew the four bolts securing the cylinder head. Then the cylinder is carefully removed from the block. The piston should have a perfect look. If scoring is detected, it must be replaced. Repair of the cylinder is carried out by boring in accordance with the repair size. Sometimes the cylinder changes with the piston.

Engine chainsaws & quot; Calm & quot;

The engine of the chainsaw "Calm" is similar to the engine of a scooter and is easily disassembled.

After removing the piston, you must carefully examine the condition of the rings. Landing rings should be tight, but they should sit on the piston freely. Then the piston needs to be inserted into the cylinder and try to swing it, leaning on the top point. When the piston bumping can safely talk about its wear. Because of such a malfunction, the chainsaw is not able to work at full strength.

If oil leaks are detected, the hose connections and tightness must be checked. To replace the hose, you must disassemble the entire chainsaw.

The main problems with chainsaws are:

  • ignition;
  • fuel supply;
  • piston work;
  • cylinder work;
  • exhaust;
  • chain brake;
  • supply of lubricating fluid;
  • clutch;
  • tire.
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Engine repair, ignition

Breakage occurs quite often. Dismantling and repair require a lot of time and certain knowledge. Most often, engine repair is required when:

  1. No start or it just stalls.
  2. Unstable work.
  3. There is no full power, the engine begins to stall under load.

Most engine problems are related to the failure of the ignition system. Therefore, you first need to make sure that the candle is working. Studying her condition, you can tell how well the fuel system works. To do this, turn out the candle with a special wrench, after unplugging the wire.

If the candle is completely dry, then the problem of failure is not related to the ignition system. Perhaps the fuel mixture just misses the cylinder. The candle can be screwed back and begin to repair the engine fuel supply system.

When gasoline is found on a candle, it means that candles are being poured. One of the reasons is incorrect adjustment of the carburetor or violation of the fundamentals of the launch. To repair the candle you need to clean and dry. To drain the cylinder, you need to close the fuel supply. For ventilation of the combustion chamber start the starter. After a few minutes, you can screw in the candle and repeat the launch. If black candle is found on the candle, it means that the fuel system has failed.

The lack of fuel has a number of reasons:

  1. The breather hole clogged, so there is a vacuum in the tank that does not allow fuel to enter the cylinder.
  2. Clogged fuel filter.
  3. Broke the carburetor.

To determine the cause, you just need to remove the fuel hose, make sure that the flow of fuel occurs unhindered.

If the feed is very weak, it means that the breather is blocked, which can be cleaned with a needle.

Removal of the fuel filter occurs after draining gas from the tank through the filler hole. His hooked wire hook together with a hose. Unscrew the connecting clamps. The filter needs to be cleaned or installed new. It is advisable to change it once a quarter.

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Chainsaw disassembly sequence


  1. The clutch cover is removed.
  2. The starter cover is removed, the screws are unscrewed and the transverse handle is removed, all wires are disconnected; to remove the top cover, unscrew the mounting bolts.
  3. To remove the handle, the cover that removes the air filter is removed, the support nuts on the top and bottom are unscrewed.
  4. To remove the filter, unscrew the bolts securing the housing.
  5. The carburetor fitting is released from the gasoline hose.
  6. The body of the saw is being disassembled, for this the screws are unscrewed, the oil tank cover is removed.
  7. To remove the ignition module, it is necessary to disassemble the clutch drum: turn the crankshaft in a clockwise direction until the piston, when moving upward, blocks the hole through which the gases are released.
  8. The clutch is released and the flywheel is removed, it is easily removed if it is lightly hit with a hammer.
  9. The screws are unscrewed, the gas tank is removed together with the oil hose, it is removed, loosening the clamps at the oil supply nozzle.

Then the oil tank, pump and carburetor are removed. At the final stage, the chain tension adjustment screw is removed, the engine is split. It's simple, the main thing - the desire to understand.

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