Practical homemade circular saw

If you have a desire to save your savings by making a small repair, you should not run to the store to purchase a circular saw. The problem can solve homemade mini circular saw. Without this device will not work the simplest repair, especially in the country. Without a circular, it will be difficult to get the required sizes of boards and logs.

Scheme homemade circular saw

Scheme homemade circular saw.

The mini circular saw is specially made for sawing logs. The dimensions of the logs depend on the capacity of the installed electric motor:

  • thickness;
  • length.

When you need to cut thick wooden blocks, these saws are equipped with several parts:

  • shaft;
  • belt;
  • powerful engine.

Of all the homemade mini circular saw is the most productive. It consists of two parts. The necessary electrical equipment is mounted below:

  • transformer;
  • motor;
  • actuator.

The upper part consists of a pulley, shaft, disk.

Foundation: Key Points

Tools for making a homemade circular saw

Tools for making a homemade circular saw.

Each hand tool must have a special table. For the manual circular saw, steel goats can play the role of a bed. To get greater stability, they need to connect the boards in 50 mm. On the basis of the table will be fixed.

To make the countertop, you need two steel plates. Moreover, the thickness of this material should exceed 4 mm. If no steel sheets are at hand, they can be replaced with thick boards. In the center they are connected by a plywood lintel, and the thickness of the plywood should exceed 20 mm. The distance between the sheets should be 10 mm.

The fixing tool is done at the bottom of the table. The saw should be located right in the center of the gap. In this position, a mini circular saw is fastened to the table. For this purpose, bolts are passed through the prepared holes. To ensure that the surface of the tabletop is smooth and smooth, each hole is countersinked. In the space between the plates set inserts having a groove for installing a manual circular saw.

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Fastener motor: the nuances

When the design of the mini circular is being developed, it is necessary to foresee what will be the design of the transfer device connecting the motor with the circular saw. Installation of such a saw on a miniature circular can be done directly on the motor shaft. This design will be the simplest.

But the mini circular saw, equipped with a similar system, will not have very large capacity. A bicycle spindle with bearings mounted on the axle is suitable for assembly. It is easy to remove from the frame with an ordinary hacksaw. The asterisk can be left, it is better to take it directly from the engine. To ensure a tight fit, you need to make a special adapter sleeve.

Circuit mounting table for circular saws

Circuit mounting table for circular saws.

If the circular saw sits on the spindle, it is required to withstand the size of the bore. It will dictate the size of the outer diameter of the sleeve intended for the adapter.

Fastening the sleeve directly to the spindle is carried out in several places. A 5 mm plate is attached to the spindle housing. An asterisk is fixed on the axis, the diameter of which exceeds the spindle one several times. Fastening of stars is carried out necessarily in the uniform plane. It remains only to wear a chain, and you can get to work.

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"In the box": some features

The method described above makes it possible to use a homemade mini circular in the garage or in some kind of shed. This mini circular saw for normal operation requires a stationary tabletop. However, you can create a mini circular, which does not need a tabletop. For this purpose, the body is made. Its sides are made of 5 mm aluminum sheets. The assembly is carried out by corners, which are bolted with nuts.

For the panel located at the top, the steel sheet is taken, where the saw unit is installed.

Above, an aluminum sheet is also fixed, which creates a surface for sawing. To obtain a rectangular shape, the body is made using steel plates. If you take wood, then the body will turn out trapezoid. Basically everyone approaches this issue purely individually.

When the unit is permanently fixed, the selected motor is mounted. To adjust the depth of the saw, there are two screws. One adjusts the vertical direction, and the other fixes the desired position. Then the guides are installed, for this you can use the standard metal angles.

Circuit saw health check circuit

Circuit saw operability test circuit.

Textolite and mini circular saw helps a lot in work with radio amateurs who have to make circuit boards at home. It is not always convenient to cut glass fiber with scissors that cut metal, especially if the size of the workpiece exceeds the length of the blade.

To collect such a mini circular saw, you do not need to run to the store. Almost all the details you will find in the pantry. Of course, cutting discs will be available in a specialty store.

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Extra points

  1. Housing For such a circular saw, fiberglass laminate of 3 mm is suitable, which is covered on both sides with foil. Since the PCB is covered with foil, you can assemble the case with ordinary soldering. No need of fasteners. The size of the case, each individual selects, it all depends on the imagination, on the ingenuity of the master.
  2. Cutting disc. For work, you need a disk cutter. The best will be a mill with a diameter of 50 mm. It is advisable to make the base where the cutter fasteners will be carried out with the help of a machine tool. If this is not possible, you can make the necessary parts yourself. To do this, fit the video head, which can be removed from the old video player.

First, the shaft is knocked out and all unnecessary parts are removed. The diameter of the shaft of such a head is 6 mm. The pulley for such a shaft can be made from a brass bolt. A 6 mm hole is drilled in the center. After that, the bolt is machined in a vice until it takes the shape of a shaft for an electric motor. The disk mill can be fixed with parts from the ceramic resistor.

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