Modern homemade mini sawmills

Buy home power saws today at any construction market. However, this device is not very cheap. Therefore, home craftsmen, having studied all the subtleties of this device, after reviewing the materials that are given on the Internet, produce home-made mini-power-saw benches. For this you need to have the appropriate material and fitter experience.

Drawing sawmills with sizes

Drawing sawmills with sizes.

For work it is necessary to use only high-quality material, since if the frame is made of thin tubes or small corners, its failure is possible. A worker may be seriously injured.

How to start the work process

For the arrangement of any type of mini sawmills you need to have the following materials and tools:

Minipilorma assembly

Minipilorma assembly.

  • channel;
  • pipes;
  • sheet steel;
  • metal corner;
  • bars;
  • Circular Saw;
  • electric motor;
  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • bolts;
  • spanners;
  • pliers.

Of course, the performance of factory-made mini sawmills is much higher than a homemade device. And yet in the homemade laid the most necessary properties that suit a particular owner. Before you start making a mini sawmill, you need to determine the future parameters:

  1. It is very important to calculate what performance the device will have. To do this, you need to determine the amount of wood that will need to be processed.
  2. Approximate dimensions of the blanks.
  3. Transportation methods It is possible that the frame power-saw bench will have a stationary look.
  4. Power supply - gasoline or powered by electricity.
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Mini disk power-saw bench

Scheme homemade circular sawmill

Scheme homemade circular sawmill.

A sawmill, in which a certain type of business is engaged, most often uses a circular sawmill. This is the simplest type of fixture, it is easy to make it yourself. To do this, you need the most simple blanks.

Such a disk mini power-saw bench is radically different from similar devices. The basis of the whole structure is a circular saw. It is fixed in two ways:

  • on the spindle shaft;
  • on the axis of the motor.

The simplest form should have:

  • table;
  • shaft;
  • circular saw;
  • engine.

The basis of the whole structure is the table. For him, a frame is made of metal corners, bolted or welded. The top of the table is a steel plate with dimensions of 200 x 4 mm. Sometimes this plate is the national team. All parts are bolted together with nuts.

Sawmill Adjustment Scheme

The scheme of adjustment of the sawmill.

Note that the base of the mini sawmill can be made of wood or metal corners. The base of the thick boards worse than steel boards in only one case. If the sawmill is constantly under the open sky, the boards will quickly rot, even an antiseptic will not help. All other qualities are superior to the iron base, since it is very easy to process wood on massive boards.

To fix the saw, the plates have a special hole into which the circular saw is inserted. Holes made in the table are bridged, then bolted. Fastening the saw must be made so that it is strictly in the center of the whole structure. It is mounted through the holes in the plates and the table.

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How does the mini sawmill

The main details of the tire mini-sawmill are:

  • bed (frame);
  • drive unit;
  • mounting details;
  • tire with chain.

The frame is the most important detail. This is the basis of the fixture that holds all the accessories. Safety of work, the final result of the whole operation depends on the reliability of the frame, its stability. The length of the frame is selected individually. This value is directly dependent on the dimensions of the workpiece being processed.

The power parts of the frame can be:

  • corners;
  • channel;
  • brands
Saw knot and scheme of work of a power-saw bench

Saw knot and scheme of work of a power-saw bench.

The shelf thickness of such fasteners must be higher than 3 mm. This size can withstand heavy loads.

Motor. Without this part, the mini sawmill will be dead. For a home power saw, it will be quite enough to install a powerful three-phase electric motor. Even a professional chainsaw can be suitable for this purpose. It is easy to attach to the moving carriage. Electric saws for such work are not suitable, their power is too low.

Fasteners. For cutting, the log must be fastened on a stationary device. The choice of hardware depends on the mass of future blanks. It should be possible to mount quickly.


The tire usually has standard dimensions - 50 cm.

Chain saw bench diagram

Chain saw bench diagram.

It is better to buy in conjunction with the chain. Such a device will allow you to get the minimum thickness of the cut, which means that waste is minimized, and the profitability of the sawmill will increase.

You can make a saw yourself. To do this, you need to re-grind the blade of a mechanical hacksaw designed for working with metal. Canvas dimensions - 40x450 mm. The cutting of teeth is performed by a cutting disc of a special angular grinder. Divorce the teeth is done point after preheating the welding torch. Sharpened will help create the saw shape required. The original teeth that remain untreated can be left.

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Chain sawmill with his own hands

The sawmill consists of several main parts:

  • frame;
  • guides;
  • engine.

To make a sawmill with a tire chain, it is necessary to fasten the steel frame together with the saw bar. The distance from the tire to the frame corresponds to the thickness of the workpiece. Therefore, such a thickness must be foreseen in advance and laid in the drawing of a chain sawmill.

If you make a custom distance from the tire to the frame, it will be possible to carry out the cutting of a variety of boards, with different dimensions.

The base should have guides along which it will move in a vertical direction. To fasten the base plates are welded to the racks with holes. After installing the desired size, the base is fixed with bolts and nuts.

The scheme of fastening the brackets and the rod of the sawmill

The scheme of fastening the brackets and the rod of the sawmill.

When selecting the engine must take into account its power. It must be at least 3 kW. The motor should work in the most economical mode.

It is difficult to answer how reliably and efficiently the sawmill will work. It all depends on the home "Kulibin" and his skill.

The most important requirement for the reliability of the design are rail guides. If you ignore it, the design will be unreliable and dangerous. It is especially important to have an accessible and easy-to-use mechanism for locking the logs.

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Safety requirements

Today it is possible to create your own sawmill. However, such work requires that all safety rules are followed during operation. It is in this issue factory power-saw benches are much safer than home-made designs.

I must say that if you strictly adhere to all safety rules, then home mini power-saw benches will have high reliability and excellent performance.

It is very important for the manufacture and assembly of a home-made sawmill not to use non-standard and outdated bearings. If a chainsaw is installed on the sawmill, then it should be new and have more power.

The basis of a well-mounted device is a competent drawing with an indication of all sizes and basic requirements. The drawing should indicate all the acceptable materials, the model of the engine and show all types of fasteners. We can assume that properly and correctly developed documentation will be the key to successful work.

Note that high-performance sawmill is considered an increased source of injury. Failure to follow basic safety procedures will result in serious injury.

The only way to reduce injuries is immaculate obedience to safety rules when working on such a machine. The most important thing is attention and increased caution when working.

Before starting work, each worker must know the principle of operation of this structure, how it should be properly operated. Key points to know:

  • how stockpiles are stored;
  • where is the finished product;
  • repair technology;
  • fire safety rules.

It's simple. The main thing is to adhere to the necessary requirements and recommendations. Good luck!

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