Making a tire sawmill with your own hands

The modern construction market is filled with various models of tire sawmills, differing from each other both in price and quality. However, it is not at all necessary to acquire ready-made woodworking equipment, because a tire sawmill can be made with your own hands. It will not take you too much time and effort, but the result of this work will delight you for many years, because the tire power-saw bench with your own hands will serve you as long as the model made by a well-known company.

Self-made power-saw bench

The power-saw bench is the irreplaceable tool when processing a tree and construction from this material.

Tire power-saw bench is an indispensable woodworking equipment for many residents of our country living in small towns or villages. Every villager knows perfectly well what a huge role this equipment plays when working on wood.

Channel bars

For the manufacture of the sawmill will need two channels with a length of 8 m and a height of 0.14 m

Tire power-saw bench, made with own hands, will become a reliable assistant in the performance of economic work. It is quite simple to make a tire power-saw bench with your own hands, for the production of a bed are used:

  • two steel channels having a length of 8 m and a height of 0.14 m.
  • rails;
  • in some cases, and metal corners.

It is very important to ensure that all your blanks have the perfect straight shape, otherwise your equipment will not function properly.

  1. In steel channels along their entire length, it is necessary to make holes with a diameter of about 15 mm at a distance of not more than 1.5 m.
  2. Further, depending on the number of these holes, you will need to make special ties. As a material for them, you can use sections of a metal water pipe.
  3. After all finished parts must be securely fastened using threaded rods or regular bolts.
  4. Now all the components of the construction of the future sawmill with your own hands, which were prepared by you beforehand, must be assembled in one place, and then installed on racks.

The number of racks directly depends on the size and length of your sawmill. It is important to remember that the extreme posts must be placed at least 1 m away from the end of the guides.

Manufacturing and installation of the trolley

Drawing of a sawmill

Device of a power-saw bench.

In order to give the construction of the sawmill the necessary rigidity, it is necessary to fix the braces securely. After that, install on it a movable cart for the manufacture of which use a steel plate. To do this, its thickness should be from 4 to 6 mm, and a length of about 60 cm. However, the parameters may be different, depending on the size of the electric motor itself. For a finished sawmill cart, you will need to pick up the clamping plates and several gaskets.

These elements are necessary to ensure the free movement of the whole mechanism of the cart in the tire power-saw benches made by hand. But at the same time for the normal operation of the equipment requires the minimum possible gap. To perform the screed gaskets, you can use conventional bolts. Next, you will need to eliminate lateral play, for which you should simply attach the stop angle to the sawmill trolley. It should be noted that this cart can be installed both on rollers and on bearings.

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Features of the engine of a power-saw bench

An aluminum profile is pressed on the engine shaft (usually it is electric), on which there are two belts. When the engine is running, the force from the motor on two belts goes to the pulley, which is located on the cutting bracket. All pulleys on the outer edge should have a diameter of 80 mm. If you have a tiller you can take them from there. Through the driven pulley, the engine force is transmitted to the roller, which rotates on two bearings, then to the sprocket and finally to the saw chain.

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Saw chain on the sawmill with their own hands

Saw unit

Saw knot and scheme of work of a power-saw bench.

The chain is used to move the metal carriage on which the saw and motor of the power-saw bench are located. It is very important to make sure that the chain on the power-saw bench with your own hands was stretched very well. The necessary tension of the chain and belts of the sawmill can be easily adjusted with your own hands, simply by fixing it with the help of two bolts and nuts. In addition, in addition, you can also put a special tensioning bolt on the chain tensioner, however, as practice shows, forceps are usually sufficient to ensure that the equipment chain is always tensioned very well. To ensure easier and more durable chain operation, it is recommended to lubricate it regularly with engine oil.

The wheel of the sawmill should be mounted directly on one of the bushings of the sprockets located on the edges of the guides. Next, you need to start making a device for fixing the log. To this end, special movable rods are inserted into the pipes with a diameter of approximately 30-40 mm, which enter the stopper at the desired level with an M8 screw. Next, over these rods you should fasten the necessary clamping parts (they should be about 1.5 cm long) and the cam clamps.

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Do-it-yourself installation and use of tire sawmill

Drawing of the simplest sawmill made of chainsaw

Drawing of a simple sawmill made of chainsaw.

Now that your sawmill is completely ready with your own hands, you can begin its installation. For this, the sawmill should be installed on the guide rails using four support rollers. It should be noted that these rollers are often reworked from the tensioners of the motor-block. When installing the sawmill it is very important to remember that the tires and the saw chain must be necessarily intended only for ripping. Do not forget to make sure that the chain is very sharp, so you can cut the tree much faster. For normal operation of the sawmill for one day, you will need to change at least two chains.

In order for you to be able to set the thickness of the wooden planks you cut, you need to install a special vertical screw. When it rotates, the frame with the saw unit will move either up or down, according to your needs. Initially, the exact size of the board, you can only expose with a ruler. However, later, when you become a real experienced rammer, you will easily set the thickness of the blanks you need, only by looking at the turn of the screw.

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Work on the tire power-saw bench do it yourself

Now you can start working on a new tire sawmill, which was made by your own hands.

Sawmill scheme

The scheme of the band saw.

At the very beginning of work you will need to fix the log on the tire power-saw bench, then open the valve on the oil tank and turn on the electric motor. After that, it will only remain to lower the frame with the help of a screw - and you can safely begin moving your new power-saw bench. Tire power-saw bench, as a rule, moves along the rails with little effort. This indicator depends on what kind of thickness you intend to cut a log. In addition, the species of the tree, its knotty and the condition of the wood (fresh or dry) are of great importance. You should not forget about the saw chain's sharpness: the sharper it is, the faster you finish the work.

A self-sawing tire sawmill can quite easily cut absolutely any wood, but nevertheless it is advisable to use fresh, just harvested wood, rather than the one that has already been dried or steamed (on the experts' lexicon). The easiest way to cut logs of coniferous wood, as well as hardwoods with softwood, such as alder, aspen, poplar and maple. It is much harder to cut solid hardwoods, which include oak, ash and elm. But the most difficult thing to do is work with steamed acacia, since this species of wood is distinguished by dense and extremely hard wood.

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Characteristics of the tire sawmill

The maximum length of the log, which you can cut without any difficulties using your own power-saw bench, is not more than 7 m, and its maximum diameter should not exceed 40 cm.

At the same time, the average speed with which sawing of wood material is performed has the following characteristics: a board 3 meters long from pine billet, having a diameter of 25 cm, will be sawn with a homemade tire sawmill in about 7 minutes.

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