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The question of how to make a circular yourself, sooner or later, confronts everyone who works with a tree at home. So, to collect the circular yourself is not only possible, but also quite simple.

Circular Circuit Device

Circuit device circuits.

Moreover, to create a circular with your own resources, there are several ways:

  • redo the grinder;
  • rework a chainsaw;
  • use an electric motor.

The main thing is to remember that working with a circular saw is traumatic. Therefore, it is very important to follow the safety instructions. Then it will be a pleasure to work.

Alteration of the design of the grinder

To make the circular yourself using the grinder, you need:

  • steel clamps;
  • Bulgarian;
  • sheet steel;
  • drill;
  • pliers;
  • self-tapping screws.

This method is most popular, as the grinder can be redone faster and easier than any other type of saw. The meaning of the manufacture of circulars in this case is the need to fix the grinder on the tabletop so that it is minimally mobile. This can be done in several ways.

Circuit mounting table for circular saws

Circuit mounting table for circular saws.

The easiest way to fasten the grinder with screws on metal to the base of the tabletop. To make it safer, you need to drill holes in the grinder and worktop, then fasten the tool with bolts and nuts. But it is important to bear in mind that the imbalance is inherent in the saws, therefore, in the work it will be necessary to fix the tool very carefully, excluding any, even the smallest, movements.

Another option for attaching the grinder is to clasp it with steel clamps at 3-4 points and fix with bolts on both sides. This design is reliable and eliminates the "perforation" grinders, but you need to carefully monitor that the clamps were tight enough.

It is important to consider that you will have to make the protective casing yourself, because the factory fasteners will be used for the clutch. You can make a casing from a semicircle of sheet steel, the tip of which is bent and clamped with the help of pliers. The casing is fastened directly to the tabletop.

You also need to choose the right grinder. It should have high power and a small amount of turns. For too fast a saw, you will have to use step-down gears so that the cutters can grind as long as possible.

It is very important to remember that the circular can not be disassembled to use the grinder, as it is very dangerous and can lead to serious injury. Even if the Bulgarian is needed urgently, it is better to take it not from your circular, but in another place.

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Reworking chainsaw

The scheme of the circular sawmill chainsawThe beauty of this method is that the structure can be assembled and disassembled as many times as necessary, without any damage, but it will take more time. This method is somewhat more complicated. Here is a list of necessary things:

  • welding machine;
  • adapter for cutters;
  • steel flat roller;
  • gearbox;
  • chain saw

The action algorithm is fairly simple: first, at the end of the boom, the movable wheel is welded, and the very end is cut off. It is important that the wheel exactly follows the contour of the cut-off part, otherwise the chain will stretch or fall down during movement.

Then to the wheel on the side you need to fix the adapter for the cutters. This adapter must be removable, otherwise it will be difficult to cut.

Since the basic characteristics of chainsaws are suitable for circular circulars, no major modifications will be required. And if the wheel is installed qualitatively, it will not harm the working ability of the original chainsaw. Consequently, you get a tool that can be used in two variations. It is very convenient.

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Electric motor use

If you follow the algorithm proposed below, then making a circular in this way will not cause any difficulties. The first thing you need is to choose a suitable electric motor. Most often it is possible to meet collector, asynchronous and synchronous, electric motors. To make a circular, it is best to have the most powerful, high endurance and a small number of revolutions of the induction motor.

Thus, you will need:

  • asynchronous motor;
  • sheet steel;
  • adapter for cutters;
  • gearbox;
  • wires;
  • nuts and bolts;
  • pliers.

The engine should have a capacity of 2-3 kW, 4000-4500 revolutions per minute and be powered from a 220 V outlet. If you cannot find an electric motor with the parameters specified above, you can use a gearbox to obtain the required number of revolutions. In this case, it is better to connect using nuts and bolts, self-tapping screws are not recommended, as they can cause serious damage.

Next you need to decide what will be in the quality of the nozzle, cutter or chain. The chains serve for a long time, since they practically do not grind, but, working with them, a large amount of waste is obtained, and the cut is inaccurate and rather wide. In terms of the fineness of the work better cutters: small waste, cut precise and thin. But the cutters grind quickly. If you take the statistics, the cutters are used much more often, because of the small amount of waste, it is more economical to work with them.

Then either the motor shaft or the gearbox (if used) fastens the adapter for the cutters. In order to be able to change the nozzles, the adapter is attached without using welding.

And in the end it remains only to make a casing, the same as when working with a grinder, and attach it either to the motor or to the gearbox.

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