How to sharpen hand and circular saws on wood

When processing wood and various wood materials, the main tool required is a saw. A wood saw is used for cutting logs, boards, fiberboard, chipboard and other things. These materials are quite soft, but even their processing can dull the tool. In addition, on sale often hacksaws of insufficient sharpness.

Sharpening hand saw on wood

Sharpening hand saw on wood.

In this case, you have to perform sharpening before any work. More often not enough to sharpen the tools with large teeth. Sufficient sharpness of the saw is a guarantee of the quality of cutting wood.

Hand saw features

Sharpening the saw can vary depending on the type of work for which it is intended. The order of work, as a rule, is as follows:

Wiring and sharpening of band saws

Wiring and sharpening band saws.

  1. Hacksaw layout. The saw blade must first be diluted. You can use simple pliers for this, if you don’t have a special tool at hand, but it is better to use the wiring intended for this purpose.
  2. The saw blade must be locked in such a position that the teeth are facing upwards. It is very important to ensure the master the opportunity to observe the process along the canvas.
  3. Teeth need to bend through one in different directions. In this case, the pliers in each case must be bent at an equal angle.
  4. New hacksaw, as a rule, is already with wiring, but with insufficient for the processing of raw wood. It is required to increase the wiring and in the event that the teeth of the tool are large. It is possible not to increase the layout in cases where the saw is small or designed for work, the accuracy of which does not impose increased requirements.

For sharpening hand saws used triangular file. It is used to sharpen the teeth of the hacksaw. Processing is performed from the inner surface relative to the wiring. The file must be installed in the cutting edge so that it forms an angle of 45-60 ° with it.

Sharpening circular saw

Sharpening circular saw.

In order to obtain the best result of sharpening a hacksaw, it is recommended to first process it on one side, then turn it over with the other side and repeat the process. The speed and effectiveness of work in this case significantly increases, as the master performs the same type of movement.

For safety and performance, you must follow certain rules. You can not be distracted by communicating with other people and so on. It is very important to exclude any noise background: radio, television, etc. In the presence of distracting factors, work may pose a threat to human health. In addition, sudden, careless movements can cause damage to the instrument.

It is very important to pay attention to whether the saw blade goes to the side when cutting. If this happens, then the layout of the teeth is uneven. To obtain a normal result when treating a tree with such a saw, it is necessary to correct its inaccuracy. It is necessary to increase the deviation of the teeth on the side into which the saw is being driven.

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How is the circular saw sharpened?

For sharpening, the circular saw must be positioned so that the master will be turned to the material being processed and at the same time grind the side turned away from it.

Circular saw blade sharpening scheme

Circular saw blade sharpening.

The front surface, which in the process of cutting will be incident on the material, should be left as it is. Features of working with the tool are as follows:

  1. Sharpen the disc without removing it from the machine or the circular saw. However, it is possible to remove the cutting part for convenience. If the disc is not removed, then before turning the machine, be sure to turn off the power so that it does not turn on accidentally. If the disc is removed from the machine, then for further processing it must be clamped in a vice.
  2. The disc must be fixed with thin wooden wedges, with which you need to pin it down on both sides.
  3. To get a uniform sharpness of the saw blade, it should be noted the tooth, with which the work will begin. For this you can use a marker.
  4. For work, you can use a file with a diamond coating or a file. For sharpening each tooth you need to perform an equal number of movements.

After performing the sharpening disk set in its place. It is necessary to check it. To do this, you can cut an unnecessary bar. To check the height of the teeth, you can make marks on the plank under the disc. In this case, the disk is manually turned in the opposite direction to the normal movement. If strong differences in the height of the teeth are revealed, then the long ones should be tamed.

Hand saw for wood needs regular updating. Tool sharpening is done with a file or file. As a result of processing, a hacksaw or a circular saw acquires lost sharpness, which is necessary for high-quality tooling. For quality, not only sharpening is important, but also the wiring of the saw teeth. The hacksaw and the circular saw are machined with some features.

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