How to make homemade wood circulars

Homemade wood circulars are made of improvised tools. Pre-prepare the drawing.

A circular saw

The circular saw is used for smooth sawing.

Asynchronous motor

For the manufacture of circular homemade need a gearbox, fasteners, adapter, drill and asynchronous motor. The number of revolutions in the last device should be equal to 4500-5000, while the power is 2-3 kW. Homemade will be charged from the outlet of 220 V. The speed of grinding of the cutting edge depends on the number of revolutions.

Circular saw can be made in the form of a disk or chain device. Previously it should be noted that the amount of waste depends on the thickness of the cutting edge. If the electric motor is chosen correctly, then you will need to make an adapter for a chain or a disk. To reduce the number of revolutions using special gears. Bolts and nuts are used to connect them. To make holes for fasteners, you need a drill. The adapter is worn on the gearbox.

Drawing homemade circular

Drawing homemade circular.

The design is installed on the work surface, presented in the form of a table. For fixing the device used rubber washers, made by hand. The last elements are designed to reduce metal wear.

To make a homemade circular from the grinder, you will need a drill, bolts, nuts, clamps. Experts identify 3 methods for how to make such a tool with their own hands.

In the first case, the help of a turner-miller will be required. The specialist grinds the adapter from the table top to the fastener element of the grinder. Such a connection prevents free running.

Another method of making a circular from a grinder provides for the arrangement of through holes in the tool handles. Bolts can be replaced with hose clamps. The latter elements allow for greater accuracy with minimal losses. For the factory grinder is characterized by a bevel on the cutter, which can be leveled during fixation. In order not to drill a tool, use a bolt connection. For the manufacture of circulars used grinder with low speed.

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Tabletop unit

Circuit mounting table for circular saws

Circuit mounting table for circular saws.

If necessary, the resulting device is converted into a radial analog. To do this, use the grinder, welding machine and steel angle. To protect the eyes, it is recommended to ensure the rotation of the upper share of the cutter from the work item. You can make a homemade circular cutter from tripod milling cutters. The important point in this paper is to provide protection. It is made of steel strips, which is cut from a thick steel angle. Installation work is carried out so that the material to be sawn does not come into contact with it. For fixing the strap used welding machine.

Billets are made with regard to safety.

A hand saw easily turns into a small-sized desktop counterpart if you make a frame in the shape of the letter “P” from a round pipe or rod.

On the crossbar mounted swing arm. The lower part of the frame bend along the direction of the cut. The product is attached to the table with screws or bolts. If necessary, make additional struts. Swing lever put on the cross member. The transverse part of the last element is cut along into 2 equal parts. Then the parts are fixed with clamps. Desktop circular can cut wood with a diameter of 60-80 mm.

For processing of thick lumber, a factory equivalent is required. It is recommended to purchase it taking into account the upcoming work and with a guarantee. Preference is better to give powerful tools that sawn lumber of various thickness. Work with a circular on a tree need to wear protective glasses.

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