How to make a shaft for circular diy

Circular saw - a device that is used mainly in industry, but you can meet people who use it in private household conditions. Some people try to make it their own hands. The most important part here is the shaft. Most often, the shaft for circular is made to order. For this you need to apply only to a highly qualified turner. Fortunately, finding such a thing today is not difficult. However, such work will be quite expensive. There are alternative methods for solving this problem. The most simple is the creation of a shaft for a circular DIY. Of course, this requires a lathe.

Shaft for circular drawing

Shaft for circulars drawing.

It is even possible that it will be with numerical control. We'll have to get some extra tools. Without materials here is not enough.

Tools and materials

In order to make a shaft for the circular with your own hands, you need to provide for the following tools and materials:

  1. Cutters for various purposes. Here you will need not only a standard tool, but also a grooving tool.
  2. Cylindrical shaft of appropriate size, which will be made of steel 45.
  3. Measuring tool. In this case, you may need a clear caliper. Only with its help you can make the most accurate measurements in order to get the perfect part at the exit.

Basically, this is enough to make a shaft for circular. In some cases, additional measurement tools may be needed.

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Important details

Circuit saw circular

Circuit device circular saw.

In the case of the shaft is to use quality steel. This is a material that has 45 in its name, of course. It's about steel. Be sure to work you need to focus on the appropriate GOST, which describes the location of the shafts and seating surfaces. From the side of the saw blade mounting, the clamping inner sleeve, bearings and the saw blade itself sit on one surface.

As a result of the fact that there are many parts, each of them will have its own landing size, which is indicated on the drawing. It must be made in advance in accordance with the dimensions that this tool has. On them and have to navigate when creating a shaft circular. All tolerances and landings are necessarily indicated on the drawing. Vernier caliper is used for accurate measurement. You can also prepare in advance calibers with appropriate sizes. In private home conditions, it is rather difficult to find such, therefore often everything is limited only by a caliper.

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Manufacturing process

So, a person has all the necessary tools, a shaft with a certain diameter, as well as a drawing. First you need to fix the part in the lathe. Regardless of its type, double-sided mounting is used. Any lathe has a spindle. Here the shaft is fastened with special clamps. On the other hand is the tailstock. She tucks the material behind. Now you can proceed to roughing.

For these purposes, a flow cutter is used. Rough removal is used for roughing, so there are no specific requirements for the tool. The most important thing is that it should be ground. Otherwise, burrs may form on the workpiece, and this is unacceptable. It just starts the machine, and in accordance with the largest diameter is processing.

Need to leave a small allowance.

It will be needed for finishing the cutter.

Diagram of the manual circular saw

Diagram of the manual circular saw.

Now you can proceed to the processing of other surfaces. Since there are a lot of seats, each of them will be processed in accordance with the drawing. It is necessary to work at high speeds so that the surface is of the highest quality and smooth.

After the roughing is completed, you can proceed to the finishing turning. An appropriate cutter is also used for this purpose. All allowances that remained before will have to be removed. Here you should definitely focus on the drawing dimensions. According to him, and is processing. It is advisable to check the size after each finishing pass, so that the output is really the right billet.

Further, the groove cutter is used. It serves for turning special grooves under the keys. Those here will be several at once. They allow you to mount on the shaft a variety of parts. Cutting must be in accordance with the dimensions that are available in the drawing. After the work is completed, you can check all available dimensions again.

The device of a circular saw with the separate engine

The device circular saw with a separate engine.

If necessary, you can remove the shaft, and then try to put on it the bearing and other parts that will be used. If everything is fixed normally, then we can safely state the fact that the work was carried out correctly, and, therefore, the shaft for the circular is ready for operation. Of course, additional sandpaper can be used to get a cleaner surface.

To process the workpiece with its help, the latter is fixed again in its position. Now take a sheet of sandpaper, which is held on the shaft. In this case, the clamped workpiece must rotate. Sandpaper should not use rough, to get a mirror shine, then the shaft can be removed from the machine. It is completely ready for installation on a circular. Of course, we will have to do some more manipulations with other blanks so that they all fit perfectly on it.

In fact, the work is not difficult, but still it is better to turn to professionals, especially since not every person has a lathe at his disposal. It is better to do the work on a machine with numerical control, so it is noticeably simplified.

Thus, the work is completed, which means that it is possible to sum up some of its results. Now everyone knows how to make a circular shaft for your own hands. In fact, all that has been described above is the processing of a simple shaft.

In some cases, it can be obtained from a bar of the appropriate diameter. All residues of the workpiece are subsequently removed. They can simply be cut off with a hacksaw. You can use another tool. For example, for these purposes, the Bulgarian with a suitable circle, which is capable of cutting metal, is ideal. It all depends on what is available from the person in his workshop.

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