How to make a router with your own hands

In order to assemble a router with his own hands, there can be many reasons. For factory tools are often inflated prices. In addition, you can make it more versatile. Masters often need a tool that fully meets their requirements.

Scheme milling table with dust removal

The scheme of a milling table with dust removal.

For the assembly will need:

  • cutter;
  • table;
  • cartridge;
  • adapter;
  • hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • drill;
  • Electrical engine.

Frazer is one of the most versatile and functional examples of woodworking equipment. With it, you can perform cross-cursing, sampling of curved and irregular geometric shapes. Various grooves, ridges, grooves, grooves, grooves and slots are made with its help. Cutting and approximate calibration of workpieces can be made with this tool.

Electric motor for router

Wiring diagram of the router to the controller

Wiring diagram of the router to the controller.

The engine, on the basis of which you can make a hand mill for wood, can be taken from a household appliance with almost no restrictions. There is only one condition: the device and the engine from it should work properly. It is recommended to take a cartridge for a perforator as a cartridge, since it is the one that is best suited for this purpose. The principle of its operation is no different. It is this part is designed for high power at work. In the event that the machine does not plan to make a deep sample of wooden blanks, its maximum power can be equal to 500 watts. But a machine of this kind will often become deaf, and in general it may not justify the time and money spent on manufacturing the machine. The optimal power is the one that starts from 1100 W and above.

Apply if necessary, any type of cutters allows the drive to 1-2 kW. With it, you can do the processing of wood in standard mode. For this, standard electric motors or actuators from hand tools will be suitable. Not only a perforator, but also a grinder, a drill and a hand mill will fit these parameters.

An important factor when choosing an engine is its speed, since the higher the number of revolutions, the clearer and more evenly in its structure.

Well, if the engine will be designed for a household voltage of 220 V, so as not to reinvent adapters. For example, a three-phase asynchronous motor is good for everyone, but you need to connect it to a household network according to a complex scheme.

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Making an elevator for a router

Scheme elevator for router

Scheme elevator for frezery.

To make the base for the engine, sheet plastic, namely PVC, is used, but it can be successfully replaced with standard size chipboard sheets that are attached to the engine. Assembling the machine itself is not an effort, it is much more important to debug it so that the cutters effortlessly expose their cuts to the desired height.

The simplest elevator is not the worst option, especially for the first time.

Its design should be attached to the lid of the workbench. Pulleys and belts for its manufacture are not needed, cutters are placed directly on the motor shaft with a sufficiently high speed.

The elevator consists of a main body, a carriage, freely moving runners, a threaded axis and a fixing screw. When the axis begins to rotate, the motor carriage moves up or down on it, and the runners guide and restrict movement. The carriage is fixed motionless on the axis after it is set to the desired height. All this design is held on the workbench cover from the bottom, in the carrying case. It is also important that the carriage is not loose in relation to the body, since the work in this case will be damaged, the sample will be uneven. This adaptation provides adjustment of the smooth course over a surface of a desktop of any mill. Sometimes, for even greater convenience, the elevator is equipped with gears, and the swivel lever is carried out from the side rather than from above.

Often, a ready-made workbench is used, but if it is made independently, it is necessary to take into account the different characteristics of certain materials that require different operating conditions. A wooden table will be afraid of moisture and oils, but wooden pieces of furniture are the easiest to make, as they are easy to process. The wooden surface very well absorbs vibrations arising in the course of work. If you spend a little more time in the manufacture and cover the wooden surface with varnishes, such a workbench will last a very long time.

Equip a drill, in the chuck of which the phase is clamped, it is possible such a design without any special difficulties. Having unscrewed the fastening nuts, the attached ones are easily removed if the need arose.

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