How to make a router with his own hands from the drill

Many people are interested in the same question, is it possible to make a router with their own hands from the drill. In fact, this is quite an urgent issue, because not everyone is able to purchase such an expensive device as a milling machine. But at home it is sometimes simply necessary, especially if a private house is being repaired or a summer house is being built. This mechanism is capable of milling wooden elements, shaping edges, making joints and much more.

Electric drill

For the manufacture of the router, you can use a hammerless electric drill.

DIY Milling Machine

Before proceeding to the manufacture of the router it is necessary to make a table on which it will be installed. It can be created from ordinary plywood, having a thickness of 12 mm, and 4 wooden bars for support. On the surface, cut the corresponding holes for the router and add a guide. The groove for the cutter should have a semicircular shape, cut with an electric jigsaw or hacksaw. Further holes are drilled for fastening and thrust sheet. Everything is more or less clear and simple with the table, but from what to make a frezer is an interesting question.

The design of the drilling and milling machine of the drill

The design of the drilling and milling machine of the drill.

The power of the electric drive should be from 500 to 1100 W, depending on how thick the tree you need to handle. The most acceptable options can be a hammer drill, a grinder or a drill. It is the latter that is considered the most advantageous and cheapest. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the drill. In order to assemble the main parts, you will need the following details:

  • Electrical engine;
  • cutter, which will have to buy;
  • cartridge;
  • chipboard sheets for the base of the engine.

The cartridge with a perforator is connected through a special adapter, which is sold in a hardware store. It is quite difficult to install, but possible.

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Milling cutter workflow

Fastening the drill to the stand

Fastening the drill to the stand is carried out using a clamp.

To assemble this device from a drill you need to follow certain rules. First of all it concerns the elevator for adjustment. It is made of dense plywood wood and fixed on the table cover. That is why the speed of revolutions should be higher. Such a milling machine should be made without the use of straps or pulleys. Cutters at the same time should sit down on the motor shaft. Carriages and carrying main body, threaded axle and screw fastening for fixing, as well as sliding runners are used for the elevator.

When the threaded axis rotates, the carriage moves with the slider either up or down along this axial part. Sliding runners perform the function of limiters (guides). After the height is set in a stationary state, the carriage is fixed with the help of fixing fasteners.

To hold the entire structure, it is necessary to fasten the carrying body to the table top.

Make sure that the installed motor with the carriage does not stagger while in the case, because otherwise the sampler will be uneven during the operation of the router. Some experts recommend to equip the design with gears that can be done independently, and install the swivel lever not at the top, but at the side. So here’s an uncomplicated way, you can make a mill with a drill on your own.

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