How to make a power saw with your own hands

People who live outside the city often want to buy a power-saw. With this design, you can get a bar and planks at an affordable price. It should be understood that wood is the main material for construction, so you can earn money with the help of sawmills.


The power-saw bench is used for cutting trees for their further use in construction.

How to make a power saw with your own hands

If it was decided to install a frame sawmill, then you will need to buy it or make it yourself. In this case, everything will depend on how many cubic meters of wood you plan to process. To make the right decision, you should familiarize yourself with the existing types of saws and learn more about their characteristics.

Folding power-saw bench

The device collapsible sawmill.

Elements that will be necessary in order to make a homemade sawmill:

  • Electrical engine;
  • metal profile;
  • corner or pipe;
  • tire or drive;
  • dowels
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Types of sawmills

Consider the existing types of sawmills, in which the base is the frame. Ordinary factory frame structure is expensive equipment that has high performance. In the yard of an ordinary farmer there is no sense in installing a structure of this type. If it was decided to install such a device, it is best to purchase a ready-made model. The cost of such structures is 500,000 rubles. and more.

To date, there are a large number of different equipment for sawing wood. However, most of the structures are not suitable for a small backyard area. Such structures can handle several thousand cubic meters per day. For small areas, these types of power-saw benches are suitable: tape, disc and tire.

The device is a conventional sawmill

The device is a conventional sawmill.

The best option is a band sawmill. It will produce a minimum amount of waste. In addition, such a device unpretentious to weather conditions. However, it is rather difficult to make such a power-saw bench with your own hands. It is recommended to be used for processing wood with a diameter of up to 7 cm.

In most cases, disc sawmills are used. The main advantages of this technology are as follows: simplicity of design, reliability and wide functionality. The disadvantages include the high cost of good quality discs and the large amount of waste generated, when compared with a band sawmill. It should be noted that at home the amount of sawdust does not matter, since it means small amounts of sawing.

The small tire structure is a sawmill, which is most often used by beginners. Such technology is able to give excellent rates of processing of wood, if there is wood of good quality. This design is easiest to create with your own hands.

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How to make a power-saw bench independently: sequence of actions

First of all, you need to make a plan for the construction of a sawmill. If you plan to use the structure in order to earn money, it is recommended to purchase a ready-made sawmill.

It makes sense to create with your own hands only if such a device will be operated non-permanently.

Device of a disk power-saw bench

Device of a disk power-saw bench.

You can make the design yourself if there is at least a small amount of materials that will be needed (engine, metal profile, etc.).

At a homemade sawmill characteristics will not be as high as that of the finished structure. If you need to do, for example, a floorboard, you can use a homemade mini power-saw bench.

The first thing you need to decide on the needs:

  1. Performance. How many cubic meters of wood are planned to be processed daily.
  2. Planned thickness and length of lumber.
  3. Place of installation (stationary or need to move the structure).
  4. Type of energy (electrical energy or gasoline).

Based on these characteristics, you will need to select the materials and device type of the saw frame. This design is arranged as follows:

Sawmill design

The construction of the band saw.

  1. First you need to make the base, frame and frame. Regardless of what type of sawmill is planned to produce, the frame must be reliable. From these indicators depends on the quality of the cut and the safety of users of the device. The total length will be determined by the length of the logs you plan to cut. In order to make guides, you can use a corner, pipe and other materials. The thickness of the metal sheet is determined on the basis of the planned weight of the round timber. For a carriage with a file, you can use metal with a thickness of 3-4 mm, the weight of the engine and fittings for sawing can withstand with ease.
  2. Engine. In this case, everything will depend on financial opportunities. If there is a three-phase electric motor with a power of 3 kW or more, it is recommended to install it. If there is an amateur chainsaw, then it will be possible to tune the carriage for it. A chain electric saw is not allowed, as its engine is not intended for work of this type. A household chainsaw cannot be used either, since they have little power. Recent designs quickly fail with significant loads.
  3. Construction for fixing logs. It is recommended to make such a device stationary, its height should be small. The thickness of the metal depends on the weight of the logs for cutting, because everything will depend on personal needs. The easiest way to work with hardwoods.
  4. Tire or drive. The length of these elements is 45-50 cm. Today you can find a special type of tire for sale, as well as chains with a small thickness of cut. If you use these elements, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste. The chain will need to be purchased too, a special one, the angle of its sharpening should be equal to 10 °.
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DIY power sawmill: manufacturing example

As an example, sawmill with a disk will be considered. The carriage is located at the top of the structure. First of all, it will be necessary to determine the guides, in which quality a metal corner of 5 cm should be used, the length of the rail should be 5 m. The power-saw bench will be stationary. With a gap of 15 cm, it is necessary to drill holes in the corner and concrete. The design can be fixed to the floor with dowels.

The fixture for fixing the logs is made of a profile in the shape of a letter P. In this case, a channel can also be used, the extreme parts of which are welded to the corner of metal. In order to fix the log, in the profile it is necessary to make holes for fasteners. The maximum thickness of the logs is approximately 40 cm, therefore it is necessary to measure distances of 10, 15 and 20 cm from the central part of the profile. At these distances, it will be necessary to make holes for the stops. To make a reliable connection, on the profiles you will need to install a moving device for fixing with teeth. It can be made from a piece of metal sheet 4 mm thick. With the help of the grinder will need to cut a small number of teeth. It is worth noting that two teeth are enough to ensure that the log is securely fixed and unable to move. Next, you need to drill holes in the profile and the device for fixation. With the help of cotter pins, you can easily dismantle and mount the device for fixing.

After making the frame, you can proceed to the production of the carriage. In this case, use a three-phase motor with a capacity of 3 kW, so you need to make a reliable design. The height of the carriage will be 1.1-1.2 m. It will be necessary to mark a corner of 40 mm, which is 4 mm thick. In this case, you can use the profile.

The device must be cut into several elements. The carriage will have a welded structure, therefore all elements should be joined. At the ends of the corners of the carriage will need to drill holes for the wheels. At this stage, the carriage frame is ready.

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A power-saw bench with your hands: installation of the engine and other elements

In the next step, you will need to mount the engine with the disk. Motor height can be made adjustable. In this case, the engine with the file will work in several positions. To make the adjustment in height, you need to use several pipes that need to be welded to the frame.

Next, you need to prepare a sheet of steel with a thickness of 6 mm and several channels that are welded to each other. With the help of clamps need to be fixed to the pipe channel. To do this, you should weld pieces of metal to the channel, in which there will be holes for clamps. To be able to make the adjustment in height, you should use several rods with thread. In the carriage will need to drill a few holes. A nut should be welded to the ends of the metal profile, and an ordinary bicycle star should be welded to the upper part of the device. On both sides there should be several rods with threads and stars. Between these elements, you need to install several large stars and fasten them tightly to each other. Next, you will need to tighten the chain so that when you rotate the knob at the edges, several stars move simultaneously. In the process of rotation of the stars the engine will fall or rise.

Next, according to the size of the disk and the engine, you need to assemble the frame, and then weld it to the rolling metal profile. The next step is to fasten the bearings. At the end of a protective cover is installed.

The power-saw bench with your own hands can be made quite simply, you just need to have the necessary tools and materials.

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