How to make a mini sawmill with your own hands

Mini power-saw bench with their own hands going after the definition of its purpose and type. Tire analog is necessary when processing a small amount of material and manufacturing parts of a certain shape.

Cut logs on the sawmill

The sawmill is used for cutting logs.

Cut logs produced chain saw. Pre-fix the product on the carriage.

Step-by-step instruction

Drawing sawmills with sizes

Drawing sawmills with sizes.

Mini power-saw bench is easily made at home with the necessary tools and materials: a drill, a channel, metal corners, water pipe, tape measure. The bed is made of two channels, the length of which is 8 m, and the height is 0.14 m. The blanks should have a straight shape. Holes are drilled on the channel in increments of 1-1.5 m. Screeds are made of water pipes. Their number should be equal to the number of holes. Details are fixed with threaded studs or bolts.

The assembly of the sawmill is made according to a pre-prepared drawing. The constituent elements of the product are interconnected and mounted on racks. The number of recent products depends on the length of the bed. Extreme racks are located at a distance of 0.8-1 m from the rails. The design can be made rigid if to fix braces.

The next stage involves the installation of a mobile trolley. It is made of steel plate, the thickness of which varies between 4-6 mm, and length - 0.6 m. Gaskets and special clamping plates provide free movement of the mechanism. The lateral play is eliminated with the help of an angle bracket with a size of 0.4x0.4 m. The cart is mounted on bearings or rollers.

Minipilorma assembly

Minipilorma assembly.

The electric motor of the sawmill is fixed by two corners, which are welded on top. The cart will move using the chain. It will need to pull the maximum. The next stage involves the installation of the steering wheel. To do this, use the sleeve side stars. The fixing unit for a log is made of a pipe with a diameter of 3-4 cm. Inside the insert are movable rods that enter the stopper using an M8 screw.

For self-production of sawmills need to buy an electric motor. Its power must be within 10 kW. The diameter of the saw should not be less than 1 m. The power-saw bench is assembled at the place of its permanent location. The resulting machine allows you to make at home bars, slats, boards.

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Extra points

To make a circular sawmill, you need a steel sheet with a thickness of 3 mm and a diameter of 0.5 m. The power of the power unit must be 2 kW. When performing this work, special attention is paid to the guide. It must have the correct design. For the manufacture of a tooth-cutter need sharpened and metalwork tools. The cutter is made of high-speed steel, while maintaining a cutting angle of 30 °. The resulting unit is used only for cutting. A slight friction of the disk against the walls of the cut is allowed.

An important point in the process of manufacturing a sawmill with their own hands is to comply with safety regulations.

Circuit assembly self-made sawmill

The circuit assembly self-made sawmill disk.

Previously, experts recommend making a plywood shield. Spacer knife attached behind the disk. The work is done in glasses. To make a mini disk power-saw bench at home, you will need guides, the length of which must exceed the length of the material being processed by 1-1.5 m.

Circular saws are placed inside the shaft between the bearings. This technology allows the use of flexible design. When self-manufacturing such a mechanism takes into account the direction of emission of sawdust (up). If the saw is jammed or weakened fixing the log, then the mechanism stops. It is impossible to handle logs from top to bottom, as the sawmill can jump up. The wood is fixed with combs, which are driven into the ends. To replace the circular saw, you will need to remove the rear shaft support.

In the process of self-production of the considered unit using a motor whose power is equal to 4 kW. It must be connected to a 3-phase network. At the saw diameter reaches 500 mm, and the rotation speed does not exceed 600 rpm. The wood is laid on special linings. The rollers have a different construction. It depends on the following parameters:

  • the number and size of bearings;
  • parameters and number of guides.

The self-made sawmill is manufactured using roller bearings 204 and guide rails, which are 52 mm high. The diameter of the pulley of the working shaft must not exceed 300 mm. To determine the length of two channels of a carriage construction, it is necessary to calculate:

  • double width of the transverse channel shelf;
  • saw diameter;
  • the distance between the axes of the shaft and the motor;
  • body radius of the power unit.

The process of assembling a structure begins with welding. Four vertical analogs are welded to two longitudinal channels. The longitudinal elements are set in parallel, and the working shaft - perpendicular to the channels. The shaft bearing housings are welded through the technological holes. Using a welding machine, the perpendicularity of the shaft and the edges of the longitudinal elements are welded.

It is required to weld the plate of fixation of the motor in which the grooves are made (for the mounting bolts of the power unit) to the transverse analog. The last elements provide belt tension. At the same distance from the longitudinal channels in the vertical analogues make holes (for fixing the rollers). For holding the same size between the stops rollers used washers. Guides are fixed to each other with metal corners. The welding machine can be replaced with bolts. In the latter case, the distance between the guides will increase, while the sawmill will have high performance.

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