How to make a mini circular paper with your own hands

Many are interested in the question of how to make a circular with their own hands. After all, a circular saw is an important, and at times, an indispensable tool for working with materials from wood.

Circuit saw circular

Circuit device circular saw.

If you can not buy it in special stores, there are several ways to make circulars with their own hands. When using these methods, do not forget about safety.

Mini Circular from the grinder

Mini circular can be made of grinders. For this you need the grinder itself, a drill, as well as bolts, screws and brackets. This process is irreversible, that is, in case of failure to return everything back will not work. If you do decide to make a mini-circular with your own hands, there are 4 ways to do this:

Circuit saw health check circuit

Circuit saw operability test circuit.

  1. The easiest and fastest way is to fasten the handles of the grinder to the tabletop with the help of long bolts and nuts, making the corresponding holes in the handles. For reliable fixation, you can use brackets for mounting on both sides. However, it should be remembered that for the normal operation of the mini-circulars, an equilibrium is needed, and in the case of a grinder, it is rather difficult to achieve it.
  2. By using a turner-milling machine, you can turn a part that contributes to the fastening of the tabletop and part of the protective casing, while the casing itself is removed. This method will provide maximum balance and emphasis, and the design will be securely fixed, without a free wheeling.
  3. Disks in the grinder are often quickly erased due to fairly high revolutions. By reworking the grinder on a mini circular circular with your own hands, it is advisable to lower the revolutions per minute to at least 4500. To do this, using self-tapping screws, a reduction gear is attached to the grinder, the design of the mini circular is becoming more difficult. Attaching the gearbox, you need to act carefully so as not to damage the main functional details of the grinder.
  4. Using the principle of bolting and, if necessary, brackets, you can fasten the same work items. Such a bond will be the most accurate, but time consuming, will also require additional time. The main advantage is that the Bulgarian will receive a minimum of damage.

These methods are considered the most popular for self-production of circulars, they are quite simple and do not require special knowledge and skills. This mini-circular can be converted later in the radial or miter. However, it’s categorically impossible to redo the grinder and use the tool in its original form, it can lead to injuries of varying severity.

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Asynchronous Motor Circular

The circular option based on an asynchronous motor is ideal for use. This process is quite time-consuming, involves the implementation of various processes, will require a welding machine and the ability to handle it. Choosing an asynchronous motor, you need to pay attention to its technical characteristics. So, the power should be about 3 kW, and the number of revolutions - no more than 5000 per minute. Choosing a small number of revolutions, you need to understand that the speed of work performance will decrease, but the cutter wear will decrease. The cutting part is usually represented by a chain or disc.

The chain is safer to use, but working with it is accompanied by a huge amount of waste. Work with the disc is of higher quality, the result at the output is almost perfect, and there is little waste. The circular, made independently in accordance with the recommendations, will do the job qualitatively, if all materials and the engine are selected correctly. In addition, it is recommended to get a nozzle for mounting various disks.

If the engine was too powerful for use in a circular, you can use a reduction gear to reduce speed to the desired mark.

The construction can be fastened to the working surface with the help of bolts, using a tabletop of any material. Nevertheless, it is ideal if the tabletop is metal, as this will provide some protection in the event of a mill cutter. The work should be carried out carefully, since there is practically no protection, even the casing is removed from the grinder to ensure the free passage of the tree. For protection, it is recommended to use a steel angle of about 3 mm attached near the rotating blade. It is necessary to have the construction strictly from the worker, that is, the top of the disk moves from it, and the bottom - to it. This allows you to improve the quality indicators of the cut and increase the protection of the worker, reducing the number of sawdust flying in his face. From sawdust should get rid of with a long brush or a panicle.

It’s not difficult to make a circular yourself, even for an unprepared person, you only need to listen to the recommendations and follow the basic principles of working with especially dangerous instruments. When working with homemade tools you need to strictly follow the rules of safety and cleanliness of the workplace. If you mount all the elements correctly and monitor the condition of the tool, it can serve for a very long time, not yielding to factory models, and the work done with its help will be of high quality.

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