How to make a homemade tire power-saw bench

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Homemade tire sawmill

The difference from a homemade tire sawmill from the usual one is that the cutting element here is the tire and chain from the chainsaw.

And if you think about it, then some materials can be made by yourself. Lumber you can accurately prepare your own hands. It is enough to make a tire power-saw bench.

Necessary tools and materials

Tire power-saw bench has no special constructive tricks. It differs from the usual sawmill in that the cutting element here is the tire and chain from the most common chainsaw. The first versions of such sawmills were made on the basis of chainsaws. At the moment, craftsmen recommend to make sawmills using more powerful gasoline or electric engines. Preference should be given to internal combustion engines. In this case, the sawmill will not need a power supply and can be used away from communications. You can cut logs directly in the forest.

Scheme of the tire sawmill

Scheme tire sawmill.

For the manufacture of tire sawmills you will need:

  • metal channels;
  • tubes (it is better to have tubes of rectangular section);
  • bearings;
  • engine;
  • two pulleys;
  • pulley belts;
  • gearbox;
  • tire from the chainsaw;
  • electric welding;
  • drill.
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Assembly procedure

First you have to assemble the cutting machine. For the tire sawmill is made the bed, resembling a cube frame. In the central part of this bed should be located tire from the chainsaw. The tire must be secured on both sides.

The driven star, as a rule, is mounted on a vertical holder. The opposite part of the tire is mounted on the elements, allowing you to adjust the tension of the chain. But this is optional.

Sawmill Adjustment Scheme

The scheme of adjustment of the sawmill.

It is better to fix the tire securely, and to arrange the chain tension by moving the drive sprocket. This is easy to do: the sprocket is mounted on the gearbox shaft, which is mounted on a metal base with longitudinal slots. It will be enough just to release the fasteners and move the gearbox in the desired direction.

The drive shaft of the gearbox is connected to the pulley (key). The second pulley will be on the engine. The place for fixing the engine must be arranged so that nothing interferes with the movement of the sawmill cutting machine. Rollers are used to tension the belts. The design of the belt clutch may be different. It is not necessary to make this element by yourself: any construction from agricultural machines will do.

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How to adjust the height of the tire?

And now you have to think of a system that allows you to adjust the height of the tire chainsaw above the ground. The simplest solution would be to position the entire cutting machine on vertical stands. For this purpose, two pipes are used, on which trimming pipes of larger diameter are worn. Movement should be free, but without backlash. External (movable) tubes have holes to which the nuts are welded. Screwing the bolts into these nuts all the way, you will get a reliable fixation of height. For convenience, the bearing racks can be made notches at a distance of 1 cm from each other. So, you will be able to accurately determine the height of lowering the cutting element of the sawmill and get at the exit lumber of the required size.

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How to arrange horizontal movement?

Sawmill assembly scheme

Sawmill assembly scheme.

And now we will solve the problem of moving the entire sawmill along the log. Unlike conventional band saws, where a log is fed to the cutting elements, the tire sawmill itself must move along the line of the intended cut. Vertical racks for this are welded to a metal base, in the lower part of which wheels (or bearings) are located.

There are sawmills on the basis of chainsaws, which move along the rails on the respective wheels. This is ideal because you don’t have to invent anything. In reality, it will be difficult to find all the elements for creating such a movable sawmill base. More often metal wheels are used, which move along guides. U-shaped channel bars are used for guides. Wheels in this design should be able to be adjusted in height (at least 2 adjustable wheels). Such a construction of the base of the sawmill will allow to achieve the location of all the support points in one plane.

Guide channels must be welded together in a single structure. You can make and collapsible design guides, then the tire sawmill can be easily dismantled and delivered to the place of the intended sawing.

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The importance of a secure fit

And now you need to take care of fixing the tree. For this, too, will have to arrange a small structure. Usually cooked metal base of the two corners (section angle of 5 by 5 can be considered optimal). In the lower part of this structure, it is necessary to weld the support having spikes in the direction of the tree. They will keep the tree from any movement.

In the rear part of the structure, the same emphasis is needed, but having a movable base (along the line of the log). This stop allows you to cut logs of various lengths. Spikes can be made from ordinary bolts, passed through the holes in the support and fixed with nuts from the inside. Then the bolts just sharpen.

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Design features

We can assume that the tire power-saw bench has acquired the final look and is ready for sawing wood. Take your time and do not hope to do everything perfectly quickly and accurately. The sawmill must pass more tests, and the operator must learn to work on it. On this way, you can be trapped by certain negative points:

Connection diagram of electric power sawmill

Connection diagram of electric sawmill.

  1. Tire power-saw bench at the top is heavier. A high center of gravity causes severe deviations in the direction of the tire. Timber will have a tangible "waviness." The vibration is felt very much by the operator. There are two ways out: either locate the engine from the power-saw bench below, or increase the weight of the lower part.
  2. The sawmill moves on guides only with great effort from the operator. If the wheels of the sawmill do not have excessive friction with the guides, then the reason for the inconvenience is again in the location of the center of gravity. The design needs a counterweight engine.
  3. When sawing the chain stops. Frequent phenomenon with improper adjustment of the clutch. You just need to tighten the clutch rollers or shorten the cable.

Initially, tire saws were made on the basis of chainsaws.

This caused a number of serious inconveniences. The supply of wood and work with the accelerator of the chainsaw was possible only with the participation of two people. The design of the sawmill described above allows you to successfully work on it and one person. Moving the cutting part of the sawmill, the operator sees all the moments of sawing and can independently adjust the feed speed of the tire to the tree trunk. Usually it takes about 5 minutes to cut a log into 4 meters. The chainsaw will do this job somewhat faster, but the quality of the cut will not be as smooth as when using a tire saw.

The sawmill from a chainsaw can have a stationary arrangement of the tire. Served in this case the log itself. It is not necessary that at the same time attended by several people. Provided by the use of chains from agricultural machinery. Such a chain is fixed to the mobile carriage on which the log is located. The chain is fixed on the asterisks, one of which should be located next to the operator and have a handle for rotation. Such homemade products work no worse than the rest. The only drawback is that such tire power-saw benches require from the person an additional load on the hands and certain skills of sawing.

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Self-made power-saw bench: maintenance features

Tire power-saw benches do not differ in maintenance from the usual chainsaw. The tire (drive sprocket) requires an oil supply, otherwise it may simply jam. The chain needs regular sharpening. Tire power-saw benches work in very dense mode, therefore cheap chains for them should not be bought, as they will quickly fail or they will have to be constantly sharpened.

It is better to choose an expensive chain of branded production with a red-hot cutting edge. It will last a very long time and unpretentious to wood. Tire power-saw benches should not be used for the manufacture of sawn timber from dry trunks of trees with high density. This sawmill successfully works when sawing raw pine, alder, birch.

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