How to make a homemade table for a manual circular saw

Owners of hand circular saws often think about the improvement of this tool, because with all its advantages it cannot replace a full-fledged circular saw by 100%. It is possible to remake a hand saw on the stationary, making a table for a circular saw.

Circular Saw

The circular saw is necessary for precise longitudinal and transverse cutting in wood and metal.

There are many ways to fix handicraft flaws. One of them is the purchase of a new circular saw. But since you have become the owner of the manual circular saw, then surely your direct use is included in your plans. Then why don't you do your own table specifically for a circular saw, with which you can turn a circular saw into a stationary machine. Well, as a result, in addition to the satisfaction of successfully done work, you will have a planned result and experience in this industry. In the case when you already have unfit for other use, but still strong table (for any purpose) you can use it as a bed. But if there is nothing like that in the household, then use the tips to create a support table for your saw.

Selection of the necessary material and table technology


To make a table for a circular saw of plywood, it must be processed by special means.

As a work surface, as the best option, we recommend choosing Finnish plywood. There are a number of significant reasons for this. The material is laminated to ensure good sliding of the blanks on the working surface of the table. In addition, the thickness of the material can withstand a large enough weight. These plates are moisture resistant and at the same time have all the properties of wood and are quite easy to process, which is very important.

You can even use simple plywood with a thickness of 20 mm for making the table, but then it must be further processed with special compounds or later covered with a sheet of PCB or steel.

Simple boards with a minimum thickness of 40 mm are suitable for the manufacture of all the tsarg. And for the legs, you can use not only wooden blocks or boards, but also shaped pipes.

It is necessary to clarify before starting work that the use of a circular table will significantly reduce the cutting depth of a disk plate, just by the thickness of the table top. Only if the saw has a larger disk, it will not affect the work at all.

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Making the cover and sides

Scheme homemade table for circular saws

Scheme homemade table for circular saws.

Before making a table saw with our own forces, at the stage of choosing its size, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the size of the table must correspond to the size of the blanks with which you will work. That is, when working, they should be completely placed on the tabletop, since the accuracy with which you can process them is very strongly dependent on this. You can make one more improvement. Attach a jigsaw and a planer to the cover of the same table, if you use these tools, then secure yourself a comfortable multi-function machine.

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Assembling the front of the table

From the prepared sheet of plywood, following the preliminary calculations of the final size of the table, cut a rectangle and process its edges. And from the bottom you can immediately apply markings for fastening. Rest the circular to the inside of the lid, draw its outline, and then cut out the corresponding contour with a file. In that case, when work with workpieces from different angles is foreseen, from above this slot should be wider than from the back side.

If you really do not have enough depth to cut, then from the thickness of the tabletop will immediately need to remove a few millimeters.

Use pattern

Using a template for making the table.

Next, we manufacture the side boards of the chip, which serve to improve its support. In addition, you can conveniently place the accessories on them, which turns the saw on and off. They should be fixed at a distance of 5-10 cm from the edge of the tabletop. Considering this, measure and saw off 4 such boards. And fasten them with screws in the form of a board. On those faces that are adjacent to the top cover of the table, and the table cover itself should be applied wood glue. Next, attach the flanks to the lid and fix them well until the glue dries.

Carefully approach the choice of the height of the table legs. After all, it will depend on the height of the table that how convenient it will be to use just for you. The legs are attached to the side slats, you can use screws or screws for this. Be sure to separate screws, nuts or screws with special washers from the tree.

Homemade circular saw table

When planning the table should not miss any detail, so you need to set the bounding box.

After you have carefully fixed the legs of the table, they still need to be further strengthened, because the pressure that will necessarily appear in the process of work is incomparable with the load on an ordinary table. That is why there is an urgent need to install additional spacers at the table legs.

When planning the table should not miss a single detail, they are all important, so there is a need to establish a restrictive frame. It is on some models, but for work with large blanks it is obviously not enough.

The length of the plank pick the same as the length of the table top. If you are comfortable, you can give it the opportunity to move along the tabletop or rigidly fix it with bolts. Such a limiter can be made of both a bar and a metal corner.

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Installation of the control unit

At the very last stage of the tool enhancement, attach an inclusion block for it. This is a simple manipulation. Attach a ceramic socket to the side plate, into which the circular saw will be connected. Note that when the button is fixed, it must be on. In order not to break it, attach a small piece of wood or metal plate to the button in the switched-on state with insulating tape. But on the wire that goes from the outlet to the network, you can attach any switching device that you must find on the farm. The only limitation for him is the need to match the power of the saw.

Thus, having small skills in working with wood and using the tools at hand in virtually any home, you can make a complete home-made table for a circular circular saw.

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