How to make a homemade sawmill tape

Quite often in the process of building country houses and cottages outside the city wood is used. Designs from a tree are in considerable demand. Therefore, power-saw benches of various types are excellent assistants to builders for a sufficiently large amount of time. Recently, it was precisely the home-made belt power-saw bench that has become in demand, since such a construction has a fairly large number of advantages.

Sawmill scheme

The scheme of the band saw.

The band sawmill can work with different types of wood. The material can be processed into boards, sticks, veneer and other wooden blanks.

Band sawmills can also be used for the production of blanks, which will later be used for the production of furniture, panels or glued bars. A sawmill of this type weighs 1.5 times more than sawn wood. This allows you to get good quality lumber and use the structure for a long period of time.

Wood sawing on a band saw is characterized by significant advantages over sawing on other types of sawmills. In a band sawmill, the working process is facilitated: sawing can be carried out taking into account the characteristics of each of the logs. During the sawing process, only a small amount of sawdust will be formed.

The main advantages of the design are:

Scheme homemade sawmill

Scheme homemade sawmill.

  • high quality material processing;
  • small size of the structure;
  • cutting accuracy;
  • low cost;
  • ease of adaptation;
  • small weight of a power-saw bench;
  • reliability;
  • ease of transportation and installation;
  • profitability in work;
  • the formation of a small amount of noise;
  • small amount of electrical energy;
  • unlimited work resource.

Elements that are needed in order to make a homemade band saw:

  • channel bars;
  • rails;
  • steel corners;
  • pipes;
  • studs;
  • bolts;
  • electric drill;
  • bracing;
  • planks or bars;
  • chain;
  • clamping plates.

The design of the sawmill belt type

The device is a conventional sawmill

The device is a conventional sawmill.

Before you make a homemade band saw, you need to know its design. The design of the sawmill is organized on the principle of blocks, which allow for various ways of layout. In this case, the design can be both simple and complex. The latter is equipped with an automatic feed file, a definition of the thickness of the cutting, the current load indicator, hydraulic devices for feeding the saw log, etc.

The band sawmill consists of the following units:

  • frames with several guides on which the tape for sawing moves;
  • screw device lifting tape for cutting;
  • belt tensioning devices;
  • several wheels;
  • wheel guard cover;
  • tape holder;
  • V-belt transmission;
  • electric motor;
  • rails to move the sawmill;
  • clamping elements for logs;
  • an emphasis and a tank with liquid for wetting.

The frame of the band saw is assembled from several welded soles, in which are placed the rollers of the saw bench. Statin in the design in the form of the letter "P", it is made of several channels, which are placed in parallel and fastened to each other. The drive pulley is fastened to the end of the frame, and the driven pulley is on the opposite side. The latter should be able to move.

Drawing sawmills with sizes

Drawing sawmills with sizes.

Guides are placed on brackets in the middle of the frame. These items can be disassembled. They consist of several sections, because they are very convenient to transport. Below the guides are placed rollers for the support, into which the anchor bolts are screwed. In the upper part of the structure there are log supports. Guides are fastened together by a beam of a channel in which the device for coupling is placed. A similar mechanism is used to move the sawing device. On the rails, the log is secured with several screw-type clamps and a stop.

The mechanism of the sawmill and rails allows you to adjust them in the future according to the width of the relative position of the guides, even if the frame is damaged. In this case, it is also possible to install the structure on a slope with an angle of up to 15 °. The guides are suspended so that they are independent of each other. Therefore, damage to the frame is excluded in case a log with a large weight falls. You can extend the rails by attaching another section.

As a cutting tool in this woodworking equipment, a file is used that is 60 mm wide or less. The saw of the band saw is tensioned with a spring-screw device. In the front beam of the structure and on the slider of the driven pulley there are several locks that are intended for mounting and dismounting of the sawing tape.

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What is important to know for the manufacture of sawmills?

Connection diagram of electric power sawmill

Connection diagram of electric sawmill.

In order to prevent the file from coming off the wheels, the belt tensioning device provides for the possibility of adjusting the position of the wheel so that the device is positioned towards the wheel at a specific horizontal angle. The sawing tape at the same time has a protrusion that is equal to the height of the tooth, as a result of which there will be no violation of the divorce of the nail teeth.

The control elements of the operation of the sawmill are placed on the user's side so as to maximally facilitate the process of managing the structure. Measuring lines make it possible to measure the thickness of the lumber obtained in all possible directions. The cutting area is located in the visibility sector of the user, the illumination of the workplace is envisaged, the optimum height of which is approximately at the user's belt level, as a result, the process of material loading and wood removal from the machine is simplified.

An adjustable lubrication fluid supply system is needed in order to prevent sawdust from sticking to the file and pulleys. Such a system is able to extend the service life of the sawmill. The coolant tank is located at the top of the structure. The flow of fluid can be regulated by the taps, which are located on the tank.

Lifting the frame for cutting is performed by several sliders, which are placed on the stands of the bed. The movement of the sawing carriage is carried out with the help of a screw device, which is driven by an electric motor and ensures reliable fixation of the carriage in the desired position, as well as its precise adjustment to a specific height. The suspension of the intermediate power cord of the electric motor of the executive devices is placed above the sawmill. When loading and sawing logs, this design will not create interference.

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Self-made sawmill type: assembly

The scheme of fastening the brackets and the rod of the sawmill

The scheme of fastening the brackets and the rod of the sawmill.

You should know that the band saw can be made with ease and with your own hands. As mentioned earlier, several channels can be used as the base of the bed of this design. The length of the elements should be 8 m, and the height - 140 mm or more. In this case, you can use several rails that need to be turned upside down. You can apply and the corners of steel with a size of 50x100 mm. Billets must be straight.

The height at the same distance in increments of approximately 1-1.5 m need to drill a small number of holes along the entire length of the channels. By the number of such holes, you should make ties - pipe lengths of 250 mm. For fastening of screeds and channels it is necessary to use threaded rods or bolts with a length of 300-350 mm. In this case, everything will depend on the materials used.

All the guides will need to mount on racks, which are assembled from channels and bolted with M12 bolts. The number of racks is determined based on the length of the bed. With a length of 8 m there should be about 4 pieces. Racks in the extreme parts are placed at a distance of 80-100 cm from the ends of the guides.

To give the frame extra strength, you need to install bracing. The bed has a fairly large weight, and therefore it will need to be assembled on the site of the manufactured structure. To ensure the horizontal guides, under the rack should be placed boards or bars. If necessary, the ground can be undermined.

The main parts of the band saw

The main parts of the band saw.

At the next stage, the scheme implies the assembly of a mobile carriage, which is made of a metal plate 45 mm thick. The length of the cart should be approximately 60 cm, in this case everything will depend on the size of the electric motor. The width is made so that the extreme parts of the carriage could extend beyond the channels by approximately 80 mm from all sides. The selection of the thickness of the plates and pads allows you to move carts along the length of the guides.

During the assembly process, you need to ensure that the gap is as small as possible. The thickness of the gaskets should be 0.5 mm greater than the thickness of the channel shelf. Clamps and gaskets are fastened using 8 M8 bolts. In order to be able to eliminate cross-play, the plates should be bolted to the base of the cart. The cart can also be mounted on bearings. In the upper part of the trolley there are several corners for fixing the electric motor.

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Self-made power-saw bench: installation of important components

To move the cart with a disk-type saw and engine, you need to set the chain. It is stretched in order to exclude the free wheeling of the steering wheel. The latter is installed on any of the sleeves of the stars, which are placed at the edges of the guides.

Convenience of work on the construction, which is made by own hands, is provided by the mechanisms of fastening the logs. Such constructions can be made of pipes with a diameter of 38-40 mm. Movable rods will have to be inserted into such pipes, clamps from a 40x40 mm corner and cam clamps are placed on top of them. In relation to the resulting distance to the cutting line, the length of the clamps should be 15 mm or more.

The main components of the band saw are electric motor and sawing.

It is recommended to purchase an electric motor with a power of 10 kW and a file with a diameter of 1 m.

If such structures cannot be acquired, the bed will have to be made slightly smaller. The size of the design will depend on the size of the components.

Making a homemade band saw is easy if you have all the necessary elements in stock.

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