How to make a homemade circular

A hand-made circular saw is a great way to save a lot of money and at the same time get a fairly high-quality and reliable equipment. Properly assembled homemade circular is in no way inferior to a factory saw and is also capable of sawing logs of even very large diameters.

A circular saw

The circular saw is used for smooth sawing.

How to make a homemade circular?

In order for the circular to easily cut logs of large size, it is necessary to equip it with a truly powerful electric drive. In addition, for this purpose, a belt drive, a shaft and an engine with a high thrust force are installed on it. All circular saws, made by hand, consist of two parts: the top and bottom.

In the lower part there is always located various electrical equipment, namely:

Circular saw design

Circular saw design.

  • saw motor;
  • transformer;
  • the device that starts the work of the circular.

In the upper part of the circular saw set:

  • pulley;
  • shaft;
  • cutting disc.
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Large homemade circular saw

When making a frame for the upper part of the saw, it is best to use a 25 mm wide metal corner. In this case, the rectangle, which will be the frame of the upper part of a home-made circular, should have dimensions of 600x400 mm. Further, in the corners of this quadrangle four pipes are welded, the diameter of which should be equal to 17 mm and a height of approximately 2.2 m.

After that, the frame must be strengthened two corners, which will later be fixed bearings. The distance between these corners depends on the length of the shaft. For fixing the bearings, as a rule, clamps are used. Best of all, if the bearings mounted on a homemade circular are closed. So you can not be afraid that wood chips will fall into the space between the balls, rings and separator. Do not forget to also cut the thread at the very end of the shaft so that in the future you can install a cutting disk on it.

Circular Saw

Circular saw device.

The lower part of the circular saw should be made significantly more massive, which will provide it with the necessary stability and reliability. Therefore, in the manufacture of the lower frame, you need to take a corner with a width of at least 40 mm. Further, across the frame, it is necessary to fix two more additional corners, on which the engine of the self-made circular will continue to hold. The most suitable motor for a circular saw, made by hand, is an asynchronous three-phase motor, with a capacity of not less than 1.5 kW and with 1500 revolutions per minute. The pulley stream should be of a sufficiently large size, approximately 80 mm, and should be mounted directly onto the shaft itself. In addition, you will need to weld to the frame a rather small metal platform on which the starting device will be placed. Large pipes 2.2 m long, which were previously welded by you in the corners of the frame, are necessary for the high-quality tensioning of the belt, so that the metal thighs tighten the thin pipes.

Now the finished support, made of pipes, it is necessary to build in both the lower and upper parts of the homemade saw, and then tighten and tighten the belt with metal wings. Starting the motor in this model of circulars with their own hands is carried out using starting capacitors. In order to load the motor and increase its torque, a 220/36 400 W transformer can be used.

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Pendulum circular electric motor

Circuit saw health check circuit

Circuit saw operability test circuit.

To make a homemade circular can be quite easy to cut logs and bars of wood, the thickness of which corresponds to the strength of the electric drive installed on it. If you intend to work with large and very thick bars of wood, then you should equip your homemade saw with a truly powerful electric motor, and also install a shaft and a belt drive on it. The best solution in this case will be the installation of a special pendulum bed.

When making a pendulum circular with your own hands, only very strong steel corners should be used as the material for the frame. Next, on the finished steel frame, you will need to place all the mechanisms necessary for the normal operation of an improvised circular saw. With this design, you can personally, without any special effort, set the flight altitude of the cutting disc, while avoiding excessive design complexity.

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Circular mini-saw: instructions for making

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Base for mini-circulars

For the manufacture of such homemade will need:

  • two metal plates;
  • wooden beam;
  • spindle from the bike;
  • star;
  • chain.
The device of a circular saw with the separate engine

The device circular saw with a separate engine.

The mini-circular should stand on a solid and stable table, since any swinging can be dangerous to human health and also interfere with normal work with the saw. Before proceeding to the manufacture of the machine from a manual circular saw, it is necessary to make a special table. In this case, as a bed you can use metal goats and the usual old kitchen table. For a start, you will need to connect the goats with each other with a wide wooden board with a minimum thickness of 50 mm, and then fix the kitchen table on this base.

You can make the tabletop itself from two metal (preferably steel) plates with a cross section of about 4 mm. In addition, for this purpose you can use thick wooden bars.

It is important not to forget to leave a small gap between the metal sheets, the size of which is usually 10-12 mm.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the edges of the metal plates are perfectly parallel to each other. Now that the table is fully prepared, you can proceed to fastening the circular saw itself to it. It is important to note that it should be fixed below, and in such a way that its cutting disc is directly in the gap between the two sheets of the table top.

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Engine installation

To make a homemade circular, it is necessary to think in advance through which device the force from the motor will be transmitted to the cutting disk. Small equipment can be placed directly on the engine axis. However, this is not the best effect on the power of the circular hand-made.

As such a transmission mechanism, without which the work of any circular saw is impossible, a normal bicycle spindle can act. So often called the body, which is a shaft with bearings. To cut it off the bike, you can use a hacksaw. In this case, the asterisk will not be useful to you, since in this case it is best to take it from the D6 or D8 engine. In order for this sprocket to fit securely on the new shaft, you will need to make an adapter sleeve. Before you install the circular saw on the bicycle spindle, you need to make sure that it has the size of the hole you need. Now, taking into account this information, it is necessary to establish the value of the external diameter of the sleeve intended for the transition mechanism. The sleeve should be attached to the spindle in several places at once. Next on the body of the spindle assembly should fix the plate with a thickness of at least 5 mm.

Now take a star, about 2-2.5 times the size of the one that was previously installed on the spindle, and install it on a homemade circular. And at the end of the work on making the saw with your own hands, when all its parts are well fixed, put on the chain and can use it for its intended purpose.

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