How to make a hole in the glass with your own hands

Any man should know how to drill a hole in the glass, if done with a special drill. You can buy a regular drill for metal, which is also convenient to make holes in a mirror or glass. If you take up this type of work with insufficient experience, you can spoil the glass so that it cracks. Therefore, to take on the implementation of the work should not overestimate their capabilities. If there is an uncertainty in their own abilities, it is better to seek help from an experienced master.

Glass drilling pattern

The scheme of drilling glass.

Glass drilling rules

If you have to drill a hole in any glass, then it is better to practice first, so that it does not burst, on any unnecessary piece of glass. When performing work, a considerable amount of diligence, accuracy, patience and attentiveness will be required. In this case, be sure to follow the safety regulations, otherwise there may be trouble. Before starting to drill holes, be sure to wear gloves and safety glasses.

When drilling glass close to its edge, be sure to consider the thickness of the material. If the glass is thick, then the holes should be made by retreating from the edge by 25 mm, and if it is thin, then at least 15 mm recede from the edge.

Drilling a hole in the glass using molten solder

The scheme of drilling holes in the glass using molten solder.

Working with a drill, you should remember that you need to do the work carefully, otherwise you can cause damage to a fragile object. If you have to work with a mirror, then it has the same properties as glass.

Before the start of work, the glass is cleaned from dust and dirt. After that, you should carefully wipe the place where you need to drill a hole with a material dipped in gasoline or turpentine. To mark the places for drilling it is required to take a marker. In the process of doing the work can be used hand or electric drill.

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Tools for drilling holes in glass

The process of drilling holes in glass is associated with the use of such types of tools as:

  1. Carbide drill with diamond spraying.
  2. The special liquid allowing to moisten a drill or glass.
  3. Marker.
  4. Electric or hand drill.
  5. Glass cutter
  6. Sealing wax.

If you want to drill a hole of small size, it is best to use a diamond drill. An ordinary drill with a small diameter is suitable for this purpose if the required tool is missing. The end of the drill is recommended to harden, for which you just need to heat the drill. After a sharp indentation of the drill bit that has turned white in the prepared sealing wax, wait for the tool to cool. If the sealing wax does not melt, then begin work on drilling holes in the canvas.

Spiral Glass Drill Pattern

Spiral drill bit for glass.

For drilling glasses or mirrors, you can use a special tubular drill, having a diamond coating, and a drill, which has a speed regulator.

Making holes is very convenient and a screwdriver, not just a drill. The markup is not done using a conventional method, that is, a cross placed in the center of the hole. Having determined the diameter of the future hole, put a label in the form of a square.

If a beginner uses a drill, then it begins to slide off the necessary mark. To avoid this, you can use a small piece of wood or plastic. It is fixed in the place of the glass, where there is a label, for which the tape is used, and the drill is held in the process of doing the work.

It is important to prevent possible overheating of the drill, for which special stops are made periodically. Stopping, the tool with the product is cooled, moistening them with water. Continue to drill at slower speeds. No need to make sharp or energetic movements, making holes in the glass, as its structure is very fragile.

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Carrying out preparatory work before starting drilling

After laying the glass on the surface, which is not only perfectly flat, but also durable, otherwise the material will crack, they start marking. It should be ensured that the glass product is located exactly, being motionless. Before this, it is necessary to take a piece of soft cloth and lay it under the canvas. Before starting drilling, a hole marking is made, the contours of which should be applied with a glass cutter. The frequency of revolutions of the drill is adjusted to a level of no more than 350 rev / min.

The scheme of drilling glass with a copper tube

The scheme of drilling glass with a copper tube.

To install the drill to perform work in the desired location must be made a notch. For this purpose, a roller-type glass cutter is installed, which should be turned along an axis in order to form a notch. After that, drill a drill. You can avoid overheating the drill by working without increasing the number of revolutions, necessarily wetting the drill and the glass object with water.

To prepare the glass for drilling holes with the largest diameter in it than the diameter of the drill, it is degreased and the place where it is necessary to drill is marked with a marker. First, a small hole is made, and then a nail of the appropriate size is inserted into it, or a bolt that will hold tight.

Next, a rope is tied to a nail, and on the other hand, its end is tied to a glass cutter. They make a special circle, its radius is equal to the length of the rope. When the circle around the nail is made with a glass cutter, it is removed, gently knocking the canvas, so that the circle made comes out of a hole of a larger diameter, the edges of which are processed using emery paper.

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How to use a glass cutter?

For glass drilling with a glass cutter you will need to use a diamond roller. After that, a special rod of metal is prepared, in which it is necessary to make a slot by sawing. The roller can be fixed using a rivet, which will allow it to be firmly fixed, so that there are no turns. When the drill is ready, it is attached to the drill, after which it proceeds to a hole in the web.

Glass Cutter Types

Types of glass cutters.

When the object is laid on a perfectly flat surface, it is degreased, then the contour of the mark is drawn up with a plasticine bath. Her bumpers must be neat. It should be on the upper side of the object, after which you should pour liquid into it. It can be not only water, but also turpentine. The sides allow only once to fill the bath with liquid in a small amount. The main thing is to drill effortlessly with a drill set at low speed.

When choosing a drill from a hard alloy, it is necessary to take into account one important point that is associated with heating the drill with glass during the drilling process. The end of the drill should be cooled in a timely manner with turpentine or other liquid that promotes cooling, which will make the hole perfectly neat. Dripping turpentine should be in the groove, which is obtained.

To cool the drill, use a liquid containing alum from aluminum, which is dissolved in acetic acid. Instead, it can be used a special mixture obtained with the use of camphor with turpentine in equal parts. Therefore, to create protective sides, it is necessary to use plasticine.

If, in carrying out the work, to rush, accelerating and crushing on the drill, you can spoil the object of glass. It is drilled to the half of the size of the thickness, then it turns over, then again continue to drill a hole on the other side first to meet. So you can avoid chipping from the outer sides of the canvas. This method should be used when doing work at home.

When conducting work at a very slow pace with the application of weak effort, pressure is necessarily controlled. It is necessary to carefully monitor the speed at which the rotation of the drill electric drill. If you want to perform this type of work with the use of bottles or other glass objects with seams, it is better to retreat from the seams. This will increase the chances of preserving the integrity of the bottle or other object.

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Other ways to make holes on the glass

Patterns of glass cutter movement

Patterns of movement of the glass cutter on glass.

There are several different ways to answer the question: how to make holes in the glass?

For one old method, the place for the future holes is degreased using acetone or another solvent. After that, wet fine-grained sand should be poured into the area of ​​the mark. A funnel is made in it up to the glass itself with the diameter of the required hole, for which purpose a sharp stick or pencil is used.

Then solder from lead or tin is poured in there if they are already melted. They should be heated to 250-300 ° C. When the sand has cooled, it should be removed by removing the solder from the hole at the same time as a piece of glass of the desired diameter.

To create a hole, you can use the proven old method that was used at the time when there were no drills, and glass with mirrors were already elements of everyday life. To make holes in the glass cloth, you need to prepare:

  1. Lead or tin, which is fusible.
  2. Sand in small quantities, so that it does not contain impurities of stones with shells.
  3. Gas stove or burner.
  4. Alcohol.
  5. A special container that allows you to melt metal in it, for example, an unnecessary mug.

First, moistened sand is poured onto the glass, which is already defatted, in which, using a sharp object, a funnel is made with an appropriate size. After that, the metal is melted and poured into the funnel. Then they are waiting for the lead or tin to cool. Then the sand is removed and the frozen metal is removed from it. After that, a fairly even hole appears that does not have splits and chips.

All the methods that were presented above are not sufficiently reliable, with a low level of practicality. It is quite difficult to predict the results of these experiments. Not everyone has the ability to melt lead or tin at home.

If you apply the method of drilling using a special nozzle with a diamond coating, then in this case, spending in the hardware store can not be avoided. It is rather simple to work with a diamond nozzle. It must be inserted into the screwdriver set at minimum speed, put the glass on a surface that is flat and hard.

On top of the glass should be laid in advance prepared template. Then pour cold water into the place where you want to drill. Then start doing the work. For the manufacture of the template, you can use the unnecessary glass of small size, any wood.

Water must be refilled during operation, after which they take a break, which prevents the glass from heating, which can crack. After cutting the entire thickness of the glass it is turned over and finish all the work on the reverse side. This will avoid damaging the web.

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